Best Avenged Sevenfold Songs

The Top Ten

1 Afterlife

Just awesome
The worlds best song ever
This is definitely chuck norris's favourite song
If you don't like this song then you are definitely weird

The rev's voice is just sounds like an angel
Syn's guitar solo is like, GODDESS
Afterlife is an epic, breathtaking, song, that have so much variety in it.

I call synyster gates fans synners and I think I am voting for this one because me and my twin can play it on guitar. I really loved it when syn was kinda, um humming? Anyways, I say fizzledizzle, cherrybiscuits and holy ravioli and I love his singing voice!

So emotional and intense... yet the others are still amazing

2 Nightmare

Great song
everyone must listen to this song
this song was one of the last the rev made,

Actually, Fiction was Jimmy's last song. Sucks it's not on this list...

This is the wake up alarm on my ipod :D nearly couldn't decide between this and afterlife

This is the best metal song of the decade. I love it to pieces. This is the first A7X song I ever heard. I will admit that afterlife and a little piece of heaven are incredible, but this is the best song ever. Here's my list. 1. Nightmare 2. A little Piece of Heaven 3. Bat Country 4. Afterlife 5. So Far Away 6. Beast and the Harlot 7. Unholy Confessions 8. Second Heartbeat 9. Critical Acclaim 10. Almost Easy. I am now a huge fan of A7X. My favorite bands are Slipknot A7X System of a Down and Korn. Metal foREVer

It is one of my favorites song I will murder anyone who do not like this song better yet Avenged sevenfold.(LOL)

3 A Little Piece of Heaven

This song has everything in it!
Made me have interested in Avenged Sevenfold!
Simply superb! DUMBSTRUCK! The vocalist has the perfect voice needed! Keep up the good work!

Avenged Sevenfold outdid themselves with this one it is far from practical and extremely unique, no other song from Avenged Sevenfold or any other band can compare on how unique it is, a masterpiece.

This song is so epic man, afterlife is okay... But This? Is so dark and violent! It's so fun to listen to and imagine the story! This is also one of jimmy's Best performance in any song I've heard. It totally deserve to be number 1

A Little Piece Of Heaven is a very very special song, as all Avenged Sevenfold fans know. It's so unique and individual, everything about it is brilliant, particularly those great choruses. It has it's own unique style, and is a brilliant song. In ways this song deserves an even better position on this remix, A Little Piece Of Heaven, So Far Away, Seize The Day, Fiction, Chapter Four, Hail To The King and Coming Home are all literally joint sixth for me, I cannot choose between them, they're all better than each other in different ways and are all BRILLIANT songs. Despite Chapter Four and So Far Away coming so close, A Little Piece Of Heaven has got to reach my top ten.

Avenged Sevenfold are a brilliant band. Particularly their second studio album Waking The Fallen, their fourth studio album Avenged Sevenfold, and their fifth studio album Nightmare, they're epic albums that all fans of rock and metal should listen to.
There's three songs in particular that come extremely ...more - EvilAngel

4 Bat Country

I love this song and I have to say this although it is not so related... This song have awesome drum cover by the rev and I think the rev is the most talented man in this band... His vocals are great! Good in keyboards/piano! Plays a little on guitar... And of course... 1 OF THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD! I love you jimmy

Their best song BY FAR! Kicks Afterlife in the nuts. Epic lyrics and great drums.

This song is absolutely amazing... IT'S REALLY catchy and got great Drums and Guitar Solos... As a Guitar player myself... I absolutely LOVE this song, and it's not only my favorite A7X song, but my favorite rock song of all time

The ENERGY of this song is just insane. Love the contrast of the hard driving riffs that sound heavy yet fun and bouncy, and the slow, melancholic drugged out sounding sections

5 So Far Away

PERFECT SONG. I think the best songs are afterlife, daer god, nightmare, so far away, welcome to the family and buried alive.

I can't describe how beautiful this song is. I didn't realize it when I heard it for the first time. This song can make you cry, the solo can make you feel the sorrow reflected in the song. A7X is amazing. RIP Rev.

Il love this song. Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band. They have so many good songs. Afterlife very deserving of first.

My favorite song

6 Beast and the Harlot

First A7X song I heard and it was one of the greatest songs of the last decade - sharm7064

Afterlife is awesome, but Beast and the Harlot is the best! I mean, everything about it is awesome.
Pretty much everything from City of Evil is awesome.

