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41 Ipku
42 Colorstrike

Love Her SoarinDash (AKA-Rainbow Dash X Soarin) Drawings - JPK

43 ManicMagician

He's Making this awesome crossover comic. Plus, He should work on his grammar. - kcianciulli

44 o-kemono

Nice to see you're putting some descriptions on why the "best artists" should be the "best artists". Plus, I always liked kemono art and other pictures of anthropomorphic animals in games and anime.

I also love the "Life's a Chibi" arts this guy does because he touches on subjects/things in life we can relate to, and provides helpful advice on what to do in said situations.

45 StormXF3
46 Janediamond31
47 KawaiiDesuBases

Who the heck put this here? It's all bases and poorly drawn ones, too.

48 Spitshy

His early artworks may be too sexy and not so unique, he's since improved overtime and his recent artworks are less sexy compared to his older ones plus they are more well designed. And plus his hidden beach ball Easter egg in most of his work - Neonco31

This guy's pretty good, even if his older pictures are erotic.

Older Pictures Are Not For Kids
But Newer Ones Are Age Appropriate - JPK

49 Andrew Dickman

A troll added this. Take Anrew-Dickman off this list. There is nothing in his gallery whasoever. - NintendoFan380

50 mrlorgin
51 Starrceline
52 PrinceBases

Does not deserve to be on the list. His gallery is nothing but cringe.

53 Ry-Spirit
54 Veemonsito
55 NerdanaBanana
56 Dlpeattie (Matthew Campbell)
57 Coley-sXe
58 Dullvivid
59 Ozwick
60 Turkeyasylum V 1 Comment
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