Top 10 Best Minecraft PVP Players

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1 Huahwi

Huahwi is insane. He put up a fight against Cxlvxn. Although I think he deserves to be fifth or above because he lost against XNestorio and SuchSpeed. He has lost against many people on this board who are ranked behind him. Huahwi is only good when he has left and come back because he continued using the same PvP method and clicking technique.

While Huahwi might have good aim, he is only good against "normal players" who are not professional YouTubers playing as much as he does. However, keep in mind, I do still agree that Huahwi is good, just at certain things.

2 Technoblade

Technoblade is smart when it comes to PvP. He has strategies that make him exceptionally good at the game. He is a very quick thinker and even beat Dream at his own game. Technoblade has won several Minecraft Mondays and has incredible game sense.

Of course, PvP doesn't factor into every game, and this is often the downfall of many great players who focus solely on combat. Technoblade is an exception. He knows how to read a game and play it thoroughly. Watching his videos, it's easy to think that he is up against players who joined the game just yesterday. However, that's only because his funny, calm personality leads us to think he's not really trying.

3 xNestorio

In response to "He could cream everyone on the list above," I would simply like to point out Huahwi. He wasn't able to beat him. In fact, Huahwi beat xNestorio before in a situation that was extremely favorable for xNestorio - high ground, over 9000 golden heads (well, like 15 or more), better gear, and so on. Yes, he's really good, but he couldn't "cream" everyone on the list.

Actually, less skilled YouTubers like Preston and Mitch, and whoever else from the pack made it here, would fall easy prey to xNestorio, Huahwi, and other lesser-known PvPers.

Wow, ranking 9th is a bit of an understatement. People who are voting are not considering Twitch streamers. Don't you think there should be Danteh, Tylarzz, Suchspeed, Mentally, and a ton of other people who could destroy literally everyone on this list, except for xNestorio? But that's just my thoughts. You don't have to agree.

4 Dream

I will admit that Dream was never going to make it into first place, but I'm not going to say he is bad at PvP. In the $100,000 duel with Technoblade, when he was down 3:1, he didn't give up. Instead, he evened the score to 3 all in the next two rounds.

Despite not winning the whole thing, he came only one point away from a tie, and his confidence throughout was amazing. So anyone saying Dream is bad at PvP can be quiet.

Honestly, Dream isn't the best PvPer. Instead, he focuses on a wide variety of strategies and tactics. His most powerful tool is his ability to observe any situation and get away unscathed, whereas other players would give up. For this list, Dream would be about fifth for me because PvP isn't his main strategy.

5 Vikkstar123

Best in the Pack, Vikkstar123 is better than anyone else in the Pack at PvP. He beat SSundee in Factions just a year and a half ago. He has also participated in several PvP events, such as Hunger Games, Battle Dome, and Capture the Wool. He's played Factions with Lachlan, who is worse at PvP than Mitch.

Vikkstar123 should definitely be the #2 best PvPer. Let's face it, no one will ever beat Huahwi. However, Vikkstar123 can probably beat anyone else. He's better than Mitch for sure.

Why is everyone hating on Vikk? Yes, there are better PvPers than Vikk, but he's not THAT bad at PvP. He is definitely the best in The Pack, and he's much better than Mitch for sure.

For those who think only Cube members should be on this list, think again. If you've watched the latest UHCs from The Pack or The Cube, you'd know they have started collaborating on their UHCs. Vikk has performed very well in most of these group-versus-group UHCs.

He hasn't defeated Huahwi or anything remarkable like that, but he has eliminated some Cube members in these UHCs. So, don't underestimate Vikk. He definitely has skill.

Before disliking this post, please keep in mind that if you're not giving any reason for doing so, and why you think The Cube should be ranked higher than Vikk, then say it in the comments. I'd love to hear a mature response to this comment. After all, Vikk has defeated some Cube members in the latest Pack vs Cube UHCs.

6 StimpyPvP

In my opinion, Stimpy should be number one, as he consistently ranks #1 on Maps 16, 13, and the Global ladders on Kohi, which are the most played. He also maintains an astonishing K/D ratio in ranked matches. For example, he has won 300 ranked matches and lost only 40, sometimes even losing just 1-10 throughout the entire season.

He's also arguably one of the best at soup. He started with soup and rose to the top in pot PvP.

Stimpy is a god. He has accomplished so much in so many games. He is also a good player. Furthermore, I don't understand why he ranks so high on the leaderboard. He is pure genius. It will take more than CaptainSparklez to beat him.

Seriously, how is CaptainSparklez considered superior to Lantenci and Stimpy by anyone?

