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1 Afterlife Afterlife Cover Art

In the Afterlife nothing will matter anymore, this why we have this song as a great example of how to enjoy a life. ¡Thank you Ax7! And rest in peace great friendly drummer better known as the Rev thank you! For Everything

Literally the best by Avenged Sevenfold one of the most talented Rock musicians for creating a Masterpiece like Afterlife...

Afterlife it's a great song which has potential to be selected as a Top 10 song from the bests ever, while not even Nightmare and the others not!

Big cry one, I mean. There's literally much sadder Avenged Sevenfold songs but Afterlife it's Just nostalgia of My childrenity.

2 Nightmare Nightmare Cover Art

This is the best metal song of the decade. I love it to pieces. This is the first A7X song I ever heard. I will admit that afterlife and a little piece of heaven are incredible, but this is the best song ever. Here's my list. 1. Nightmare 2. A little Piece of Heaven 3. Bat Country 4. Afterlife 5. So Far Away 6. Beast and the Harlot 7. Unholy Confessions 8. Second Heartbeat 9. Critical Acclaim 10. Almost Easy. I am now a huge fan of A7X. My favorite bands are Slipknot A7X System of a Down and Korn. Metal foREVer

Every year, our school has a different theme song. It all depends on this year-level-against-year-level activity, and best performance gets to have their theme song played throughout the year. Three years ago it was Thunderstruck. The other year it was Seven Nation Army. Last year it was Come Together.

This year, it's Nightmare. As last year's new student, I will never leave this school--the whole playlist is there.

This song was the first ever song that I listened of Avenged Sevenfold. And after that I more and more likely to listen songs of this band. Every song they sang are terrific. Music is superb. This song must be listened once by metal lovers. Everyday I listen this song and after life to. Well done Avenged Sevenfold. I Love You Guys.

Greatest song ever!
My top 10:
1. Nightmare
2. Afterlife
3. Scream! It's so underrated
4. Beast and the Harlot
5. So Far Away
6. Almost Easy
7. Seize the Day
8. Unholy Confessions
9. Little piece of Heaven
10. Bat Country
A7X is the best metal band in history and have so many great songs, it's nearly impossible to just pick one

3 A Little Piece of Heaven A Little Piece of Heaven Cover Art

Afterlife is overrated, A Little Piece Of Heaven is so better, major usement of unique chords, great combination of circus atmosphere and talking about heaven or a little piece of it.

''Cause' you're in my heart, At least for the most parts! ah, ah! Cause' everybody gotta' die sometime yeah! yeah! ...My baby don't cry'' Honestly one of the most romantic quotes ever for a great stunning song like A Little Piece Of Heaven

This track has extremely rare instruments, and not even a guitar but it's ok, at least sounds original with the dark meaning while sounding melodic too.

A Little Piece Of Heaven is a very very special song, as all Avenged Sevenfold fans know. It's so unique and individual, everything about it is brilliant, particularly those great choruses. It has it's own unique style, and is a brilliant song. In ways this song deserves an even better position on this remix, A Little Piece Of Heaven, So Far Away, Seize The Day, Fiction, Chapter Four, Hail To The King and Coming Home are all literally joint sixth for me, I cannot choose between them, they're all better than each other in different ways and are all BRILLIANT songs. Despite Chapter Four and So Far Away coming so close, A Little Piece Of Heaven has got to reach my top ten.

Avenged Sevenfold are a brilliant band. Particularly their second studio album Waking The Fallen, their fourth studio album Avenged Sevenfold, and their fifth studio album Nightmare, they're epic albums that all fans of rock and metal should listen to.
There's three songs in particular that come extremely ...more

4 Bat Country Bat Country Cover Art

The talent and effort of the band recording this song in 2005 for City of Evil was so terrific. This guys really hited the spot with Bat Country, Seize The Day and Blinded In Chains

M. Shadows and Zacky Vengeance 's insights weren't wrongful to Until the realization of this track, honestly this is one of the best, such a borrow of great guitar riffs and nice drumming.

