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21 Kreis Raydra

This has high control but lower power. However, its emblems are amazing and make up for it fully. It can also combine.

Kreis Raydra has a fascinating emblem charge and is very strong. It also looks good. Even the user Bakuga is so cool. Why is it here?

Kreis raydra is the best control type and also best fireblast b daman. Why is it here?

Why is kries raydra here

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22 Gatling Deathshell

He is very weak and inaccurate but when it comes to rapid fire he can shoot a massive amount of marbles in a blink of an eye.

Gatling=Deathshell is a Rapid Fire-Type B-Daman. Gatling=Deathshell has a singular Emblem Part consisting of a hexagon surrounded by six other hexagons, giving the effect of the patterns on a tortoise's shell. It can be taken apart and mounted on either Arm Part. The Gatling Core features a two-handled crank known as the Gatling Unit, which can be turned backwards to fire a stream of B-Dama, and has a removable grip that can be put on either socket. It uses the same body shell as Sonic, and it is clear purple with black parts. Unlike the Sonic Core, it has no rollers on its Hold Parts, but its cylindrical tips do resemble rollers. The prototype of Gatling=Deathshell (see the Toyline section of the Gallery) had this Core Part in a metallic gray coloration, with the Trigger and Gatling Unit colored a pearlescent white instead of black.
Fragility Issue

23 Burst Bison

He needs to go to the teens because he is so strong the power shot is just like KABOOM Please vote for him

He has the same power as spike phoinex but low in control and rapid fire and has a grip for more power shots

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24 Lightning Diles

Its a really good rapid-fire type

25 Swallow

Miss rory has a b daman created for percision shots an a cool looking vizer so different from all none dragon type b damans

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26 Mach Sasword

Mach=Sasword is a Rapid Fire-Type B-Daman. The Head Part features the adjustable "Sasword Needle" to help with one-handed holding. Unlike with most B-Daman in the Emblem Charge System, Mach=Sasword has one Emblem instead of the usual two, and it can be mounted on either Arm Part similar to Gatling=Deathshell. Mach=Sasword's Arm Parts feature three, adjustable, removable pieces that can be used to convert either arm into a "Protect Arm", which would allow the user to hold the B-Daman with one hand on either side, depending on what arm the pieces are positioned on. The Mach Core is a redesign of the Roll Core from the original Lightning Scorpio. It features rollers on its ring-type trigger extension, and a small roller-based guide, for smoother, more controllable rapid-firing. The front tips of its Hold Parts are also designed like a scorpion's pincers.

27 Garuburn

It is from b-daman es, has an emblem charge and it is very powerful

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28 Ultimate Dragold/Perfect Dragold

He is Ultimate

It is very powerful as it conbines all the Dragons together you can make it stronger by using the twin core from drazeros to make it OP wins all the tourament I have it please vote I won every game I played.

However, it would be better if you brought lots of marbles so you don't run out thanks

29 Cobalt Blade
30 Cobalt Blaster

It is the ever strong and best b daman yahoo

Totally awesome with cartilage shot (2 marble shots) and regular shots. And those stealth and legend drive shot, awesome battle b-daman.

31 Assault Dragren

Assault=Dragren is a Control-Type B-Daman. The Emblem Shields are the first Emblem Parts not involving any action of pushing or pressing-down. Being silver, the Shields plug-into pegs found on the Arm Parts, a similar manner to Strike Dragren's wing stabilizers. Each Emblems resemble elongated shields with a protrusion jutting-off its surface. Through the use of the Emblem Shields, up to four modes can be created.

Barrel Mode: Form a two-sided Barrel in front of the Assault Core, straightening shots.
Stabilizer Mode: Attach to the rear pegs of the Dragren Legs 2 for strengthened backside stabilization for Tune-Up Gear support and such.
Sight Mode: Create an extra Sight between the Dragren Head 2's back horns for new opportunities in Accuracy.
Emblem Charge Mode: Connect to the Studs in order to form "wing stabilizers" like Strike Dragren's Sniper Mode and for Emblem Charge.

Vote!... He's a good power control type and he is one of the two dragon type b-damans who can change modes! If you don't cooing all the b-master b-daman, he is (to me) the strongest of the others. Even though his rapid fire isn't great, his power is just incredible and he has uis sight, barrel, stabilizer and emblem charge mode. It's OP. Don't forget his all fusion mode... Vote for him!

It cools very very cool. It has excellent accuracy. Its emblem shields are really cool.

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32 Cobalt Saber fire

It is the best powerful and precision type b daman

It has the best gimmicks,flaming stickers,powerful control it is the best b daman ever

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33 One Side Shark

He has a grip to do one sided fire and he has the strength to deafet sasword

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34 Rabbit
35 Bearga

Has a very powerful power shot and special move the Claw Slash

36 Emblem Charge Drazeros

My emblen charge draceros is really strong cause you get to do a drvi shot and when you charge up a emblen charge it shoots accurate and powerful even the drive shot no one can with stand me and drazeroses powers. Please vote thankyou

37 Twin Drazeros

Twice shot in row

38 Across Eagle

Across=Eagle is a hybrid Power/Control-Type B-Daman. This unique Leg Part allows the B-Daman to be swiveled in two directions, allowing the user to aim and fire angled shots.

39 Slot Beedle

Slot=Beedle is a Control Type B-Daman. The Slot Core is predominately black with orange Hold Parts and a Trigger. It is mainly used for Control Types to improve accuracy and overall Control. This Core Part also features an Under-Stroke Rail on the bottom that prevents the trigger from wobbling when pressed. Beedle's Emblem Pars are a pair of green hexagonal gems with its bumblebee motif printed on it. The design itself features a bee with a sinister expression, curling its "tail" which ends in its stinger or "needle". Also paired with a folded wing, these emblems are used to help control and accuracy of the B-Dama. a Head Scope can be used to aim at targets.

40 Spin Leohjya
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