This song is putting a curse on me. I can never, ever stay still while blasting it in my room. The whole band proved their elite qualities, but for this song, M Shadows shined brightest. Syn and Zacky proved venomous with their harmony duos, Johnny's bass was melodious, and The Rev was world class as always.

The second half is THE BEST THING EVER! how can you not put this song at number 1? it has all you need a fudging drum solo an epic guitar solo and the most badass intro ever what more do you need?!

7 Critical Acclaim

Everything about this song rocks, especially how brutal this song starts, and the mysterious whispering put into it as well, truely an amazing song

How can I say... It's brilliant song ~ Love the Rev's voice...

I love A7X. This is definitely their best song. Listen to this before you vote for anything. Its not their most popular song but I think it's the best.

As Afterlife is its competition for the best, This A7X song stands out to me more, especially because its more than just 1 voice, it is so iconic, I love Critical acclaim

8 Almost Easy

this song is great
awesome intro followed by perfect riffs
one of the best songs of a7x
this really should be on the top five

This may be a little biased since this is the one that I listened to first, but this should definitely be in the top five. Almost easy and Afterlife are my two favorites so far!

The bridge is unbelievable. Unholy confessions is a really good song as well

This, is by far the first avenged sevenfold song I have ever listened to in my life, thank you avenged sevenfold, you gave me a song that is one to remember.

9 Seize the Day

This song is just superb his song makes me cry every time I hear it the guitar solo is the best it just kills me this song has a great meaning hidden inside its just excellent

C'mon this needs to be in the top three. In my opinion, the most beautiful song of a7x. This song is a pure ear candy. You just can't stop listening to it. Made me love a7x. - hanaan143

It is too much of a stretch to say best song ever made

I am of the older generation and was never a fan of millenial music, and still am not (Avenged Sevenfold is special and is an exception). My generation favourites include The Trooper by Iron Maiden, You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, She's Gone by Steelheart etc. I was one of those older generation fixated in the view that, as my generation call it, "manufactured bands" and "manufactured music" of the younger newer generation can never have that raw quality so strong that they transfer that raw music passion to their fans unlike the old days. That kind of music is hard to find in this generation (once again, Avenged Sevenfold is an exception). When I first heard Seize the Day on the radio, I was caught by surprise and was awestruck and amazed at the quality and obvious chemistry. For the first time, the generation we had called "manufactured" had proved this old man wrong and I am very sure many others of my generation who heard this over the radio (only too proud to admit it). ...more

10 Save Me

This is the song Jimmy called his masterpiece, and it truly is a masterpiece. It has deep, emotional lyrics, an incredible double-bass beat, one of the best solos Syn ever created next to Afterlife, and the most powerful ending to any album they've ever created. And it's ranked 17? You guys should really appreciate this song more. Shadows, Zacky and Syn all said in an interview it was their favorite song on Nightmare and that it when through tons and tons of work.

How is this not number 1? Greatest a7x song by far the intro is the best ever and about 446 in till 7 minutes in is the best solo ever! And the vocals are so meaningful.2nd greatest song behind disturbed the night

My honest opinion? This is the greatest song ever written.

Undoubtedly my favorite A7X song. The lyrics are absolutely fantastic, the guitar solo is great, and gotta love Mike Portnoy on drums for the session for this album, which is my favorite A7X album as well. The ending is so cool with "tonight we all die young" repeating for about the final 2 minutes. Great way to end the album and this masterpiece for a song


The Contenders

11 Second Heartbeat

... what this song is the awesomely awesome song of the awesomeness of awesome songs ( that didn't make any sense)... but I love this song ( not as much as nightmare) but its like my num. 2 and I think it should be like TOP! The solo is INSANE! A7X is my clan tag on Call of Duty

This song has the one of best solos I've ever heard.

Cool! U have to listen to it while looking to its lyrics in order to like it - redbluedeath

This should be in top 5! Beautiful melodies and guitar harmonies, kick ass final solo, insane drumming! I know this is metalcore, and I don't really like the album 'sound' but overall, a great composition by A7X.

12 Hail to the King

This song is insane! Gets me hype every time I hear it! Amazing guitar solo! BEST A7X song to date! HAIL TO THE KING!

