Top Ten Best ASOIAF Characters That Were Removed or Changed In the Show Adaption

Characters that we're in the books, but either didn't make it into the Game Of Thrones series, or were given a different name and different description.

The Top Ten

1 "Coldhands"

This mysterious being has brought up much confusion over who he really is..."Coldhands" is theorized to be Benjen Stark by some, others have their own theories! He is basically a "good Other"... For some reason, Game Of Thrones decided not to include his scenes with Sam and Gilly, and with Bran!

2 Jacelyn Bywater

In the books, Tyrion gives command of the city watch to Jaceky Bywater when he sends Janos Slynt to the Wall... The show decided to hold off on ol' Ironhand!

3 Jeyne Westerling

She is much better than the show version, and more realistic in world.

In the show, Robb Stark marries someone named Talisa... But in the book, he marries a Westerner named Jeyne Westerling... The show not only changed her name, but they also gave Talisa Stark an entirely new backstory!

4 Tom Sevenstrings

It was Tom who found Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry in the woods with Anguy and the rest... NOT Thoros of Myr, as the show has it happen.

5 Vargo Hoat

We all love the scene where Jaime Lannister loses a hand, right? In the television series, a man named Locke cuts it off... Locke is a synonym... For Vargo Hoat. They basically only changed his name and removed his lisp. They also removed Vargo Hoat/Locke from previous Harrenhal scenes.

6 Arianne Martell
7 Aeron Greyjoy

Unlike in the T.V. show, Aeron Greyjoy takes Theon up to Pyke the first time... He is Theon's newly-priestly uncle who has begun to worship the Drowned God more seriously. I guess he kind of made a cameo in the scene where Theon pledged himself to his god, and had saltwater poured on him, but they didn't say Aeron's name, so it could have been any priest!

8 Cleos Frey

Cleos Frey was changed to Alton Lannister in the T.V. series, and was killed off in Jaime's dungeon, unlike how Cleos was killed off AFTER Brienne took both him AND Jaime from Robb's camp by Catelyn's orders in the books.

9 Strong Belwas

There is no reason for the exclusion of Strong Belwas...and no reason to include him. BUT, that being said, Strong Effing Belwas is awesome. There doesn't have to be a reason for each character to exist. I mean, there is no reason for the SHOW to exist...except that I like it. And I also like Strong Belwas so that's enough reason for him to be there.

Belwas is a large man who first appears with Baristan The Bold when they meet Daenerys Targaryen. Ser Barristan was undercover, going by the name of Arstan Whitebeard, and pretending to be the squire of Strong Belwas. The T.V. series decided not to include Belwas, because they had Barristan Selmy reveal himself immediately due to the fact that viewers would recognize him anyway. There was no need for Strong Belwas in the show!

10 Edric Storm

Edric Storm was another of Robert's Bastard son. He was the one who was leeched by Melisandre in the books. He doesn't appear in the show because they used Gendry instead, who in fact IS in the books, but stays with the Brotherhood Without Banners.

The Contenders

11 Victarion Greyjoy
12 Lady Stoneheart
13 Patchface

Patchface is the fool on Dragonstone, where King Stannis lives. Like all of the other fools in the series, Patchface was not included in the show, but his annoying songs and somewhat mysterious backstory are always noted by the readers!

14 Euron Greyjoy
15 Wyman Manderly
16 Griff (Jon Connington)
17 Young Griff (Aegon Targaryen)
18 Quentyn Martell
19 Mance Rayder

Mance Rayder dies in the T.V. series at the start of season 5, but in the books he is not yet dead, and is a major part of the fifth book, which just goes to show how different from the fourth and fifth books season 5 is going to be.

20 Lem Lemoncloak
21 The Kettleblacks

All three aren't being included. What is that.

22 Arys Oakheart
23 Dacey Mormont
24 Jeyne Poole

Yeah, she is in the show, but only for the first season. Replaced by Sansa in the adaptation to be Ramsay's plaything

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