Top 10 Baby Einstein Joke Videos that Should Should Be Made


The Top Ten

1 Baby Loud

Introduce your child to hot girls and waifus, particularly from The Loud House. - NostalgiaMonkey

What NOSTALGIAMONKEY - spaceboy2009

2 Baby B0ss

Filthy Frank and Pink Guy come to Baby Einstein! - NostalgiaMonkey

3 Neptune's Big Fiesta
4 Baby Mafoo: A Day in Da Hood Mah
5 Baby Communism
6 Baby Dolittle: Minecraft Animals
7 North Korea Nursery
8 Baby Santa's Pizza Box
9 Algebra Nursery
10 Baby Old Town Road

This would be so funny - spaceboy2009

The Contenders

11 Baby Griffin

Introduce your baby to Family Guy - SanicWantsHisSandwich

12 Baby Crappers
13 Baby Mario Head
14 Baby SMG4
15 Baby Mosquito Disease
16 Baby Git Up
17 Baby Sicko Mode
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