Love this intro, the chorus is super catchy, the solo is mind blowing and I've gotta say, Arin didn't do a bad job as The Revs replacement. This song is getting my hopes up and destroyed my fears that they were gonna screw up this album as many other bands are doing with their newest cds (Linkin Park). Can't wait for them to release the cd! - Danielsun182

This song is the culmination of the band and the finally reached their peak.

It's pretty good. Every time A7X brings another type of music.
This time they have decided to go back to the classic metal

No, it's definitely heavy metal and heavier than most of their earlier music - musicfanguy

13 Unholy Confessions

I really love this song NO BAND WILL EVER BE ABLE TO TOP THIS SONG PAST OR PRESENT. it has EVERYTHING. sweet guitar (1st song I ever learned on guitar), amazing and versatile vocals. matt shadows out did corey taylor with his versatility in this song. it has the best of every world. starts of with metalcore sound then switches to hard rock then metalcore then soft rock. matt shadows is the greatest

Simply the best Avenged Sevenfold song, in my opinion. Really underrated, along with the album 'Waking the Fallen' as seen on this list. M. Shadows provides clean vocals along with screamed vocals on this song. The guitar riffs are both cool and catchy. This song has a really "heart-wrenching" story in it's lyrics.

Newer A7X fans should really listen to the 'Waking the Fallen' album thoroughly, for once, at least.

This song and bat country and a little piece of heaven are my epic selection! unholy confessions make A7X look like gods!

Well afterlife is good and so is nightmare and seize the day but this song has got me hooked like no other. Just listened to it for the 1000th time and I'm not yet sick of it! Little piece of heaven is not that good. It shouldn't be on the list. - hanaan143

14 Buried Alive

I really do love all their songs but this one tops the list... Its just way too good... I think that the riff is amazing, intro is perfect and the vocals and insane.. And the switch in the style towards the end just typifies the bands amazing versatility.

this song should absolutely be in top ten the ending is just amazing love the whole song

It reminds me of "Fade to Black" by Metallica. - Cyri

song which made me listen to this band. should definitely have been in top 10

15 Chapter Four

You hardly ever hear this song. You hardly ever hear a song this great. This song has some of the most impossible drumming that I have ever seen! The intro was amazing. And it being a verse from the bible too? Avenged Sevenfold really knows how to make a great song.

This song blew my mind when I heard it. The story telling, the riffs, the drums are all top notch. "Then the LORD said to him, 'Not so! If any one slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. '"

One of their best songs, and it was when they still had a metalcore-ish sound. They still rock though!

this song should be in the top5. so much going on in this song, great vocal screaming and in this song jimmy proves he's the best drummer

16 Welcome to the Family

What... The... Heck! This song should totally be in the top 3! A7X is one of those bands where you can't choose a favorite, but they have awesome songs!
R.I.P REV... May God richly bless you!

-Sincerely, Hitman Sevenfold

I can think of only one reason why this song is here but not in 1st place, because the drum beats were not done by the Rev, it's noticeably simpler than Rev's beats

This just keeps playing over and over in my head. Such an awesome song!

The drums at the beginning... MINDBLOWING... Love the entire song...

17 Dear God

Top 5 at least along with so far away needs to be bumped up a lot...

This one is EPIC! Don't go by ratings here..! This is one of the BEST ever.! Th

"I love this song completely. It helped me get over a break-up and its become my go to song in a rough time. "

Brings old memories

18 Shepherd of Fire

Best song on Hail to the King, without question. - SoulOfBlack15

This song rocks. Black Ops 2 Zombies Just Went Perfect With It. Best Avenged Sevenfold Song Next to Afterlife. But personally I think A Little Pieces of Heaven is almost their masterpiece. This song is hard-core, insane, dangerously deep and dark, like a mid-evil ancient beast that has awoken and released it's rock heart. This song is epic. The guitar solo where it takes on the chorus's rhythm is awesome. - blakematthew.tompkins

This song is awesome! Perfect way to open up the new album and it's a fantastic transition from Nightmare to the classic heavy metal A7X is bringing to the table in Hail to the King.

This is a song you can't listen to quietly. definitely one of my favorite rock songs and my favorite Avenged Sevenfold song!

19 M.I.A.

This song should be number one on the list... It's so good m shadows himself cried live

A disturbing lack of City of Evil on this list...

