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41 Best Song Ever

Laugh out loud so funny. 1D destroys Earth.

42 Baby

The original "Baby" beats the BartBaker parody which is ruined.

43 Where Are U Now
44 Pour it Up

Poking fun at 7 celebrities at once? Genius!

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45 Bad Blood

I am a female, but I still found the period joke funny. - Murvine_Taylor

Its ashame because he's talking about periods when he is a boy but it's my favorite to me

46 I'm Sexy and I'm Homeless
47 Wildest Dreams
48 Love Yourself V 2 Comments
49 Work
50 Gentleman

The gentleman parody is the best parody ever it's my favorite parody of all time

Bart is sure a gentleman

Funny as!

51 Started From the Bottom
52 Bound 2
53 Elastic Heart

Mommy please I don't wanna do this This guys gross!

Why is it this low? This one was hilarious!

54 Side to Side
55 Closer Parody

It's just so hilarious.

It's so good ik

56 What About Love

It cracks me up every time.
I loved the whole storyline and the twist in the end.

57 Super Bass
58 White Negro
59 Confident

This should be number one

This is pretty good

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60 Toxic

Bart baked showed his junk in this video it got removed and u can only find it on his website now

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