Best Bass Guitars Ever

There are many different bass guitars, and here we can vote for our favourites. (Mine is a tie between the 1974 fat-style Gibson Ripper and black-pickup style Gibson G3.) Fender Jazz and Precision will probably win, but who knows? I've added a few to get you started. By the way, if a bass has had dramatic design changes (like the Ripper's body changing, or the P bass going from single coil to split coil) it counts as a new bass. Vote away!

The Top Ten

1 Fat-Style Gibson Ripper Fat-Style Gibson Ripper

Krist Novoselic used a natural one on Nevermind. 'enough said. - adfairhurst

2 Fender Precision Bass (P Bass) Fender Precision Bass (P Bass)

The first good bass ever made. It hasn't changed since 1957 for a reason: it's perfect. - adfairhurst

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3 Gibson G3 Gibson G3

Innovative and cool. I prefer the black-pickup version, but the clear pickups are good too. Plus, this is the Green Day bass. - adfairhurst

No other bass like it

4 Rickenbacker 4001/3 Rickenbacker 4001/3

Classic design and sound. - adfairhurst

The BEST bass, hands down! I also love the Jazz Bass! - Medmac

5 Fender Jazz Bass (J Bass)

Bright and perfect for slap. - adfairhurst

"The Fender Jazz Bass has got to be one of the most perfect things ever designed by man."
- Guy Pratt

Jaco wouldn't be wrong...

A Guitar is a matter of personal choice, sounds and tones are also special to each piece of Music,
The Fender Jazz ( Pre 75) is capable of producing such a wide range and therefore my my favourite and the Best..
Ian Pittwood

6 Fender Tele Bass (T bass) Fender Tele Bass (T bass)

Thumpy precursor to the normal P bass. - adfairhurst

Thumpy single-coil predecessor to the P bass. - adfairhurst

7 Spector NS-2 Spector NS-2
8 Musicman Stingray

I've owned and played 'em all. The absolute best Rock bass is the Stingray. No bass on the planet has more teeth than this monster! I also love Jazz and P basses but if I only played one guitar for the rest of my life my Music Man would win hands down.

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9 Gibson RD Artist Gibson RD Artist

Slap on some roundwounds and you won't find a brighter bass. - adfairhurst

10 Gibson Thunderbird Gibson Thunderbird

The weapon of choice for John Entwistle - adfairhurst

The Contenders

11 Hofner Violin Bass

The bass behind the Beatles. - adfairhurst

12 Gibson Ripper
13 Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned-fret
14 Rickenbacker 4004L
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