Such an amazing song not in the top 10. I'm sure this song should in first place Unbelievable my god. This is litarally the best song I've heard in my life

One of the best songs about war with one of the best solos of A7X

20 I Won't See You Tonight

this song has SO much meaning. it was played at my cousins funeral..

when I'm desperate I always listen to this song, and makes me cry like a baby, yeah so silly but I'm talking about a great song, not a fast song, well okay afterlife and nightmare are great but this song deserve on #3 yeah, and maybe if we listen to waking the fallen album twice a maybe this song can beat nightmare, that's it

This should obviously be number one, any one who listens to old A7x not their new stuff knows what they're talking about

This song has so much meaning and such beautiful melodies it is a shame that this in number 13.

ITunes says I've listened to this song 1429 times, which is about 214 hours if I'm doing the math right. This is my favourite song of all time, and nothing I can say here will do it justice. My favourite songs are the ones where the artist puts raw emotion into them, and if an adaptation of a friend's suicide note doesn't fall into that category, then I don't know what will. It's a powerful and emotional masterpiece, and there is not a single second in it I would change. A7X's first song I heard was Afterlife, and when I hear a song I like, I make it a mission to listen to every other song that band has made, and that's how I came across this work of art. I sincerely wish others would do the same, and hopefully people are visiting this site to do just that. Please listen to this song, and I mean really listen... to every word, every note, every second of this song. Only then can you really appreciate a masterpiece like this.
Wow, that got really mushy...

21 Scream

dude this song is amazing, idk why its not top 5

How in the hell is this not at least top ten... So catchy and dark, honestly my favorite Avenged Sevenfold song

Honestly, this is my favorite one of their songs. The lyrics and the way that the background accentuates them really flow together well. It's completely amazing and I was shocked that it wasn't in the top ten comments.


22 Strength of the World

This song has to be in the top 10.. amazing guitar solos towards middle to end.

This song has the sickest rifts imaginable. Why is it number 28 that's an abomination.

Best Avenged Song from the intro to the solos to the riff.

Personally my favorite song by Avenged Sevenfold. Why it is not in the top ten is very hard to believe. The riffs are heavy, the lyrics and melodies are heavenly and very emotional. I think this sing should be number one on this list. End of story.

23 Coming Home

Absolutely Underrated

Most Melodic song by A7X...Also the dual guitar work is a true masterpiece...and its EXTREMELY underrated

Off their new album "Hail To The King" Coming home in my opinion is very similar to "Afterlife" with the fast and high pitched guitar. But something about this song has more emotion to it which is why it is my new favorite Avenged Sevenfold song and why it deserves to be #1 foREVer.

This song is truly amazing, the guitar riff is on of the best I have ever heard, the chorus is catchy and overall this song is a true masterpiece, well done boys A7X 4 life

24 Not Ready to Die

Best song so far, should be in top 5 at least! Amazing solo and voices, great new song! Avenged's getting better

Should be a lot I mean a lot higher this song only number 24 not good enough should be number 9, 10 or 11 vote this song please really amazing song love it if you not sure then listen to it first then vote please this song rocks avenged sevenfold rock one of there best songs should be higher vote this one please should go see them live amazing band love them best rock band around today - mneilan

The drumming on this thing is incredible, they really found an amazing replacement for The Rev

I love everything about this song. The riff, vocals, piano, drums, everything! I can't get it out of my head how is this not at least top 5. This song deserves what it delivers. It's also awesome that I it's in one of my favorite games, 'Call of Duty'. Have fun and head bang at the same time! A7X foREVer!

25 The Stage

Best story, best dramatic tempo/melody transitions. This is A7x's November Rain but rather than telling the story of tragic love it expresses the ultimate tragedy of relationship between humanity and death.

Just wow! Both in terms of instrumentation and lyricism this song was very well thought out (not to forget the music video). This is clearly the ultimate best that a mainstream band can offer. Avenged Sevenfold hit the nail on the head with this record. I'm high in anticipation for their next release.

This is the best A7X song ever! Why on earth is it number 26? Everything about this song is just so perfect.

This literally puts any of their top 5 songs on the list to shame. Even if you don't like this band, you absolutely cannot deny the greatness of this song.

26 Fiction

This song is too good to be in the 20s...

