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121 Wolf-Okamine
122 Spectra22
123 RossCuth
124 Light262
125 JohnJoseco
126 Toonlancer
127 GaniGhost
128 PimpArtist101
129 FleetyArrowDraw
130 Haikou
131 Lordeyeballz

SamuiNeko actually has good art - jack2244

132 Ipun
133 Emkay-MLP
134 Harwicks-Art
135 Coonfoot
136 ThisCrispyKat

Thankfully she moved away from that awful fetish and was only making fun of them.

I never saw it as a "fetish" per say, but yeah, thank God she moved away from that. - SailorSedna

She has a beautiful artstyle and does a very good job drawing pictures of dragons, Care Bears, and ponies from My Little Pony. Her pictures have nice, soft, vibrant colors and her recent ones have a nice Disney-esque style to them. I wish I had that talent.

She did do that weird General Klaus and Nazi pictures but the reason she did that was because she was actually poking fun at the Nazis similar to those Downfall parodies you see on Youtube, and she's moved away from those now.

The only other thing I disagree with her on is her thoughts on anime (how it's animated and such) but it's fine as everyone has different tastes in art/animation. - SailorSedna

137 AlanSky

I really love his "Holy Sailor Soldiers" forms he thought up of for the Sailor Moon characters and his art style is amazing. - SailorSedna

138 nads6969

I love their New Senshi Generation Sailor Moon comic. Their art style is lovely and I like their new versions of Sailor Soldiers like Galactic Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. - SailorSedna

She really has a nice gallery, I see. ^_^

139 zeldis

Now, that is a great gallery.

140 celeurmouy

He not only does amazing Sailor Moon fan art, he does amazing animations of Sailor Moon on Youtube too. - SailorSedna

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