This song is just the best in my opinion;
It has a hella fast paced rhythm made by one of the best drummers of all time (foREVer), probably Syn's best solo of his career, Shadows' beautiful voice AND a very catchy, yet complicated sound making it all so much enjoyable.
I can easily listen to this song ten times in a row without changing it, it's that perfect to my ears

I remember when I first heard this song from a friend and I instantly fell in love with it. This song got me interested in A7X so it has a very special place in my heart.

The Rev is like a machine! Shadows' voice gives you the chills - especially in the chorus like holy sweet jesus - Syn is so majestic I mean listen to that solo! The song is overall nothing but a little piece of heaven (hah the reference this song kicks ass) A7X ROCKS!

5 Beast and the Harlot Beast and the Harlot Cover Art

Bat Country it's honestly the most overrated song here...! Beast And The Harlot has to be Number 1 and even better than Afterlife

Absolutely Amazing and most fun and entertaining song to listen to whilst depressed...This probably in my opinion is the best song they've ever produced alongside my next favourite The Stage...Rev drumming was relentless and exceptional as always...Loved M.Shadows vocals here sounded a bit funny but adorable unlike Bat Country's vocals which sounded annoying though was undeniably a good song but not enough to be the best song off City Of my opinion obviously...

In my opinion I really don't consider "Afterlife'' to be their best song when there are so many contenders for it some of which are equally good or even better than the track. Yes Afterlife has got a very clean and beautifully delivered vocals plus the sensational work from the instrumentalists but if you have listened to "The Beast and the Harlot", the work, energy and effort that was put here was totally at a heightened level.

This song is putting a curse on me. I can never, ever stay still while blasting it in my room. The whole band proved their elite qualities, but for this song, M Shadows shined brightest. Syn and Zacky proved venomous with their harmony duos, Johnny's bass was melodious, and The Rev was world class as always.

6 So Far Away So Far Away Cover Art

This song make me cry almost every time I listen to it. I believe it was the first full song that Syn wrote for A7X on his own, he poured his heart into this song. It means so much to me as it is written in memory of Jimmy (the best drummer of all time). Avenged Sevenfold write songs packed full of emotion and meaning. This song came straight from the heart. I love you Avenged.
A7X foREVer.

I can't describe how beautiful this song is. I didn't realize it when I heard it for the first time. This song can make you cry, the solo can make you feel the sorrow reflected in the song. A7X is amazing. RIP Rev.

This song works for any situation that you could be in. Loved ones dying, leaving, or just simply going away. You leaving, not getting to see someone anyone, like a friend moving away. Long distance relationships. It's all there, along with M. Shadows perplexing vocals. It's an amazing some overall.

The last two lines-"I loved you, you were ready your pain is strong and urges rise;
But I'll see you when He lets me, your pain is gone your hands untied"is so ROCKING... Sung by shadows in an awesome voice and syn rocked the guitar. This song gives the feeling we miss you REV. You'll live FoREVer man.

7 Critical Acclaim Critical Acclaim Cover Art

There's better songs by them but how is beast and the harlot and almost easy above critical acclaim? This song features Avenged Sevenfold sliding into progressive territory (which they do a lot but it's remarkably present in this song) and I love progressive rock/metal. It starts with the organ intro which evolves into the whole band, then it shifts into the really heavy 3/4 riff and when the time signature goes back to 4/4, Avenged Sevenfold's signature verses and choruses kick in. Perfect balance of both worlds.

This seriously needs to be ranked higher. This is one of their only political songs and the vocals in the song are so brutal, it is unlike most of their other work.

This song is so epic! I love how within the first minute there are three different tempos. It starts off with the organ then you hear the typical dual guitar intro then it just goes into a whole new level of extreme and you hear M.Shadows start screaming. The Rev was epic (especially when he shouts "A Clone! ". This is one of the best songs to remember him by. The only thing that will make the song better is if it had an official music video. That would've been epic

One of the bands best songs, so diverse from the start with the piano setting the time for the rest of the band to go off of. Great lyrics that speak to many people about war and problems in todays society. Guitar doesn't do too much on the main riff but it gets the job done.

