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21 Joe-Awesome93

I'm sorry but this artist sucks - Neonco31

You're Disgusting

That picture he did with the CMC is child pornography, if this gets exposed to police he will get arrested...

Why do people put some of the worst artists on this list? He is not one of the best, he is one of the worst.

Also, pedos are horrible people and deserve to be arrested and put in jail for the rest of their lives.

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22 Happy-Cat-Graystripe

Even though I don't like Warriors anymore she does do cute drawings of the cats from there, and her human art doesn't look too bad but the proportions need a little work. - SailorSedna

23 StickFreeks‎

Her art style is lovely and she also does really cool hand-made plushies! - SailorSedna

24 IfJustinBieberDies

I'm not a belieber, but I really think it's best not to wish somebody dead, no mater who they are T_T - NintendoFan380

Aw great! WHY DO PEOPLE support JB haters on DeviantArt? JUST... PURELY... ANNOYING! - Neonco31

We Love Justin Bieber Haters

25 Rivka Nikola V 1 Comment
26 Sakimichan

Her art is so wonderful! Everyone should check it out!

I love her artwork! My favorite artworks made by her might be the Zodiac ones! - Vestalis

27 TheWalrusclown

Art is decent, but the whole body swap thing is...strange... - SailorSedna

I don't mind his body swap art since that's pretty normal. At least he's not drawing fat girls or people in diapers. - kcianciulli

28 Edgewing
29 raymundlee

His DC Superheroes art like with Wonder Woman riding that horse and his Batman one are purely amazing, they could fit in museums easily. - SailorSedna

30 xandermartin98

Over the years, I've learned that xandermartin98 is in fact a genius.

31 LDEJRuff

He has good art/animations on his gallery. - SailorSedna

32 Loopy-Lupe

Great artstyle here. - SailorSedna

33 DJ88

I do disagree with her on The Lion King though.

Does not belong on this list.

Hating an artist and claiming they're a bad/one of the worst artists because they draw characters you hate is childish.

Fits better on the "Worst Artists on DeviantArt" list than this one.

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34 Bleedman

Great art style, and he does an excellent job drawing both cute, charming, and creepy, scary pictures (his newest deviation gave me the creeps, in a good way). - SailorSedna

35 DemiseMAN V 1 Comment
36 Cryptid_Creations
37 LiyuConberma

I agree. One of the very few sane Sonic fans on the planet.

Makes ACTUALLY Great Sonic Comics And Has A Great Art Style
She's A Rare Sonic Fan That's Actually Good

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38 blueharuka

One of the very few people on the Internet who don't like The Lion King (according to one of her stamps on her old account) and is a very talented artist, and Pokemon fan artist, too. You may not agree with her views a hundred percent but some do and at least you can admire her artwork.

39 Porcelain-Requiem

Good art gallery and her journals put a smile on my face.

40 AmandaDaHamster

She is a very talented artist.

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