Top 10 Baby Einstein Joke Videos that Should Should Be Made

The Top Ten

Baby Loud

Introduce your child to hot girls and waifus, particularly from The Loud House. - NostalgiaMonkey

What NOSTALGIAMONKEY - spaceboy2009

Baby B0ss

Filthy Frank and Pink Guy come to Baby Einstein! - NostalgiaMonkey

Neptune's Big Fiesta

Neptune is cute - Corey

Baby Mafoo: A Day in Da Hood Mah
Baby Communism
Baby Dolittle: Minecraft Animals
North Korea Nursery
Baby Santa's Pizza Box
Algebra Nursery
Baby Old Town Road

This would be so funny - spaceboy2009

The Contenders

Baby Griffin

Introduce your baby to Family Guy - SanicWantsHisSandwich

Baby Crappers
Baby Mario Head
Baby SMG4
Baby Mosquito Disease
Baby Git Up
Baby Sicko Mode
Baby Trump
Baby Dragon Adventures

introduce your kid to all the dragons in the popular roblox game.

your can also see mother dragons killing other players in PVP, and people sacrificing their dragons for the prehistoric world.

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