8 Almost Easy Almost Easy Cover Art

This song has a perfect build structure: there are super b factors about this song that make it right in its own. Probably it wouldn't sound for others a true Avenged Sevenfold hit at all, but the way that Rev stroke so hardcore those drums it's just magnific, the Zacky Vengeance riffs are insane! the solo by Synyster it's pure gold. And the lyrics are spectacular and this is a song that is so unique

From when the you press play to the time the song ends, you go on a ride that will shake even the most basic metal core listener to their core. Very good backup singers. M. Shadows cadence is also displayed in prominence and is his best on the album. Top 3 guitar solo in their catalogue as well.

The perfect song for any fan of rock music. Overall, it is a very hard-driving rock song. But during the chorus, M. Shadows sings with a rock ballad-like intensity that really makes it something different. Not their best song, but right up there.

I love this song. The lines were sang in a shouting kind of manner, but the chorus was like a breather because it had more melody into it. And also, the chorus was so catchy, after I play this song the chorus just keeps repeating on my mind like LSS.

9 Save Me Save Me Cover Art

How in the Hell this song got ranked only to number 9? This is not correct! This song it's definitely even depeer than the most overvoted songs here, I mean Afterlife and A Little Piece Of Heaven

Ummg, I don't know it would've much better puted in closer contest tops to number 1 possition. Save Me it's a beautiful Masterpiece song!

Pherhaps this may not sound as their most succesful song, it is the one with most complexity on the usage of the instruments and etc...

This is the song Jimmy called his masterpiece, and it truly is a masterpiece. It has deep, emotional lyrics, an incredible double-bass beat, one of the best solos Syn ever created next to Afterlife, and the most powerful ending to any album they've ever created. And it's ranked 17? You guys should really appreciate this song more. Shadows, Zacky and Syn all said in an interview it was their favorite song on Nightmare and that it when through tons and tons of work.

10 Seize the Day Seize the Day Cover Art

This song expresses everything about how a depressed person feels after losing it all in his life. Honestly, I've never heard of a song like this except for his contrapart which actually is and most sounding like: November Rain that famous melancholic song that always gets stuck on your head. And also Seize The Day it's a very melodic song which never gets old... Truly respect+ for Avenged Sevenfold.

I am of the older generation and was never a fan of millenial music, and still am not (Avenged Sevenfold is special and is an exception). My generation favourites include The Trooper by Iron Maiden, You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, She's Gone by Steelheart etc. I was one of those older generation fixated in the view that, as my generation call it, "manufactured bands" and "manufactured music" of the younger newer generation can never have that raw quality so strong that they transfer that raw music passion to their fans unlike the old days. That kind of music is hard to find in this generation (once again, Avenged Sevenfold is an exception). When I first heard Seize the Day on the radio, I was caught by surprise and was awestruck and amazed at the quality and obvious chemistry. For the first time, the generation we had called "manufactured" had proved this old man wrong and I am very sure many others of my generation who heard this over the radio (only too proud to admit it). ...more

The song that made me fell in love with, not just A7X, but ROCK SONGS in general. Sorry guys, but I got to say I used to HATE rock at first. But thanks to this wonderfully crafted song, I received a sense of realisation as to how insightful rock songs can be. A power ballad with a unique tune, meaningful lyrics, touching music video and awesome guitar solo. How better can it get?

I love all their songs, but nothing beats how it all started. A7X FOR LIFE!

I vote for this because this song is so fking underrated.
Watch their live in LBC and then you know what I am saying.

I love so far away while it was written for the Rev, it might be their best song or even the best sad rock song in 2000s, but it also means that this song was made and performed without the Rev and I felt a little bad about it every time I hear it. Nightmare, Afterlife and Dear God are all sick tracks, but I seriously listen to seize the day like 10 times a day(half are the LBC live version), I may be mad or something but I just cannot get over this song.

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11 Second Heartbeat Second Heartbeat Cover Art

This song deserves the top ten rankings before a boring song like "Seize The Day" or "Almost Easy" because"Second Heartbeat" actually ROCKS really good with the best intentions to hypnotize me.

