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1 We Can't Stop Parody

Meow Meow said the cow

I like this a lot but I like the Katy Perry Dark Horse parody better

I like this video but the ending where the foam comes out of there mouth is disgusting

Joey looks like he is sorry about his life

2 I Knew You Were Trouble

I loved how Bart showed Taylor Swift like a kind of Overly Attached Girlfriend and the final twist is really funny

Ok, this is exactly how I picture Taylor's personal life. Excellent!

This song is actually kinda funny and so are the rest

The ending part with mickey is the funny one

3 Wrecking Ball

My favorite one to sing along with!

"Remember when I was a ten and did not look like a guy? "

How did he get Ron Jeremy? - 445956

This is kinda funny I just didn't like that he put the other inappropriate stuff I'm not even gonna say it. But I prefer the confident parody

4 Dark Horse

Awesome is this parody. Thank God Bart Baker choose to do this in his free-time and for his job. You are so awesome Bart.

I still crack up lolling when I see this

"Put my make-up back"

Should be Number 1 this one is the best - DCfnaf

5 Blurred Lines

This parody is great! It has so many great lines that made me laugh so hard! I still get a laugh from some of Bart's newer parodies, but none of them will top this one! Should defiantly be number one on the list! If you haven't seen this one yet, then I recommend you should! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the beach (I'm on Spring Break! ) Thanks for reading my comment!

My favorite! I'd rather listen to this one instead of the original! - TristGamer

This is my daughter. You got her preggers. TIME TO MEET MY FIST, JERK!

I love this song but it is kind of gross at the end so I agree... But its HILARIOUS!

6 Fancy

I love iggy azalea but this parody is awesome

Hey person who said it was so funny it is not the Confident one is

This one cracks me up! - D0gLover970

Ha ha ha ha ha! This was hilarious!

7 Anaconda

My anaconda ate Nick's buns and now this dumb song's done!

This is one of my favorite song parodies of his. The parody lyrics are so true, and overall is way better than the original. The Anaconda one was so funny. I really love his parodies. - cosmo

This song is awesome. It's simply stuck in my head.i can't even remember the original lyrics

This is the first parody I ever saw of his. Dang was this priceless. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 22

This parody shows hoy Taylor keep torturing her ex-boyfriends and the end is hilarious too

I thought her ex-boyfriends were one direction.

I can't wait until shake it off

Just hilarious, Best one along with Blank Space. - DaisyandRosalina

9 Thrift Shop

Didn't get to see it, but I'm sure I'd laugh! I mean it's Thrift Shop and Bart Baker!

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Ok one is kinda digusting

10 Problem

This is the most hilarious parody!

I love this one. I'd rather watch this one whole day then the original one. Love the way mariah comes in.

Ariana Grande song parodies are the definition of underrated/most top-notch Bart Baker parodies. I wish the universe's Arianators would decrease over 100%! Ariana Grande is rude to like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Best one I think

The Contenders

11 Blank Space

To the"that stupid dog" comment, please it's just a joke, I'm also fan of Taylor Swift but I still love his Taylor swift parody, if you hate it, why are you here?

Love the Exorcist twist...

The funniest so far - DaisyandRosalina

me too...

12 All About That Bass

Hilarious, his "muppet" like facial expressions make this video, and so do his funny movements when talking to the agents. I liked when he had the whip too, it was very out of nowhere, and the double chin and skinny limbs add to this absurdity. Bart's costume and acting make him look like a Puppet, I have never laughed at anyone so much before. The lyrics are great too! He's not so much dissing anybody or Megan either, his physical comedy is the comedic joke here. He certainly isn't afraid to look ridiculous, and takes no "low blows". I can't imagine anyone not finding this funny.

It is the most witty parody of Bart Baker so far.

Why isn't this top 1 though it was so funny esp. The ending

My favorite lyric was "When I see thin women I want to gouge out their eyes." - Omalk

13 Rude

This should be higher... It is perfect!

