Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs From Their First Two Albums

The Top Ten

1 Unholy Confessions

I always wanna say "this song is so overrated", but then I listen to it and I remember why everyone likes it so much.

2 Second Heartbeat

This song is so captivating, it has amazing vocals. The bass is really awesome, you can't help but tap your feet along with the drums, and the guitar is amazing throughout the song. But the solo at the end is perfect.

Best metalcore song I've heard... - sam117

3 Desecrate Through Reverence

This song has my favorite vocals. They are high, and pure evil, this song is the song I play to creep out my friends, but on my own I rock out to this all the time.

4 Chapter Four

I cannot describe this song, other then saying its just awesome! The perfect head-banger.

5 I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1)

This song is beautiful, all their albums have a soft song, but this is the best.

6 I Won't See You Tonight (Part 2)

The first song I heard on this album. It is so METAL, even more so after the beautiful song part 1.

I cannot listen to the first part without listening to this after - Lem

7 And All Things Will End

An excellent end to an excellent album. This song has one of my favorite guitar solos, it is superb.

8 The Art of Subconscious Illusion

All I have to say is VAL'S SCREAMS!

9 To End the Rapture

This takes the cake for best guitar solo, they knew what they were doing with this song.

10 Turn the Other Way

The Contenders

11 Streets

The drum solo is awesome, this is the perfect mix of punk and metal-core.

12 Forgotten Faces
13 Eternal Rest
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