Shadows screams are so damn magnific out to all melodic vocal tone parts. This song is probably the best self-handed song Avenged Sevenfold took on

Second Heartbeat is by far my all time favorite A7x song, sick vocals from Matt and amazing guitar solos from Syn and Zacky. The demo version has the sickest drums of any song they've done (R.I.P. the Rev) Extremely underrated but truly an amazing song.

A staple song by the band any true fan will put this somewhere in their top 10 at the least. So much energy when the lead vocals come in and a very catchy and addictive chorus. Amazing drumming by the rev shines through very bright on this song.

12 Buried Alive Buried Alive Cover Art

Meanwhile, the mice endure the wheel. Realm as ever! And I'm chained like a slave, trapped in the dark, death calls my name. And it seems it been buried alive.

This song deserves a place in the top 3 or at least in the top 5. Although this song doesn't have the beats by the Rev but it would've been the best a7x song with the rev's beats. But still, this song manages to be a perfect song! It starts with melodic guitar plucking, builds up with a good riff, powerful vocals by m shadows, the variation of the scale, the beats and the speed is innovative! Well, it is at least my all time favourite song! It inspires me a lot during bad times

This song has such beautiful harmonies, and it gets rough and makes you headbang toward the end of the song. This is almost all you need from an Avenged song!

The bands magnum opus in my opinion. It is their, "Stairway to Heaven" "Master of Puppets" you name it. From the very dark and hopeless lyrics in the first half, to the almost abrupt change that comes in the latter half to a much heavier and more head banging adrenaline experience that the band is used to. The song hits every note that needed to get hit. Every lyric that needed to get sung.

13 Hail to the King Hail to the King Cover Art

Love this intro, the chorus is super catchy, the solo is mind blowing and I've gotta say, Arin didn't do a bad job as The Revs replacement. This song is getting my hopes up and destroyed my fears that they were gonna screw up this album as many other bands are doing with their newest cds (Linkin Park). Can't wait for them to release the cd!

If this is what Avenged Sevenfold comes back with after the Rev's tragedy, and they're bringing us this kind of quality songs back to us, we're in for one hell on an amazing album on the 26th. I bet all fans are looking forward to it based on this amazing single.

This one needs to be higher. This song is amazing. Afterlife is the only one that should be higher. The opening riff in this song is kick ass and the song has some great sections too. Totally awesome song and it is sad that this is not even top ten when it should be top 3

This song is the best and is just like master of puppets from Metallica. This song made me like a7x much more. Amazing guitar and voice. This band has reached to the level of heavy metal bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

14 Unholy Confessions Unholy Confessions Cover Art

How this song is not getting the phraise it deserves? You must be crazy thinking Dear God it's an absolute good song when Unholy Confessions it's a lot better or even Afterlife that sounds like a tiny poppy song. Unholy Confessions it's for real men!

I can't help but wonder what the heck is A Little Piece of Heaven doing there? It was kind of a circus for necrophiles.

This here, in my opinion, has the best lyrics Avenged Sevenfold has ever written.
The rest of Waking the Fallen should be here. The other albums had really annoying stuff, such as the aforementioned track and especially Afterlife. They're cheesy...

Waking the Fallen has A7X's best songs. A contender here should have been "The Wicked End", but people are just too mainstream...

Simply the best Avenged Sevenfold song, in my opinion. Really underrated, along with the album 'Waking the Fallen' as seen on this list. M. Shadows provides clean vocals along with screamed vocals on this song. The guitar riffs are both cool and catchy. This song has a really "heart-wrenching" story in it's lyrics.

Newer A7X fans should really listen to the 'Waking the Fallen' album thoroughly, for once, at least.

This needs to be ranked sooo much higher!
It is the one song that put them on the map and yet people will vote for the ones they first heard when the band was famous.
Though never forget where you come from!

