Top Ten Best Band Names with One Word Replaced with Death

They all sound like murder sprees or serial killer names.

The Top Ten

1 Death Day - Green Day

A day where everyone chosen has to kill several people *how sick* - Music_Lover123

2 Guns N' Death - Guns N' Roses V 3 Comments
3 Led Deathlin - Led Zeppelin

It sounds like "Lead death, Lynn." Sounds cool. - Music_Lover123

4 Megadeath - Megadeth

lol - Aita45

5 Black Death - Black Sabbath V 1 Comment
6 Death Theater - Dream Theater
7 Green Death - Green Day
8 Death Priest - Judas Priest

A priest that goes insane and becomes an serial killer. It goes insane. Or Judas Death which is not nessacarily as good. - Music_Lover123

9 Death Maiden - Iron Maiden
10 Death Park - Linkin Park

A park where people are murdered out of the blue, - Music_Lover123

The Newcomers

? Sonic Death - Sonic Youth

The Contenders

11 Deathwish - Nightwish V 1 Comment
12 Deathica - Metallica V 2 Comments
13 Pink Death - Pink Floyd
14 Death Factory - Fear Factory
15 Aerodeath - Aerosmith

A archer that goes in the forest and kills people out of no where. - Music_Lover123

16 Rage Against the Death - Rage Against the Machine

Death against the Machine sounds better - FettiMC

17 Death Jam - Pearl Jam V 1 Comment
18 DeathForce - DragonForce

This sounds awesome! Like a group of killers, maybe. - Lucretia

19 Deathana - Nirvana

A serial killer or murder spree. - Music_Lover123

20 Death Harmony - Fifth Harmony
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1. Death Day - Green Day
2. Megadeath - Megadeth
3. Pink Death - Pink Floyd
1. Guns N' Death - Guns N' Roses
2. Death Theater - Dream Theater
3. Led Deathlin - Led Zeppelin



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