This song means the world to me and the fact that this is the revs last masterpiece as well just makes it that more emotional! FoREVer

So touching, best piece of music the rev has written. A7X foREVer

Spooky piano all the way through, and jimmys vocals in the chorus are breath taking, one of their best songs in my opinion

27 Brompton Cocktail

This is probably the most UNDERRATED song out of all of Avenged Sevenfold's songs, the lyrics are powerful, and the moment the instruments kick in, the whole thing just blows you away! I'm really surprised this didn't even make the top 20! Just listen to it, it'll seriously stick with you foREVer

I don't understand how most people don't appreciate the song! It's one of their best and the vocals just have so much emotion, words have so much meaning especially since they were written by Saint James. I'm so glad a few other people can relate to me. Nightmare was the first and that used to be my favourite but now that I've listening to a lot of their songs I have to choose this one above them all.
Honorable mentions: Nightmare, Afterlife, Almost Easy, Critical Acclaim, Shepherd of Fire, Unholy Confessions, Scream, Natural Born Killer, Gunslinger, Welcome to the Family, M.I.A, Bat Country, This Means War, Beast And the Harlot, Buried Alive, Fiction, Save Me, God, Hates Us...
You get the point

This song deserved to be in TOP 10 in my opinion. Just a great song, with great groove and perfect, powerful voice. It's really hard to choose the TOP 10, cause this band has only TOP hits!

This is definitely one of Avenged Sevenfolds best songs. The first time I heard it, I couldn't stop. It was on replay over and over. I never got tired of it. ITS AMAZING!

28 Exist

In my opinion, one of A7X's best songs. For me at least it is number 1 or 2.

Quickly my favorite avenged sevenfold song. Crazy from start to finish

Unbelievably awe inspiring! I love the concept of the whole album, especially this amazing summary of humanity. Not in my top 10 list of favorite songs, but number 1 in my most inspirational songs.


29 Sidewinder

Best song of the album. Sounds like everything! Epic, creepy, romantic...

Jesus this song is good

Best song on City of Evil by far, and it needs more recognition. Just because it doesn't have a music video and it's long doesn't mean it isn't great. I would recommend this song to any fan of A7X.

Why isn't this in the top 5? This is pretty much the best song of all time let alone best Avenged Sevenfold song - the acoustic guitar solo at the end just slays. I would say that this is their greatest song followed by save me, trashed and scattered, radiant eclipse and then M.I.A.

30 Victim

The chorus reminds me of bleeding me by metallica - agarthanreaper

Personnaly this is the a7x song that means the most to me. The lyrics are amazing and musically it's awesome. I think I like this song so much cause it was at the right stop on the playlist at the right time for me, this was two years ago, in seventh grade and I've listened to this song a lot since then, the whole Nightmare album really. This along with Save Me, So Far Away and Buried Alive became sentimental to me in that time and it still is. I really love this song and for me, there's nothing like it.

The lyrics are too sad. I wonder why this song hasn't received so many votes. Very deep song. One of the few that have ever brought me to tears.

We're all just victims over crime..

Always like that's!

Nothing can know what this lyrics, just the rev knowing that..

31 Lost

The song is really good but the message that the song holds is even better. Its different from the other A7X songs, and that makes it special. You can hear it a million times and its still great...

This is really the most epic song I've ever heard. just listen to it give me spirit and the lyrics totally cool too! In the end of the song, you'll hear the melody that syn plays flowing through your ear like never end.
Definitely one of the song that will make you want to play again and again

Just heard this song for the first time and I have to say it has a great vibe to it which keeps making me want to listen to it over and over again, this is what a great memorable song has that keeps us interested.

Amazing harmonic guitar parts accompanied by a simple but difficult drum beat... Just perfection. This song balances light and airy parts with dark and heavy parts perfectly.

32 This Means War

Should be top 10, amazing song

Should be for top 10

Very good song! The new version of sad but true. The best song of the album and maybe the best avenged sevenfold song ever

Every one who love this song can probably create a song

33 Natural Born Killer

Definitely my fave song of nightmare I just got the album and I can't stop listening to this song
- Aj7537

This is my favourite song on their new album (and I love the whole album! I can't stop playing it on my iPod playlist! ) and the drum beats in the whole song are just so full of energy. When I listen to this song my adrenaline levels always skyrocket! And just the way it's so thought out.
It's definitely one of the best on Nightmare along God Hates Us.

If you don't like this song, then who are you

Why is this not up in the top ten? I mean, seriously! This is just one of those songs that you have to sing the chorus with them. I find myself singing it at random times throughout the day... I have to listen to it at least twice a day. It might not have to be in the top ten, but 35? Seriously? Come on guys!