15 Chapter Four Chapter Four Cover Art

Impossible to not trying to vote Chapter Four ... it's the greatest song of all time, not only by Avenged Sevenfold but also has a powerful drumming, the best mix between clean and screaming vocals.

This song needs to be much higher. It has great guitar work, a killer drum-line by the late, great Rev, and some awesome vocals from Shadows, both clean and dirty. Best of all, it is based upon the Biblical story where the band got their name. While their new stuff is also awesome, this is an incredible song that often gets overlooked,

You hardly ever hear this song. You hardly ever hear a song this great. This song has some of the most impossible drumming that I have ever seen! The intro was amazing. And it being a verse from the bible too? Avenged Sevenfold really knows how to make a great song.

Its funny to see some of the songs that are at the top of the list. Every A7X song is amazing, but the ones at the top of the list are the ones that have been played the most on the radio. If you venture out into their music that didn't make the radio, you will find their best stuff.

16 Dear God Dear God Cover Art

Doesn't deserve top ten in any way. Lyrics are just generic country music, vocals are mediocre (hardly any differing pitch), drumming is utterly pathetic, and bass is completely overshadowed. The only good part about this song is the guitar, and even then it's quite mellow. Potently one of their worst songs, and in no way does it compare to songs such as "save me", which is somehow lower than this pathetic excuse is.

The guitar is awesome... This song is unique compared to other A7X songs especially the outro... The outro is the longest I've ever heard.. Love this song very much.. Please vote for this song.. There are other A7x songs that I love too.. Afterlife, buried alive, seize the day, so far away, a piece of heaven.. But dear god is the best

While songs higher on this list are definitely deserving, I chose Dear God due to the fact that the song is proof that the band is capable of many genres. This song is more of a soft rock song with accents of country music with the steel guitar playing in the background

I Love this song, the lyrics are very touching. I wouldn't give it number 1 because the nightmare album as some unreal songs on it and Afterlife is my ringtone. But Dear God I listen to it all the time and I love the guitar part in it and I think it should be in the top 10 or at least in a different category of their songs and be number 1 in that <3 Rev R.I.P.

17 Welcome to the Family Welcome to the Family Cover Art

Dude this should not be down here! I swear there's got to be some kind of mistake. Welcome to the Family makes everyone feel like they belong and it tells you that you're not alone in this world. Yet it manages not to sound boring and preachy. Heck it's everything BUT boring and preachy! It's so catchy I'm actually happy when I get it stuck in my head. Whoever put A Little Piece Of Heaven before this is getting a fist in their face that song is creepy

One of their harder songs but still has it's slow parts and of course the typical amazing guitar solo in the middle. Reminds me of the way "Nightmare" and "Buried Alive" are layed out I guess probably because they are on the same album.

What... The... Heck! This song should totally be in the top 3! A7X is one of those bands where you can't choose a favorite, but they have awesome songs!
R.I.P REV... May God richly bless you!

-Sincerely, Hitman Sevenfold

#14 honestly? More like in the top 3, a little piece of heaven is no where near as good as this.

The drum intro is awesome and the guitar solo although not one of synster's best is still great. One of avenged sevenfold's best.

18 M.I.A. M.I.A. Cover Art

this song should've made the list... since city of evil started hitting the way in those crazy 2005 times, some fans were whinning of the new avenged sevenfold's lyrical and bassist style, but there's a lot of songs tho in the album right?... sometimes I feel like m.I.a. it's the chosen one for the best reasons, first: deep lyrics, second: squirry nice vocals, third: it's the best song in the album city of evil and four and last reason: it makes you cry wether you're badass or not.

This song is a masterpiece. It introduces even to the toughest men to cry with that candy beautiful slow nada of the beginning...

Ok I am a die hard Avenged Sevenfold fan and everyone of their songs are great. Everyone says that every band has a best song but I think every song is the best for Avenged m/. But if I really had to pick one song to be my favorite its definitely this song. It's an utter masterpiece. The power of his voice during Staring at the carnage... (the second time) it is unbelievable.

