Top Ten Beyblade Metal Fury Characters

This is the top ten list for Beyblade Metal Fury characters. Vote for your favorite one. I want everyone's opinion on this.
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1 King

Okay, I'm going to make one thing clear. The ONLY reason I voted for King (I hate him), besides the fact that my younger brother is the biggest King fan in the world, is to tell all of you that he should be last. Who has a tacky name like King anyway?!? He's really hyper and annoying, and he's a visually been told he's the best bladder in the world for a LONG TIME. Seriously, he's totally annoying. All he says is "I'm the King! " and "This is so much fun! I want to Beyblade forever! "
So, in my brother's defense, he does appeal to younger kids. Lots of the younger generation of kids are obsessed with the characters with bad attitudes and are really full of themselves. King is the definition of their dreams. No wonder they all start to obsess over him.
His Bey isn't even good! So WHAT if it's "Reverse-Rotation?! " It is terrible! Personally, I think the T.V. show is just a scam to get kids to have favorite characters and to buy those characters' Beys. The Beys don't even have the ...more

Are you mad man variares is the strongest bey in the world and yeah kings not good but the bey rocks and I like the change he get in his hairs when he uses lots of power like super saiyan 5. but king I don't like him much!

One really hyped up blader. He actually was the first one who made ryuga use his full power in the beyster island tournament. And defeated masamune. I wonder how strong he was when he didn't get vari Ares yet.hmm. But still awesome.

King is a best

2 Ryuga

Its obvious that these gingka fans don't know what they are talking about?
Gingka beat ryuga once -_- where as ryuga shows him who is boss and beats Gingka, chris, King, aguma, yuki, zeo, toby, benkei and johannes in a single strike.
No one has ever seen ryuga try his hardest in his battles until the day he died facing nemesis.
Where as when Gingka tries his hardest he just passes out.
Sure gingka done what ryuga couldn't do and beat nemesis...
But by using everyone's power in the world where ryuga took on the big guy by himself.
He shows darkness but has helped gingka on a number of occasions showing that he is not all that bad.
He shows he is a true blader by destroying all the fakes and honestly back in metal masters team Japan would not have won if it were not for ryuga.

Ryuga is the most powerful legendary Beyblader of all ( Ginka's and his friends but not nemesis). He has the star fragment inside his bey. But he still wants more power in order to become the strongest legendary Beyblader. His bey is called L- Drago destructor or L-drago. In the missing star of the four season. he went against nemesis alone. but he perished in battle against rago. Ginka and the others arrived when ryuga was hurt. Kenta felt sad and decided to battle rago. suddenly ryuga woke up as a ghost and told kenta that he took him sirious one day and gave his strenght to kenta to battle rago and flame sagittario transformed into flash sagattario. after that ryuga and his bey disappeared.

Ryuga is no doubt the strongest blader he has only lost twice once was when he battled gingka and lost. another where he fought nemesis and gave it his all where he died.
Though gingka beat ryuga once, ryuga later shows him who's boss when he beats both ginka, king and chris all at once with a single strike.
But by ryuga dieing just shows how much determination he had to not give up against all the odds.
But like gingka and kyoya when they give it there all they just pass out.
And sure gingka beat nemesis...
But but by using everyones bit of power in the world.

Ryuga is the best blader by far, ginka only won beacous he used his own AND everyone ellses power. And ryuga was posesed, he was not himself. And Come on! Rago is a GOD, and The others would not have lasted as long as him. If rago hadent suced all of L dragos power it might not have ended that way, and ryuga works VERY Hard to get the power he has, all his power dosen't come from the fact that he uses the "forbiden left rotation bay". He is badass

3 Dynamis

He is extremely cool, intelligent and proves to be very useful, and is also handsome and attractive. He stood on the right path even when he was struck by the curse. His voice and eyes are just mesmerising. He is very powerful too, (well he only lost to Kyoya because of the curse otherwise he might have won) I think he should be in one of the top characters.

An awesome strategist. He played around with ryuto and gingka and found out they were worthy of hearing the legend of nemesis. I have to admit, resisting from hades curse then resisting from the pain then fighting two bladers in a row, must of really hurt. But he survived it all. Just awesome.

Dynamis pieced everything together and he's actually really cool. The bladers would have accomplished literally nothing without his help. And he's really really badass under Hades Curse.

He is the best he made ginga use his special move and even after that Jupiter and dynamis had enough power to create hallucinations his bey was just wobbling.

He is very knowledgeable he was the one who broke 🌟 star fragment into pieces and because of him legendary bladers came into existence. I don't tell that he should be number 1 cause he was defeated by kyoya but still he deserves a better place in list I think at least three.

4 Rago

Powerful. It blew up a temple with its special move and left the others completely stunned. And revived a kingdom using is bey. Awesome.

Rago is a bad guy but he is extremely strong. The only thing I didn't like about him about his quote.

His shoes are so stupid!

