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21 raymundlee

His DC Superheroes art like with Wonder Woman riding that horse and his Batman one are purely amazing, they could fit in museums easily. - SailorSedna

22 IfJustinBieberDies

Aw great! WHY DO PEOPLE support JB haters on DeviantArt? JUST... PURELY... ANNOYING! - Neonco31

We Love Justin Bieber Haters

23 xandermartin98

Over the years, I've learned that xandermartin98 is in fact a genius.

24 LDEJRuff

He has good art/animations on his gallery. - SailorSedna

25 Loopy-Lupe

Great artstyle here. - SailorSedna

26 Bleedman

Great art style, and he does an excellent job drawing both cute, charming, and creepy, scary pictures (his newest deviation gave me the creeps, in a good way). - SailorSedna

27 DemiseMAN V 1 Comment
28 LiyuConberma

I agree. One of the very few sane Sonic fans on the planet.

Makes ACTUALLY Great Sonic Comics And Has A Great Art Style
She's A Rare Sonic Fan That's Actually Good

V 1 Comment
29 blueharuka

One of the very few people on the Internet who don't like The Lion King (according to one of her stamps on her old account) and is a very talented artist, and Pokemon fan artist, too. You may not agree with her views a hundred percent but some do and at least you can admire her artwork.

30 BlackBy

Is a really talented Star Fox fanartist (mostly Krystal) and actually draws them very accurately, too. Awesome gallery.

31 Porcelain-Requiem

Good art gallery and her journals put a smile on my face.

32 Colorstrike

Love Her SoarinDash (AKA-Rainbow Dash X Soarin) Drawings - JPK

33 ManicMagician

He's Making this awesome crossover comic. Plus, He should work on his grammar. - kcianciulli

34 o-kemono

Nice to see you're putting some descriptions on why the "best artists" should be the "best artists". Plus, I always liked kemono art and other pictures of anthropomorphic animals in games and anime.

I also love the "Life's a Chibi" arts this guy does because he touches on subjects/things in life we can relate to, and provides helpful advice on what to do in said situations.

35 StormXF3
36 Janediamond31

Those shiny and cute Grojband arts... - ChatNoirFan18

37 KawaiiDesuBases

Who the heck put this here? It's all bases and poorly drawn ones, too.

38 Ry-Spirit
39 Veemonsito
40 NerdanaBanana
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