Why? This is a great song should be in the top 5,10 or number 1 instead. This song have what it takes. My top ten list is.1.M.I. A 2. Afterlife 3. So Far Away 4. Almost easy 5. Seize The Day 6. Dear God 7. Hail To The King 8. A Little Piece of Heaven 9. Buried Alive 10. Bat Country. Somtimes I sing all of this songs especially M.I. A and I say VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

19 I Won't See You Tonight I Won't See You Tonight Cover Art

ITunes says I've listened to this song 1429 times, which is about 214 hours if I'm doing the math right. This is my favourite song of all time, and nothing I can say here will do it justice. My favourite songs are the ones where the artist puts raw emotion into them, and if an adaptation of a friend's suicide note doesn't fall into that category, then I don't know what will. It's a powerful and emotional masterpiece, and there is not a single second in it I would change. A7X's first song I heard was Afterlife, and when I hear a song I like, I make it a mission to listen to every other song that band has made, and that's how I came across this work of art. I sincerely wish others would do the same, and hopefully people are visiting this site to do just that. Please listen to this song, and I mean really listen... to every word, every note, every second of this song. Only then can you really appreciate a masterpiece like this.
Wow, that got really mushy...

Absolutely beautiful musical composition, this is truly a song that builds to very dramatic moments with appropriate relationships between the piano and traditional rock instruments. Lyrics are rather depressing, and while perhaps not not on the same scale as other Avenged songs (Critical Acclaim, Remenissions & So Far Away come to mind for those wiser words) are still very meaningful and thought provoking. Not all Avenged fans may like the song, but anyone who appreciates musical craftsmanship should give it a listen.

This sound is definitely one of their bests. I've been listening to them since City of Evil and this has recently become one of my favorites. Should easily be top 5, yet even after all the years of listening to them I don't know that I can put together a top 5 that will stay that way.

Simply amazing. The live version in Ventura gives me chills listening to it, especially given how powerful, raw, and genuine the vocal melodies are. Has been and will always be the only song I have gotten such an emotional response from hearing!

20 Shepherd of Fire Shepherd of Fire Cover Art

I expected this to be way higher on the list near the number one spot, but this is honestly way too low. This definitely is their best song radio wise, and it is a perfect blend between the magical work of their talent and not being to radio-friendly.

This song rocks. Black Ops 2 Zombies Just Went Perfect With It. Best Avenged Sevenfold Song Next to Afterlife. But personally I think A Little Pieces of Heaven is almost their masterpiece. This song is hard-core, insane, dangerously deep and dark, like a mid-evil ancient beast that has awoken and released it's rock heart. This song is epic. The guitar solo where it takes on the chorus's rhythm is awesome.

Nightmare is my favorite songs and in my opinion one of the most awesome metal songs ever made but Shepherd of Fire at 23 is absolutely ridiculous. Same with Hail to the King and This Means War's ratings. Such underrated songs.

This song is awesome! Perfect way to open up the new album and it's a fantastic transition from Nightmare to the classic heavy metal A7X is bringing to the table in Hail to the King.

21 Scream Scream Cover Art

Honestly, this is my favorite one of their songs. The lyrics and the way that the background accentuates them really flow together well. It's completely amazing and I was shocked that it wasn't in the top ten comments.

Possibly one of the only Avenged Sevenfold songs that has a groove, that isn't a heap of boring like most of the content of their new album, drum part is absolutely ballistic, solo is off the everloving chain. Main riff is ballzy as.

Amazing song that none can do better in a cover. The drums beat out a rhythm like no other and the guitar shredding is simply godlike!
This should easily be number one in my books

This song is definitely the in the top 3. Love everything about it especially that epic solo by synyster gates and the 808s are a very nice touch and bring a much fuller experience.

22 Coming Home Coming Home Cover Art

I Think This is a MASTERPIECE, this song is amazing, and some of the best guitar of any of their songs, ever. This song should definitely be #2, It is nearly as awesome as Afterlife, and better than even nightmare in my opinion!

My Top 5 List for this Band:
1. Afterlife
2. Coming Home
3. Almost Easy
4. Heretic
5. A Little Piece of Heaven/Shepherd of Fire (I Can't Decide between these two)
Sorry Nightmare, You're just not as good as some of these in my opinion.

