Best Mario Kart 7 Battle Stages

Mario Kart 7 is one of the best Mario Kart games, it's so awesomne, while the battle mode may be the worst one (excluding Mario Kart 8's "battle mode"), the battle stages were pretty good in my opinion, and here the ranking of them
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1 Wuhu Town

Wuhu Town is easily the best battle stage in Mario Kart 7. Not only that, but it's one of the best battle stages of all time. The amount of exploration you can do in this stage is incredible. It's so much fun.

Whenever I play battle mode in Mario Kart 7, I usually choose this stage. It's so awesome. It's set on Wuhu Island, like the two race tracks Wuhu Island Loop and Wuhu Mountain Loop. The music is just OK, but it fits the track somehow. Easily one of the best, and it fits with Coin Runners as you can explore all the areas looking for coins.

2 N64 Big Donut

The worst battle stage from Mario Kart 64 is one of the best battle stages in Mario Kart 7! So awesome! On the N64, this track was just a bland circle with lava in the middle and some blocks on the arena. It didn't even look that good. But now, on the 3DS, this arena is so awesome! It looks much more stunning, and the music is really improved from the original (okay, it reused the soundtrack from the Wii but whatever). Now, you can glide over the pool of lava in the middle too. This arena was so much improved and really works with Balloon Battle too.

3 DS Palm Shore

DS Palm Shore was another greatly improved battle stage from the original. Unlike Big Donut though, this course was still pretty good on the original. But on the original, the water slowed you down and it was pretty bland (only a few palms).

But it was so much better on the 3DS. The music remains pretty much unchanged (which is good since the soundtrack is amazing), and there are more palms here. And due to Mario Kart 7's underwater mechanic, you can drive underwater! This arena fits with the Coin Runners battle mode for some reason too.

4 Honeybee Hive

This is DS Twilight House but in a honeybee hive, and better. The best thing in this battle arena is in the middle, where there is some sort of fan that will send you to another part of the arena. It's pretty cool.

The reason it's not so high, though, is because it can get a bit boring sometimes. It shares the same music with Wuhu Town and Sherbet Rink but somewhat changed.

5 GBA Battle Course 1

I really like the battle courses that make the player creative, and this is one of them. It's a smaller version of SNES Battle Course 4 from Super Mario Kart, with some Rocky Wrenches added to the arena to make it less boring. There's also a ramp in the middle of the track.

However, one problem with this arena is that it looks too much like SNES Battle Course 4. The background is now SNES Mario Circuit 2! It looks too much like that arena. If they had used the same background as the original GBA Battle Course 1, I may have put this a spot higher. The music in this arena gets pretty boring, but it's still a pretty fun arena.

6 Sherbet Rink

It's not bad, but not that great either. The whole stage is an icy oval with some penguins and obstacles. I do, however, like the ice physics in this stage as it feels like I'm goofing around when playing here.

But it's not as good as the other battle stages due to it being a bit boring. The music is almost the same as Wuhu Town and Honeybee Hive. Overall, this arena is pretty decent.

7 Block Plaza
8 Funky Stadium
9 Thwomp Desert
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