Bob Marley:Time to change this old man's tude(Holding a splift),With Bob Marleys dud!
Old Man:(Lazy Face Laughting on Drug)My dughters is all yours dude!
Band Member:Chek it out its Bob Marlys ghost!

14 Scream & Shout

Should be in the top ten - DCfnaf

Funniest parody to ever go on you tube. It never gets old - 12cc

15 Kiss You

I love this parody I used to be obsessed with it so I was mad to see this as number 9

Nothing beats this

Holy moly you have to put this as top 1

This is so good especially when Taylor was in it troubling harry

16 Love Me Harder

Should be higher.

I Love THis One

17 Sorry

I could punch a bum in the tummy
I could steal your food if its yummy
As long as I pretend to feel regret
I can go back to being a douchbag
I loved the kylo ren part at the end
Put my head back on u stupid schmuk!

It was the best parody. And the most funny as well

The end was... oh god - DaisyandRosalina

18 Pretty Girls


19 Shake It Off

I was the first one I watched, and by far the best. I bet Taylor is steaming mad at Bart. (Lol)

20 What Do You Mean

A very accurate portrayal of Bieber. Also, I love the maid. - RoseWeasley


€What’s happening”

“We’re kidnaping you”

21 This Is What You Came For
22 Hair - Little Mix
23 Adore You
24 Wiggle

The wiggle parody is by far the most funny, I mean dissing stoners, dissing Derülo! Epiiic! I love Snoop Dogg and Jason Derülo, but I also love a good laugh.

25 Animals

Underrated but very good

26 Humble. - Kendrick Lamar
27 The Monster Parody

By far his best. Oddly his only good parody of a good song. He usually only makes good parodies of bad songs (Anaconda, Wiggle, etc). - WonkeyDude98

28 Watch Me Whip/Nea Nea

I cannot whip. I cannot nae nae

29 Hello Kitty

So funny and hilarious!

I'm a psycho
Pale germaphobe
Do do do don't TOUCH ME!

My favorite aside from Wrecking ball - Neonco31

30 Call Me Maybe

Isn't this someone else? - Unnamed Google User Remade

This is weird

This parody is so old but still a good laugh

This is the parody why I love bart

31 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
32 Royals

I hate how this parody got kicked of YouTube - PandoraPanda

Bart Baker - Royals Ft. Lorde the zombie - DaisyandRosalina

33 Worth it

His best one of 2015, so this should be higher!

Ok,so great and true! Should be on the top three

34 Happy

This was the most ingenious parody ever!
It should really win something!
It made me so happy

One thing : Joan Rivers!

35 Me Too Parody
36 I Don't Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) - Zayn & Taylor Swift
37 Booty
38 Uptown Funk

The plot twist gets me every time...

Hilarious. Jackfilms is Mark Ronson!

39 Bitch I'm Madonna

I'm Rita Ora

Hell no! I'm Madonna you bitch! - DaisyandRosalina

40 It's Everyday Bro

Way better than that garbage Jake Paul.

41 Best Song Ever

Laugh out loud so funny. 1D destroys Earth.

I like the part where the guy pees on the girls desk and the other guy in the shopping cart playing gutar

42 Lips are Movin'

I like the lips are moving parody but its not my favorite parody

This is the reason why I hate meghan

43 Style

This Is So Funny Not My Fave But Good

44 Sweatshirt

Not only is it a good parody, but he completely burns sartorious in the process. Perfect!

That part where Jacob Sartorious (Bart Baker version) sings without autotune is COMEDY PLATINUM!

If it was part the original song everyone would give it a 0/10 automatically. Sorry, but it's true. - Bammer73

45 I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

This is the absolutely funniest and the most hilarious parody ever!

46 Slutty Friday

Better than that carppy rebecca balck

This one his weirdly hilarious. - DaisyandRosalina

47 Hot Problems
48 My Moment
49 Gentleman

I’m a super creepy Asian man!

The gentleman parody is the best parody ever it's my favorite parody of all time

This song is racist. It makes PSY look like a retarded pervert. For your information, Bart Asian people are not creepy

Bart is sure a gentleman

50 Where Are U Now
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