Best Things About the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series

Time for an actually serious list. I love PMD! It’s my favourite Pokemon spin off series, and the only one I had a positive opinion on until Quest came along. I’ve played EOS and everything since, and I can safely say every game from this series has been a hit. I don’t know why some people think it’s going downhill. If anything it’s been consistently good. Now let’s check out what made this series a great one.

The top 10 will mostly be the explorers series and the 3DS games since I didn’t play the original, feel free to add stuff you like about PMD if you feel like it. And sorry if I got some facts wrong about the 3DS games because I haven’t played them in a while. Oh an before I forget I really hope a new PMD game comes out in 2019. Alright now onto the list.
The Top Ten
1 The Plots
2 Explorers of Sky

It was amazing! The story, most of the characters, and the gameplay still hold up after 9 or so years. I still play it to this day.

3 The Concept of the Series

You turn into a mon and get to communicate with other mons with unique personalities.

4 The Gates to Infinity Move System

I just had to bring this up. It's such a painfully underrated game mechanic, and I had always wished the main series games incorporated it. Basically, every time you use an attacking move, it gets stronger, as in it gains more power, accuracy, and whatnot. And no, it doesn't make the game easier at all from what I can remember.

Overall, this was a phenomenal mechanic that I wished was around more often. In fact, I think GTI as a whole was criminally underrated. In fact, I think it's the most underrated Pokemon game in general. It needs more recognition.

5 Super Mystery Dungeon’s Recruitment System

A mon will request a mission for you to do. Complete his or her mission, and then you will get to add the said mon, its line, or anyone related to that mon to your team. The only downside is that you can't recruit them otherwise. It was a fun and unique recruitment method, and it enabled you to gain weirdly strong mons early into the game.

6 The Music
7 Gates to Infinity

I had to repeat this, but the game really isn't as bad as some people say. Sure, it had some flaws, and out of all the PMD games I played, I spent the least play time on this one, but the move system truly pulls the game up for me. And the plot. And removing hunger. Is it me, or does the hunger go down faster in SMD than in EOS, even though you can see the hunger meter in SMD?

Edit: Oh wait, I almost forgot about adding no quiz for picking your mon as a disadvantage. I mean, it doesn't really matter but still. Though, I can safely say that SMD's method of letting the game choose your mon (and partner) and then letting you choose if you aren't satisfied is probably the best method of picking your mon.

8 Explorers of Sky‘s Postgame

So good. And you can unlock tons of cool stuff. It's really great. You can access several new dungeons. It's actually interesting. Complete the game 100%, and you can evolve your starters and unlock a dungeon full of gummies and cool items. You don't have to worry about plot-related stuff getting in the way. It's super addictive. It's really great again.

9 The Gameplay

It still stays true to the main series games, and that is very good.

10 The Lookalike Items

Some of them can be really funny.

The Contenders
11 You play as a Pokémon and not a Trainer
12 It Has Shinx
13 The Games are Unique from Each Other
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