Dear God


There are many reasons I like this song the most. Unlike any other A7X songs, the melody is soft and the lyrics is touching and simple. One thing that definitely made up the songs is the guitar works, Synyster's solo ( IT DOESN'T SHOW UP IN THE MUSIC VIDEO) is completely outstanding for its length and the emotion inside it. I'm sure he had put all his passion and soul in the solo. This is one of the most epic song in rock n roll history.

Doesn't deserve top ten in any way. Lyrics are just generic country music, vocals are mediocre (hardly any differing pitch), drumming is utterly pathetic, and bass is completely overshadowed. The only good part about this song is the guitar, and even then it's quite mellow. Potently one of their worst songs, and in no way does it compare to songs such as "save me", which is somehow lower than this pathetic excuse is.

The guitar is awesome... This song is unique compared to other A7X songs especially the outro... The outro is the longest I've ever heard.. Love this song very much.. Please vote for this song.. There are other A7x songs that I love too.. Afterlife, buried alive, seize the day, so far away, a piece of heaven.. But dear god is the best

While songs higher on this list are definitely deserving, I chose Dear God due to the fact that the song is proof that the band is capable of many genres. This song is more of a soft rock song with accents of country music with the steel guitar playing in the background

Mine and my boyfriends favorite song, I'm simply in love with a7x and especially this song really will always stay with me foREVer amazing, someday I was thinking of getting some of the songs lyrics tattooed.

This song is amazing. Unlike a lot of the others by Avenged Sevenfold, it is a little slower paced which can be a nice change sometimes. It's also a good song you won't have to turn off if your mom was to walk in.

Definitely one of my favorite songs on the planet. I like some of Avenged Sevenfold's heavier stuff also, but I think this song just marks a new milestone in acoustic songs from grunge bands! Simply put, amazing!

Love love love this song! This should be number one with a doubt! It reminds me of my boyfriend. We don't get a lot of time together, and this song just really hits home. My second favorite is seize the day. I love a7x!

Definitely should be in the top five! Most who don't know of this awesome band and hear this song will most likely change their view on this genre. If not they don't know their music! This song is so cool!

It's the ultimate mixture of country and Avenged Sevenfold. The lyrics are beautiful. They make you want to be with the one you love most. Great vocals and overall performance. Love it.

This is mine and my girlfriend's song! We love it so much and it speaks to both of us. We were so lost, but we found each other and now it feels so hard to be away from each other.

The best song ever... This 1 is the 1st song I've heard of Avenged Sevenfold and liked it totally... Gotta hear this people... It 'll help you get over hard times as it did to me!...

Such a nice song, I think this is bad and then I try it, its very cool I play it every night and day, and in the school my friend think I'm crazy because I sing it all day

Honestly, two words for this one... BEST EVER! The song has a lot of heart and soul in the lyrics, and it's a nice little melody to hum or sing along to (guitar is WICKED! )

Why is this down here?! This song is great. Afterlife and Nightmare are great songs, but in my opinion there are better songs that should be on the top 10.

This is their number one song, the one that can go mainstream in my opinion, along with so far away, unholy confessions, seize the day, and afterlife

I love this song! Without I would have commit suicide many months ago, this song saved my life, I love Avenged Sevenfold forever for saving me

Great vocals by shadows! Deviation from their usual style, amazing lyrics, the high notes are just mesmerizing... one of their best songs

I think this should be at least in Top 5 because the guitar and everything in this song is fantastic. This is my favorite song of all time.

Dear God, it's simply THE BEST SONG EVER! I love all the emotion and heart in it, and the acoustic it breathtakingly beautiful. A7X forever!

This should be at least #4. Great, slow melody with very touching and emotional lyrics. Excellent song and I bet most of you guys agree.

This is the one I keep coming back to over the years... great lyrics, great mix of acoustic and electric. Definitely in the top 5 at least.

This song is great and it's the first that I heard from a7x, I like the tune how it goes and seems a streams flowing down the hard rocks.

Heard it on my friends phone and downloaded it immediately and listened 24 times in one day...its that good

The whole song is super. the solo inspire me much thats truE