Top Ten Biggest Problems With Classic/Old Mario Party

As you all might know, I really do NOT like the older Mario Party games (aside from the last four), and here are the biggest problems with them. Please note that despite the comments I have made below, I still respect anyone's opinion who likes old Mario Party and don't like Mario Party.
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1 It's Slow and Boring

So people call modern mario party "as humanely boring as possible" according to a user on the site, when parts in the old mario party games take way longer. In the classic games, all you did was hitting the dice, waiting for the other players to roll, then the minigame and repeat for 10+ rounds, while in modern mario party, you always move forward, making sure you don't lose mini-stars, which sounds more boring to you?

That's the point, it's a party game! If your playing with friends, it makes it longer & fun.

2 Many Minigames are Forgettable

I really loved the minigames in Mario Party 8, that was a classic mario party game that had some really cool minigames, even Mario Party 7 had some pretty cool ones, but the rest had EXTREMLY forgettable minigames (special mentions go to Mario Party 5), They are just so forgettable, and the ones that aren't forgettable are just plain bad.

3 No Boss Battles

This is one of the reasons Mario Party: Star Rush is superior to all classic mario party games combined, there are boss battles in that game making the game more exciting and making the game having more of an objective, the only classic mario party to have bosses are the DS, the rest have none making them so boring.

The DS version is always my favorite! And I also like a lot of other MP games too

4 The Formula is Repetitive

Roll dice, wait for com players, minigame, repeat, what's so non-boring about this? There's no boss battles, no nothing, you just do the same thing for 10+ rounds. The entire thing is anti-climactic.

5 Koopa Kid
6 The Fanbase

Basically you would repeat the same thing in old mario party games, and people call modern party games boring just because they're new? Pathetic

7 Its Fans Hate Mario Party: Star Rush for Having a Certain Formula but Give Super Mario Party a Pass While Having the Exact Same Formula

They just want to bash anything that's related to Modern Mario Party, yet ignore all the flaws of Mario Party 2 and the rest of its gang.

8 All the Games Feel the Same
9 Boards Aren't Relevant to the Mario Franchise

None of the boards have anything to do with Mario at all, compare that to Mario Party 9, Blooper Beach is a beach world inspired by World 4 from NSMBWii, or Bowser Station which is inspired by Super Mario Galaxy, or even DK's Jungle Ruins which is inspired by Donkey Kong Country Returns, the boards in the old games have little to no relevance at all to the mario franchise.

10 Bland Atmosphere

The old mario party games just feels so bland when compared to the rest (I will agree Island Tour was a bit bland too). But let's look at the classic boards, Future Dream from Mario Party 5 is like the most boering board ever made, there's nothing unique about it, it's just some platforms in space and that's it. Rainbow Dream has the same feel but is even worse due to being even more bland.

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11 The rotating control stick mini games from Mario Party 1
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