Backstreet Boys

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the acknowledged leaders in the 90s and noone can question their position and people talking about nirvana or red hot chilli what ever they are, are illiterate people because bsb were the rulers of 90s far better than chillies, and the only gr8 rockband was mettalica so people shut up... backstreet boys all the way, their awards and achievements speak 4 them and chillies don't deserve the place, it should be given to nsync... I rest my case

Backstreet Boys are definitively one of the best pop vocal groups of all time. They ruled the late 90's music decade in pop genre. Their harmonies are the best.

Backstreet Boys are best, Keep the backstreet pride alive...
They spread music all over the world, KTBSPA. forever.

Backstreet Boys will always be the best... They are the best singers and more beautiful. I love their music and your lyrics are the more beautiful in all the wold, they are special, lovely and unique.

The best group ever! They're fantastic. Theirs songs are the best. People all around the word after all this time still love them! Just because they're are and always will be the best!

Backstreet boys are ruled at 90's era, n will always rules forward. For us the backstreet soldiers, they always be number 1 of all. KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE!


The Backstreet Boys will live on as the BEST Boy Band of all time, They have grown up, had families, done solo records and still perform together! I love Backstreet Boys now and forever! KTBSPA

Backstreet Boys come in the first... They are the best... Their music has changed my life and it's still inspiring me everyday

Of course no wonder they are the most great boyband ever and they are the number one in the world they are still the best till now and will be always the best forever my Backstreet Boys is my best forever and ever

The best band, more than 120 million albums selled, the voice is perfect, they can perform POP DANCE, soft music too, they are polyvalent, they dance very well - nothing bad - they are the best of the bests.. Their albums Millenium, Backstreet Boys and Black and Blue were amazing - we love them and they've inspirated all the next groups ( black eyed peas, one direction, jonas brothers... ) we love them

It's the Backstreet Boys! Best selling band of the 90s obviously they should be #1! They're still around too! Go Backstreet Boys! I've been a fan since 95 and still going strong. There is just something amazing about their music and vocals that can soothe the soul and get a smile on my fce even onthe crappiest day! Amazing guys, amazing talent! The Boys are here to stay!

Hands down the best band of the '90's. That's undeniable. They sold over 130 millions worldwide. The best! - stephanielaurin

The BEST band of all times! No doubt! I love them 'till death... Amazing voices, vocals, songs... PERFECT!

Backstreet boys were the beginning of the end for the music industry. - rynovz

I love The Backstreet boys... They are the best boy band ever, I love their songs, their love for music I love the boys KEVIN BRIAN HOWIE AJ AND NICK, THEY ARE MY DREAM COMO TRUE... KTBSPA

I love the Backstreet Boys! The best boyband ever!

The backstreet boys!
The best boy band ever, best songs, best pop music, they are so talented and twenty years make amazing music for the fans

They are still being listened in 2012, by me and many teenagers that apreciatte what is good music and amazing vocals. They are just pure talent, and they really can sing, not like other "boybands" nowadays. KTBSPA

The best boyband ever.. Nick, Kev, B-rok, AJ and Howie D. Knows how to use and blend their voices, with the right expressions.. Singing from the heart! They all know how to play musical instruments.. They don't just sing.. They dance very well. Backstreet Boys sold the most records and have the greatest hits in every album. And they continue to elevate their performance each time them come up with an album. And this 2012, they will be recording their 8th album KTBSPA!

They have the best vocal harmonization! They melted everyone's heart with their songs and voices. KTBSPA!

I love the Backstreet Boys ever since I was 2 I've loved Nick Carter
KTBSPA! Trust me Backstreet Boys, you still have teenager fans, even though we were not even 5 at the time, at least we kept the support

The Backstreet Boys are the BEST BAND EVER! They are amazing artists and are very talented as a group and individuals. Been a fan for 17 yrs and counting. No one is better! KTBSPA

Why not them? They are MJ in boyband history! No one can compare with the 5 guys! Legedary, wonderful music, and they still alive after 19 years!

They are the best band ever!
I love their music, voices, faces, all! The years are passing but they still alive. KTBSPA!