Best Battlefield 3 Primary Weapons

What's BF3 without a stick in your hand to fight with? This list will help with the survivability on the field with primary weapons.

The Top Ten

1 M16A3

It's great al close and far encounter, also hs good balance between damage an recoil.

Best because its quite powerful and still such a low recoil. G3A3 is good too...

I guess this could be the best weapon... But I am only level 4, but I'd say one of the AK's.

What can I say about this gun, I was playing an Noshar Canal with Unlimited Ticket, first of all I unlocked this gun and in same Round I got 235 Kills because I had to unlock Cobra (RDS) this gun is just awesome.

2 AEK-971

It's high rate of fire is what keeps it from first place. Everything about this gun is excellent from it's range, to it's damage, to it's mag size. High rate of fire drains the weapons supply faster, so if you can fire control bursts, or if you're like me, use semi-auto fire at harder targets. - drakeh1

3 AUG-A3

10/10 Best gun ever ign

Amazing gun, high power low recoil

4 F2000

Getting killed by this weapon gets annoying after awhile doesn't it? Now this this a great rifle for fast firing and damage, truly proves itself genuine over and over and over again. For attachments be sure to add a good sight and use a stabilizer if you can. - drakeh1

1-) FAMAS 2-)M16A3 3-AEK 4-THIS 5-AN 94

5 M416

Works great of you are an offensive player, I personally use an M26 DART on it, good for quick kills.

This was the new best after the M16A3 nerd.

Over Powered Blasting Gun of death

Much talk says this gun is the new best weapon on the block and to be honest, it is CLOSE but no cigar. Though it shares the exact same stats as the M16A3, it actually has slightly less damage which can hurt it later on in larger engagments. But don't get me wrong, its an awesome Assualt Rifle. - drakeh1

6 ACB-90
7 G3A3

It's great for any range finding situation from short to long to medium. It's basically to me an automatic sniper rifle and it fits great with an acog on it as well. This weapon is the last gun you can unlock in CO-OP mode and it's worth all the points to use it. - drakeh1

8 UMP-45

This is the best SMG, without a doubt. Though the M5K and the PP-2000 were close behind, they still lacked in the fact that the firing rate for this weapon is best. Close quarters fighting is also a strengh for this weapon and it is an absolute beast at medium range. - drakeh1

Best SMG - use it in metro and get big killstreaks!

9 L96

A weapon makes it return from BF2 and I still love it. For a bolt-action rifle, it litterally has very little disadvantages and still kills professionally. Small side note to those out there, don't mistaken this for the LV sniper because it actually isn't. - drakeh1

10 AN-94

Low spread, low recoil (ps3)

The Contenders

11 M98B
12 M240B

From my experience with weapons on the battlefield, I must say that this stands out above all other LMG's of its class. It beats the M240 recoil wise and it has a great deal of damage to it as well. Still, recommended you still use a bipod on it to keep its stability and accuracy. Plus, add on your favorite sight. - drakeh1

13 M40A5

Best sniper

14 M1911 S-TAC

Amazing accuracy and handling close and midrange

15 M4A1

This is clearly the best gun in the game. How is it not higher?


16 L85A2

This is best obviously why cannot you see that?

17 ACW-R
18 AK5C

Low recoil go to go hack hack

19 Scar-H
20 USAS-12
21 MP7
22 AKS-74U
23 KH2002

Almost no recoil at all, with a heavy barrel will destroy enemy snipers easily, it has almost no bullet drop neither, fire rate is good, best weapon mid-long range in my opinion.

24 P90
25 PP-2000
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