5 Gingka

Noo! Ryuga was the strongest. How many times did Ginka defeat ryuga with his OWN POWER? Ya didn't think so. Ginka coudnt defeat him, he had to get all the power from everyone. So even everybodys power combined barely could defeat ryuga! That was still when ryuga was HEELD BACK by the darkpower before he overthrew it. Over all RYuga was strongest by far Gingka is just an outlet for everyones hopes, if pegases coud'nt "borow" power from eberbody Ryuga woudve won within the first five minutes. Thank you for your time and reading my opinion.

Although he often needs battles to find out his true strenght ( for example, the battle in china that unlocked his special move cosmic tornado) he's kinda the strongest because he needed all the power of the star fragment to defeat nemesis... Still, awesome

Although He lost Sometimes He is Excellent in battling With Bey Spirit. Very awesome indeed!

I like him because he has studied about his bey power, skills etc...

6 Tsubasa

Tsubasa is awesome he is my favorite. I was impressed the way he overcame his dark side in Metal Masters. Cool!.

Tsubasa number 3 please

7 Masamune Kadoya

He is cool. I was bummed out when I saw that Chris was the winter legendary blader
He deserves to it. He has a lot of skill.

His Ray striker is good. I appreciate the way he saved his friend Toby

The most selfish character in Beyblade.

No body can beet him

8 Kyoya

Ginkga and Ryuga had L-Drago and Pegasis which were already two of the strongest and ancient bey spirits so they played an important role in Ginkga and Ryuga being so powerful. But Kyoya is equally as powerful as the two of them but not because of some ancient bey spirit or dark power but through his sheer hard work and his own strength. That's why Kyoya deserves to be number 1.

Kyoya's Fang Leon has like 3 special moves:
1. Lion Gillforce Wall
2. King Lion Reverse Wind Strike
3. King Lion Crushing Fang
I think that out of all the episode of Beyblade metal Fury, Kyoya is the most mature character

Sic. He won against almost all the other legendary bladers. He's probably third strongest. Awesome.

He is the strongest because he only uses his power not others power and will power.

9 Madoka

She repairs beys. But I don't like her for that reason, I like her because she is so hot, sexy. I started liking he when I saw her in her swim suit.

Wherever your Beyblades are, Madoka is with them.

She is so hot and sexy

10 Damian
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11 Hikaru Hasama

She is hot and very sexy

She is damn sexy

12 Zeo Abyss

Zeo is totally awesome! He's totally overlooked in this series, but he's a major character in the previous one! I admire how he chose to leave all his power behind to start over using his true power! ZEO FOREVER!

13 Chris

The winner of the beyster island tournament. He worked for nemesis for a while until gingka made him good again. His special move really packs a powerful punch. Awesome.

Chris is the best. But his friends left him because he was too strong.

Are you joking? Chris should be number 1

Yah! He should be number 1

14 Kenta

Kenta is such an idiot. I mean he hangs out with Ryuga for a whole season, only to help his retarted friend Gingka. I mean when Ryuga died, Kenta cried because he couldn't persuade Ryuga to help Gingka, not because he felt sad for Ryuga.

Yes man he is very kind and determined. He is like gingka he never gives up and his bey rocks even flame sagittario and flash sagittario.

He attempted to defeat ryuga more than once which takes a lot o guts I gotta give him that... Then he got ryugas trust and the power of the star fragment... He's one lucky guy. Awesome

Kenta is awesome because he is so confident and has courage. He is like Ryuga's best friend and that is a grand feat

15 Yu Tendo

Yu is so cute and strong. I love him so much that I could... I don't know. But, he is my number 1 character from all cartoons I watch. He should be first.

Yu Tendo in my opinion is an amazingly strong blader. Having the ability to use super sonic waves? I feel that should be unbeatable.

16 Kai Hiwatari
17 Tithi

One of my favorite characters. Adorable and strong. Really knows when to have fun. And he's really playful. Like really. He can make friends with almost anyone except kyoya. Haha. Awesome.

He is so cute and his DEATH QUEZALCOATL is one of the epic Beyblades in the world. He should be in the first place in this section.

18 Nile

One of the reasons I choose Nile is his bey, Volcan Horoseus, is like no other bey and he has a 'no give in' attitude...

Nile is a master

19 Dashan Wang

His beyblade is awesome

20 Yuki
21 Bao
22 Aguma

Also once bad, he's part of the beylin fist. Well, until his battle with tithi and some words from dynamis made him good again. He's the second weakest out of all the legendary bladers though, no offense. Still, awesome.

He deafeted ginga and yuki. He could beat chris. My list is 10, yuki, 9 Chris, 8 Tithi, 7 dynamis, 6 king, 5 Aguma, 4 kyoya, 3 ryuga, 2 ginga, 1 rago.

23 Ryuto
24 Reiji

His personality adds a charming feeling to the show.

25 Tyson Granger
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