34 Blinded in Chains

Awesome guitar
Awesome drumming
Awesome lyrics
Awesomely sung
And awesomely UNRATED, listen to it for once m sure yo wont be dissapointed

This is the most underrated song by these guys. Its an awesome song, one of their best. - PwnC0cktail

What the hell
This should be in their top 8
It's amazing
Jimmy the rev rocks man
Rip in jimmy

So underrated! This song really showcased all of the musicians. Vocals from M. Shadows and The Rev are amazing. Synyster Gates's intro is awesome. I'm sure Zacky and Johnny worked hard too. FoREVer

35 Remenissions

Oh my god this song is so incredible, very underrated

Ugh, I miss 2003.

I understand why this isn't on top, it took me awhile to listen to this album, but it's their best, and I have 64 a7x songs on my iPod. The mainstream get top, but waking the fallen was the best album by them.

All the best songs they have are on the bottom of this list. Too many of their mainstream songs get all the appreciation. This song has been my favorite song by them since I first heard it and if you can't find the brilliant meaning in it then you are not a true fan.

36 Trashed and Scattered

This is my favorite song by them. I can't believe that it isn't in the top 10! Give it a listen! This song is catchy beyond belief. I find myself singing it everywhere that I am. The lyrics are badass as well. The harmony is awesome. The chorus is the BOMB!

How can this be so low down? This I probably one of my favorites along with wicked end and blinded in chains!

One of my favorites. Got me into Avenged, sick guitariing and vocals should be in top 10 at least!

Maybe not their best song but should be at least in top 10. It's so fast and catchy and chorus is AWESOME! Can't stop listening...

37 Gunslinger

Hey! It's the best soft song I've ever heard... Needs to be among the top songs... This song is magnificent..

It's the best.. I just love listening to it and I never get tired of it..
Its Awesome.. The worlds best song ever... This song blew my mind when I heard it..


The solo. The solo is one of THREE songs to have ever given be chills. And it is the only song with sung lyrics to do so. This song is my most listened to a7x song, it deserves much higher and took a much stronger meaning to me when one of my friends went into the marines I think of them when I listen to this now.

38 Unbound (The Wild Ride)

This song is seriously very underrated in my opinion. The piano is awesome and also the ending with the kids singing it.

This song is awesome its one of the only songs I have bothered learning on Guitar and Piano everyone who worked on this song put so much effort into it and it really payed off I don't understand why it is so low it should be in the top 10 in my opinion. I don't think their is anything else the could have done to this song to make it any better then it is truly a 5 star song!

The List Should Be like this In my opinion 1-15
1. Unbound
3.Second HeartBeat
4.Brampton CockTail
5.Almost Easy
6. Afterlife
7. Burn It Down
8. Critical Acclaim
10. Trash And Scatterd
11. CrossRoads
12. Not Ready To Die
13. Carry On
14.Acid Rain
15. Beast And The Harlot

This song is so catchy! It's sad how underrated it is though, it has fantastic sweeping and an awesome piano part. This isn't their best song but it completely deserves to be in the top five! - maclancaster

not my favorite but should be on the list - SurfinBird

39 Heretic

Best song on the album! Deserves to be higher!

This is the perfect mix between their old stuff, and their new stuff. It's simple, but catchy! - maclancaster

OMGoodness! Such an Epic song this is! Impeccable lyrics that just moves along with accurate riffs & Guitar solos. ahh in love with the song. Loving the Riff that follows the line " Rising masses, marching to find "Heretic Blood..." m/ This song & album made me an Avid A7x fan instantly. Album Title track Hail to the king is also simply amazing.

Amazing! Should be higher

40 And All Things Will End

Ok I can't believe how underrated this song is. Best song on waking the fallen but the outro of the song is absolutely the best thing I ever heard you have to listen to it, its unexplainable.

This song is so catchy laugh out loud, how is it all the way at the bottom? Has all the a7x qualities, great solo, nice length, catch chorus, and heavy riff... The only reason I can fathom that people haven't voted this song higher is because they haven't heard it..

