Best Architects (UK) Albums


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1 All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us

This is definitely the best album!

This album should be higher on the list

The best lirycs of all the discography its in this album in my opinion


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2 Hollow Crown

The heaviest album yet. Still manages to be melodic and catchy. The best songs are Early Grave, Dethroned, In Elegance and Hollow Crown. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

3 Lost Forever // Lost Together

This and hollow crown are their best albums so far

Gravedigger is by far their best song and one of the greatest metalcore songs ever

In my opinion the top three should be

1. Lost forever // lost together
2. Hollow crown
3. Daybreaker

The latest album by Architects. The first half of the album is perfect but after that it gets a bit boring but their is some decent parts of songs after this, for example the introductory riff on C.A.N.C.E.R. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

4 The Here and Now

The catchiest album by the band. Nearly all of the tracks are perfect. The last track Year In Year Out/Up And Away features Greg from The Dillinger Escape Plan and it's a great end to a great album. Very underrated. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

Architects experimenting with catchier tunes, the band at their best

This album is so underrated

Like this pop-punk

5 Daybreaker

A very good release by the band with a powerful beginning with The Bitter End and Alpha Omega. Ends amazingly with Unbeliever. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

Seriously? Lower than The here and now and All our gods have abandoned us? Easily their best effort...

6 Ruin

The first album to feature Sam Carter on vocals. A good album, features the songs Buried At Sea and Always. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

7 Nightmares

Either this album or Ruin is the most technical album. This is the only album not to feature Sam Carter on vocals. The best songs on this album for me are To The Death, The Darkest Tomb and In The Desert. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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