Why this song is below Hail to the King, I can't even comprehend. Easily the best song on the album. I blame mainstream radio for not playing this song but choosing to play songs like Hail to the king instead. Definitely in my top 5 favorite songs. If you haven't heard this song before, you need to youtube it, now.

Off their new album "Hail To The King" Coming home in my opinion is very similar to "Afterlife" with the fast and high pitched guitar. But something about this song has more emotion to it which is why it is my new favorite Avenged Sevenfold song and why it deserves to be #1 foREVer.

This song is very Iron Maiden esque, while still possessing the sound that A7X is known for. The guitar riff is great, and the chorus gives me chills every time I hear it. It's by far the best song on the album, and may have move up to my favourite song by the band. It almost seems like Carry On Pt. 2. Love it!

23 The Stage The Stage Cover Art

One of my all-time favorite Avenged Sevenfold songs. Synyster Gates gives some of the best riffs I've heard in all of their albums, topped only by Beast and the Harlot in my opinion, Brooks Wackerman preforms an outstanding drum beat, M. Shadows' vocals sound incredibly powerful, and the bridge of the song is simply amazing. Definitely deserves the number 3 spot if not number 1

Just wow! Both in terms of instrumentation and lyricism this song was very well thought out (not to forget the music video). This is clearly the ultimate best that a mainstream band can offer. Avenged Sevenfold hit the nail on the head with this record. I'm high in anticipation for their next release.

Best story, best dramatic tempo/melody transitions. This is A7x's November Rain but rather than telling the story of tragic love it expresses the ultimate tragedy of relationship between humanity and death.

Should be WAY higher. A modern day prog metal masterpiece that surpasses anything else they've ever done. Complex structure, technically impressive and still very memorable, The Stage has it all.

24 Strength of the World Strength of the World Cover Art

Incredibly tough to pick only one, but I'd have to go Strength of the World simply because it is a flippin' masterpiece and needs to be way higher than this.

Like WAY higher.

The whole song is so beautifully orchestrated, and when it kicks in it just becomes so emotive and powerful - the lyrics, the riffs and ohh the solo, it just wrenches the heartstrings. No joke, I am usually crying by the end of the song, and I reckon a song that manages to evoke that kinda emotion is one that deserves way better recognition.

Personally my favorite song by Avenged Sevenfold. Why it is not in the top ten is very hard to believe. The riffs are heavy, the lyrics and melodies are heavenly and very emotional. I think this sing should be number one on this list. End of story.

This is the most well written song I've ever heard. The way the guitar fits so well with the violin and how it transitions from soft musicals to the hard stuff we've grown to love from A7X is perfection. Lyrically this is a very interesting song with a great concept.

This song is almost perfect. The intro and the outro are the highlights, but the main part is amazing too. The only thing that could make it better is if the sympohonic band played through the whole song, or other parts. This is still the GREATEST A7X song.

25 Fiction Fiction Cover Art

Nightmare no.2?! It's incredibly commercialized, along with most the songs in the top ten... People need to get off there ass and listen to the rest of sevenfold's music.
I've been with a7x since they started out, and I can honestly say this song is beautifully composed, and freakishly good.
People need to learn that the best songs aren't always the single and video releases!

This isn't a song it's a masterpiece. Jimmy had that special gift of creating music like this he was and still is the best writer ever no one will ever be able to recreate his genius. Knowing his story and how he was taken from us just breaks me every time I hear this song.
We love you Jimmy R.I.P

This was the Rev's masterpiece that he had been working in since he and Syn were in Pinkly Smooth. This song is incredible. The Rev's vocals in this song came off a demo track! Also, this is such an emotional song! I cried when I listened to it. My favorite song by A7X!

By far their most meaningful song. The piano piece in this song is beautifully complex and speaks directly to the soul. This song along with I won't see you tonight have some kickass piano and vocals that echo through your entire body. These songs are experiences.R.I. P Rev

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