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Minecraft is not just about digging tunnels underground and building structures. The game has grown very fast and today you can play multiple different types of games in Minecraft as people within the Minecraft community has built several additions to the game which makes it possible for you to play Team Fortress, DayZ, Hunger Games, and many other games and movies which are inspired and created within Minecraft.
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1 Hunger Games

A still quite young game mode but yet extremely popular. The game mode is based on the books and movie The Hunger Games. Players goal are to survive as long as possible and the last man standing is ultimately the winner. Throughout the match players must kill one an other stay alive and can pick up whatever items other killed players had on them when they died.

This game type is like no other it's like all the game types mashed into one big epic game type I love it!

One of my personal favorite things to do on Minecraft servers.

2 MineZ

MineZ is based on the popular DayZ mod (which is a mod for ARMA). In MineZ you must avoid getting bit by zombies and also watch out for other players which might try to kill you. It is possible to form teams if you want to but you should always be cautious with other players as you never can know for sure what their intentions are.

3 Bedwars

In Bed Wars, you and up to 4 teammates spawn on islands. You must gather 4 resources: Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds to buy items and upgrades at the Shopkeepers on your island.
Each island has a Bed - if your Bed is destroyed you can no longer respawn. Place blocks around your bed to defend it from being destroyed. Destroy other teams' beds then kill them to win!

Bedwars is really fun. It is based on PvP skills. You have to break the other team's bed and kill all of the other team. They try to do the same to your team.

4 Trouble in Mineville

Trouble in Mineville is based on a popular Gary's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town. As players spawn some are spawned as traitors, one as detective and some as other types. The fun thing here is to figure who is what. If you are a traitor your goal is to kill people without being detected and reported to the detective.

It's is the best game ever you actually get to challenge your self.

5 Murder Mystery

Play with your friends and it's lots of fun, play solo with rands it can be annoying.

6 KitPvP
7 Skywars

A fun game where you're on an island in the sky, and you have to be the last man standing, kill everyone else against you. I really enjoy this game and would certainly suggest it.

8 Factions

Super fun, one of the top best games.

9 Team Fortress

As you may know Team Fortress is a multiplayer game where you can choose between multiple classes and use several different weapons. In the Minecraft version of Team Fortress you can find multiple similarities. For example, you can play on maps looking just the same as they do in the real game - at least very similar maps.

10 Game of Thrones

This map has probably created most headlines by any of these. The reason to why it's put this far down the list is because it is only a map and not much gameplay actually that relates to the Game of Thrones. The similarities between the Minecraft map and the things we see in the T.V. series are very much alike.

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11 Skyblock
12 UHC

Kinda over, but if you play with people you know, it's still fun.

UHC is for more of the Tryhard PvPers, but it is a very fun gamemode and I'd suggest it to anyone who wants a bit of a challenge.


SWAT in Minecraft can be lots of fun. In each game there are usually a maximum of 12 players and 6 of these are part of the SWAT team. Their objective are given to them at spawn. The criminals are 4-5 of the other team and they also get a mission at spawn. The rest of players serves as hostages and similar. It's a lot of fun especially if it's played right and everybody follow the leader's directions.

14 Wasted

Wasted is an ARMA II mod. Here you fight for weapons and other similar things which happen in multiplayer games. It's quite a lot of fun and requires very little to play as it's a server-side mod in Minecraft which means you don't have to download anything to start play.

15 Egg Wars
16 Freebuild Creative

Vanilla, but it's always fun if you're just bored and trying to have a good time.

17 Money Wars
18 Super Mario 64

This mod is far from finished but a quite fun idea. It's mainly thought as something you play as singleplayer. The idea is to recreate all maps found in Super Mario 64. Some of the maps have been finished now the next set goal is to make sure the objectives are the same. So far only a few have been given access to the mod but it really appears as a lot of fun.

19 Spleef
20 Minefield

Minefield is a less known mod for Minecraft. Here you can choose between two different teams before you spawn. Each team's mission is to take over bases by standing close to a flag (very similar to the game). The more bases one team controlls the more points are given to that team. The creators have added more weapons to the game also more modern like machine rifles and such.

21 Left 4 Dead

The game is quite similar to MineZ in the sense that there are zombies in the game which you can play. But the thing that makes it different here is that the maps are more one roaded which means they are less open and you can only choose between a few different parts to take. The objective is obviously to survive and kill zombies.

22 Build Battle

Easy wins most of the time, lots of gameplay options. It's a good confidence booster.

Show your building skill here!

23 TNT Run
24 One Block

Lots of tutorials and content based on this to watch while you play. It's a lot of fun but can get boring sometimes.

25 Towny
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