Top 10 Most Badass Megazords in Power Rangers Franchise

The Top Ten
1 Animus Megazord
2 Ultra Gosei Great Megazord
3 Time Force Megazord
4 Legendary Megazord
5 Pirate Megazord

It is called the Legendary Megazord, you guys should just look it up and see it for yourself

6 Delta Megazord
7 Thundersaurus Megazord
8 Titan Megazord
9 Samurai Megazord
10 Storm Megazord
The Contenders
11 Galaxy Megazord
12 Thunder Megazord
13 Swat Megazord
14 Zeo Megazord
15 Dino Charge Megazord
16 Ninja Megazord
17 Mega Dragonzord
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