This song kicks the most ass ever. I've never heard a more under rated, yet epic song ever. And it perfectly manages the shifts between mellow and hardcore. And has my favorite a7x lyrics ever: "I have seen my world crumble and fall before my eyes, I know, I know... Dark will turn to light... In time I'll be all right. I know... I know. "

Better with each listening

41 Danger Line

One of the best songs on Nightmare. Great rhythm and awesome vocals. Dark theme is present, and riffs are killer. The perfect example of how good Avenged Sevenfold is as a band. Their togetherness and dedication shine brightly in this song. - SteelShadow

What, this must be higher, this song is really ass kicker to the 2-and chorus and after it turns in very sad song and whistling at the end, that makes this song unique, SO GET THIS ABOVE

Have to listen to it! One of the coolest songs I've heard

The beat made me eargasm

42 Planets

This is a great song about God creating the universe! How else can I explain this song? I can't. foREVer

Awesome song after nightmare best a7x song ever

This song is a raw laserbeam of power that burst into you like an epic sonic boom. Zacky and Syns guitars are quite dominant in this song and the solo is fantastic. I think is the best song on Hail to the King and I am one of those that like all the songs on the record.

I would say just because the list was made beforre Hail to the king, the album was released, this song is so down here.. Even the A7x members said that Planets and Acid Rain are two of the best songs of A7x

43 Shattered by Broken Dreams

Simply epic. This song has everything! Shadows really shines in this one.

Perfect combination of screams and clean vocals. Doesn't get any better.

The most underlooked and underrated Avenged Sevenfold song. Such a beautiful sound and a song about friendship.

What is this doing in here. This is the best song about friendship. This song should be snoopy theme song

44 Burn It Down

This is top 10 material.. This song is fantastic anything from city of evil deserves to be within the top 20 this is an outrage and I will not stand by and watch people ruin this top list!

This song is so underrated best vocals out of any song on city of evil by far

Just listen to these harmonys on guitar! But vocal track is definitely the best thing here!

I think this song should be in the top ten. And I also like song because m shadows has a demon voice and the rev did great at this song

45 The Wicked End

Top 3 easy

This should be in the top 5 easily. The whole song is amazing. - abovetempo

It's simply their best song. It has everything, a catchy chorus, a great bass intro, a killer guitar solo and awesome lyrics

Not surprised this is all the way down here - is pretty well underrated. It is such a great song though, one of the stand-outs from City of Evil in my opinion, notably for its creativity, the great riffs, duels, and the epic solo. Love love love!

46 Warmness on the Soul

Great vocal melody, easily the best off the first album. all in all just a great sounding song with a wicked guitar solo. should definitely be bumped up a few spots from no.27

should be at least below 20! the piano its so amazing!

This touches your heart. Brilliantly sung, it never fails to take me apart.

My husband and I love this song, it was our wedding song! The lyrics are beautiful and the vocals and piano are amazing!

47 Acid Rain

This song Is gonna be something Big I hope It dragged me in the first time I heard it I'm gonna be listening to this song a lot in the Future! - Curti2594

The absolute BEST a7x song there is. Great lyrics, amazing riffs, and impactful chorus. Perfect.

Definitely their most underrated song ever. This song is absolutely incredible, but nobody knows about it. This and danger line definitely need to been more well known. Just amazing

A great song for changing their sound

48 Demons

A great song, check it out people!
Should be at least top 20 everythings great, guitar lyrics drums. No, seriously, check it out.

Such an underrated song, its amazing

49 Dancing Dead

Amazing song, kinda simple but so catchy

How come dancing dead isn't in the top 10?

Simple and really catchy top ten kick ass solo and beat

What? THIS SONG IS ONE OF MY TOP TEN! It needs to be bumped up A LOT. The guitar solo makes me cry :'D

50 Desecrate Through Reverence

M Shadows' best work vocally during this era. His screams were ridiculously high and his choruses are very melodic here. Too bad they never played this song live. This song takes a lot of vocal endurance and does not need a solo to be awesome. A7X chose a different path when writing this one and did very well. How sick is that breakdown when he screams "Don't ask! You'll never know! "? Definitely. Top 5 right here.

Wow, 51? I almost can't believe that this is where it is and dear god almost cracked the top 10. Shows the true a7x fans and the fans of their sellout songs. This has to be one of his best vocal performances and not to mention he can scream with such enthusiasm and antiquity, it almost gives me goosebumps.

I love Shadow's scream voice in this song, and this song can't make me bored..
Must be higher than this position! !

The Rev screams amazing here, not like at Critical Acclaim when he sounds weak. But this song is lack of Shadow's song - razors15

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