Artists Who Should Represent Ukraine On Eurovision


The Top Ten


Phenomenally magical voice! Fantastic woman. - Alexandr

She's magic and her songs are as well - graymatter

2 Evgenia Vlasova

One of the most beautiful and talented Ukrainian singers. Her voice is angelic.
In 2007 she wanted to represent Ukraine with her powerful ballad "I Will" but unfortunately, Verka Serduchka won. Verka's song was entertaining but believe me, "I Will" was way better - Alexandr

3 Natalia Valevskaya

Beautiful and talented Natalia would represent Ukraine very well. In 2010 she tried to do that with her catchy track "Europa" but the results were faked as usual. - Alexandr

4 Mila Nitich

Beautiful and very talented. She can sing vocally the hardest songs - Alexandr

5 Gallina
6 Jamala Jamala

Jamala performs Jazz, Soul, Pop, Opera and Blues. She does it perfectly well. Her song "Smile" should have represented Ukraine in 2011. Jamala's voice is fantastic. I wanna see her on ESC - Alexandr

7 Katya Bujinska

Probably the most underrated Ukrainian singer. Katya's voice is brilliant - Alexandr

8 Erika
9 Nokturnal Mortum

The very best. Not your pop

10 Sympho-Nick

The Contenders

11 Iryna Borysyuk

The most unique singer from Ukrainian X Factor (season 1). She didn't win but all of her performances were impressive. - Alexandr

12 Iryna Bilyk
13 Gaitana
14 Tayanna

The girl, who can bring another victory for Ukraine.
i'm sure, she is brave enough to take part in Vidbir for the 3rd time!

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