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41 The Beginning

Are a great song, why is so low?

42 Song 10

Intro is my favorite

43 The Blinding of False Light

Are you kidding me?! This song should be in the top 10. The main riff will blow your mind at its technicality. The breakdown is so brutal, and the chorus is so awe inspiring.

44 Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier

This song is amazing if you read this and haven't heard this listen to it now! This should be in the top ten.

First song I listened to AMAZING one love it so much. And sometimes it makes me cry

45 Reflection

This a song that isn't very popular, but I can't see why it isn't. Really good tempo, with catchy harmonized guitar riffs and the double kick is just crazy. Definitely check this one out!

The intro is what makes this song amazing. Sure, there are other awesome songs by this band, but Reflection deserves more recognition.

The intro alone makes this song amazing. Just listen to that riff and tell me that is not purely badass.

Best song ever! I am die hard As I Lay Dying fan and I agree with the top 5 atm nut once I got told about this song I had about 30 plays after obe day. I guarantee youll get hooked on it!

46 Repeating Yesterday

If you ever had a repeating troubled time then listen to this song it will help you cope. What is it doing way down here? Should be some where on top ten definitely.

Hear this song and you will immediately fall in love, can't believe it wasn't on the list... Vote quickly and if you don't know it then get it - fmukitale

47 Moving Forward

Listen to all Decas tracks. They made my pants wet... This song is really epic

I'm voting for this song because I think it should be in their top 10. I like the mix of cleans and screams and the solo is insane I honestly think its Hippas best solo plus the chorus is very catchy indeed! P. S why isn't 'Reflection' off the album 'Shadows Are Security' on this list?

48 Falling Upon Deaf Ears

Maybe not their best overall, but it's so good live, the whole crowd headbanging in tandem.

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49 Collision
50 Tear Out My Eyes

Epic pump-up song. The lyrics to the first verse are dope and get me turned up every time. The chorus is catchy, and the solo is gnarly as hell

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51 Comfort Betrays

It has everything you want in an AILD song. Fast riffs, great drumming, Tim's awesome vocals, breakdowns, and a phenomenal solo. What more can you ask for?

52 Unwound

Why is this 50?! The chorus is great

53 Empty Hearts
54 Beneath the Encasing of Ashes

Great song from first album. Would be in top 5 if it was more known. All around awesome song

55 Distance is Darkness
56 Departed
57 Separation
58 Upside Down Kingdom (Contest Winner - Iron Krill Remix)

This song is by far my favorite song. Bad ass remix of a bad ass song.

59 Washed Away
60 Losing Sight
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