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1 We Can't Stop Parody We Can't Stop Parody

I like this a lot but I like the Katy Perry Dark Horse parody better

I like this video but the ending where the foam comes out of there mouth is disgusting

Joey looks like he is sorry about his life

He is a studied cur who makes studied parodies. I feel like killing him when he makes parodies on Taylor swift. He is a dumb pig.

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2 Blurred Lines

My favorite! I'd rather listen to this one instead of the original! - TristGamer

I love this song but it is kind of gross at the end so I agree... But its HILARIOUS!

Okay the first song at number one is the confident parody because the " ooh yea yea "

I love this parody so much! The first time I watched this, I started crying because I was laughing so hard.

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3 Fancy

Hey person who said it was so funny it is not the Confident one is

I love iggy azalea but this parody is awesome

Ha ha ha ha ha! This was hilarious!

This video was so funny I was dying - EE4ever

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4 Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball

"Remember when I was a ten and did not look like a guy? "

This is kinda funny I just didn't like that he put the other inappropriate stuff I'm not even gonna say it. But I prefer the confident parody

Hey, look!

Miley Cyrus & Bart Baker would be great as arch-rivals!

Bart baker is studied and crazy.

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5 Anaconda

This is one of my favorite song parodies of his. The parody lyrics are so true, and overall is way better than the original. The Anaconda one was so funny. I really love his parodies. - cosmo

This song is awesome. It's simply stuck in my head.i can't even remember the original lyrics

Oh my goodness when I first saw this I was laughing a lot because of the lyrics geez. - CartoonsGirl

I love the parody the lyrics are so true and I know it off by heart

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6 Dark Horse

Awesome is this parody. Thank God Bart Baker choose to do this in his free-time and for his job. You are so awesome Bart.

I still crack up lolling when I see this

Should be Number 1 this one is the best - DCfnaf

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7 I Knew You Were Trouble I Knew You Were Trouble

I loved how Bart showed Taylor Swift like a kind of Overly Attached Girlfriend and the final twist is really funny

Ok, this is exactly how I picture Taylor's personal life. Excellent!

I fell like chopping his head off when he makes parodies on Taylor swift. Hate you pig

She is not the devil I like her but not this mean video

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8 Problem

I love this one. I'd rather watch this one whole day then the original one. Love the way mariah comes in.

Ariana Grande song parodies are the definition of underrated/most top-notch Bart Baker parodies. I wish the universe's Arianators would decrease over 100%! Ariana Grande is rude to like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

This is so hilarious, I was rolling off my bed after listening to that.

Stop zoomin' in my mouth, I am getting really annoyed now, that's it I am pulling my piece out, ZOOM IN ONE MORE TIME I DARE YOU

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9 Thrift Shop

Didn't get to see it, but I'm sure I'd laugh! I mean it's Thrift Shop and Bart Baker!

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10 22 22

This parody shows hoy Taylor keep torturing her ex-boyfriends and the end is hilarious too

I thought her ex-boyfriends were one direction.

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? Closer Parody

It's just so hilarious.

It's so good ik

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11 All About That Bass

Hilarious, his "muppet" like facial expressions make this video, and so do his funny movements when talking to the agents. I liked when he had the whip too, it was very out of nowhere, and the double chin and skinny limbs add to this absurdity. Bart's costume and acting make him look like a Puppet, I have never laughed at anyone so much before. The lyrics are great too! He's not so much dissing anybody or Megan either, his physical comedy is the comedic joke here. He certainly isn't afraid to look ridiculous, and takes no "low blows". I can't imagine anyone not finding this funny.

It is the most witty parody of Bart Baker so far.

Why isn't this top 1 though it was so funny esp. The ending

This is hilarious, I don't get why it isn't number two.or three. - DaisyandRosalina

12 Rude Rude

This should be higher... It is perfect!

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13 Blank Space

Love the Exorcist twist...

The funniest so far - DaisyandRosalina

me too...

That stupid dog destroyed so many good songs. Blank space is my favourite. And all the Taylor haters are ********. Hate you all

14 Call Me Maybe Call Me Maybe

This parody is so old but still a good laugh

This is the parody why I love bart

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15 Kiss You

I love this parody I used to be obsessed with it so I was mad to see this as number 9

Holy moly you have to put this as top 1

This is so good especially when Taylor was in it troubling harry

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16 Scream & Shout

Funniest parody to ever go on you tube. It never gets old - 12cc

17 Sorry

It was the best parody. And the most funny as well

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18 Wiggle
19 What Do You Mean V 1 Comment
20 Animals V 1 Comment
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