7 Danteh

Danteh is easily a top three PvPer of all time, if not the best. He was the first to reach 2700 ELO on Badlion Build UHC and the only one to reach 2800 ELO back in 2016 when he was 17. When later asked, Tylarzz, the second person to reach 2700, said he thought Danteh was probably better than him in their primes. Danteh was also highly competitive in pot PvP and was rank one overall, including rank one in archery, on Kohi before it merged with Badlion. But he didn't stop at Minecraft.

Today, he's a member of the Houston Outlaws, a professional Overwatch League team. Many consider his Sombra to be the best there is. He is "the best Western Tracer player," according to former player and now analyst Custa, and currently one of the best players of the new hero, Echo. Minecraft PvP was only his introduction, yet he remains one of the greatest of all time.

8 Woofless

Preston is slightly better than Rob at PvP. Then Vikk beats Preston, and quite a few people beat Vikk. So I think Rob should be moved down a bit. Mitch also needs to be moved down. Even Rob can beat Mitch.

I've seen him, in Money Wars, no-scope a person on a bridge far away and knock them off. It was pretty epic!

Technoblade is really good, and Woofless almost beat him. It was almost, but it was still a good fight.

9 TBNRFrags (Preston)

Have you seen TBNRFrags' performances in SkyWars and Micro Battles? He manages to beat numerous people without even getting hit once. His combos and strafes are simply amazing. Often accused of hacking due to his skills, he has mastered the water bucketing strategy, placing water on the block he lands on so he can chase people without taking fall damage.

His parkour abilities also allow him to accomplish feats that seem impossible. He is mainly proficient with a bow, sword, water bucket, and lava bucket, but can also effectively use fishing rods and other materials when needed.

10 Cayden

Cayden is way better than the overrated YouTubers above him. He could easily defeat BajanCanadian, AntVenom, and CaptainSparklez any day of the week. The only reason people think they are good is that they have millions of subscribers. I swear, if you watch Cayden in PvP, you will realize how terrible those YouTubers are.

For people who haven't seen Cayden before, go watch his videos on YouTube. Even the people he fights are better than Vikkstar, BajanCanadian, CaptainSparklez, and AntVenom, and he still destroys them. He deserves to be number 1, without a doubt.

The Contenders
11 BajanCanadian

Mitch once scored 18 out of 24 kills in a single game of Hunger Games. Can anyone else accomplish that? He easily defeated CaptainSparklez. He has played over 300 Hunger Games and gets frustrated every time he dies, which is rare. His ultimate goal is to craft BETTY.

Mitch has excellent techniques and manages to obtain Diamond Swords very easily. Even if AntVenom has won three games in a row, Mitch has likely won at least a hundred out of 350 Hunger Games. He is a beast.

When he gets killed, he always manages to eliminate his target and re-enter the game to win. Either he and Jerome, or just he alone, usually make it to the Deathmatch.

Mitch gained fame through his Hunger Games series alone, just one series, yet he has many more. That's how incredibly skilled he is.

12 ApacheBlitz

He has been a great player since the early PvP stages of Minecraft. He's beaten all the genuinely good players known in the actual PvP community, not just the famous YouTube circle.

This website is horrible. Apache is way better than BajanCanadian. He should be number one, and Cayden should be number two. There are so many people here who shouldn't even be on the list.

One of the genuine figures in the PvP community, ApacheBlitz was a great player who was very well-known among the PvP enthusiasts. Unfortunately, he quit about three weeks ago.

13 PeteZahHutt

He doesn't PvP often, especially against The Pack members with whom he usually records, but when he does participate in Battle Dome, etc., he usually ends up on top unless he's helping someone or they're way more skilled. His anxiety makes him really in tune with his fights, unlike other Minecrafters.

I don't understand why Pete is so low on this list. Unlike most of the other people on this list, PeteZahHutt uses strategy in his PvP instead of running blindly into fights like PrestonPlayz. #PeteForThePack

14 CaptainSparklez

He is a skilled PvPer and can kill almost anyone when he has the same or better gear. Occasionally, he will win even with less armor than the opponent. The only reasons people can kill him are if they have much better gear or if someone sneaks up on him.

He has gotten much better at PvP now. I believe that more than 60% of all Minecraft players cannot beat him in a 1v1.

Jordan is overall the best PvPer. He won a Hunger Games match without getting a weapon the entire game! Additionally, he can take out a five-person team armed with iron swords, using only a stone sword. He is too good.

15 Tylarzz

This guy is way better than everyone who is above him or even near him on the list. He is on par with Danteh in PvP. The man left to become a Fortnite pro for over a year, came back in 2019, and still destroys everyone he fights. He should be either number 2 or number 3, behind Jdegoederen and Danteh.

Ranked in the top 2 with Danteh, he is absolutely exceptional at Build UHC and other PvP game modes. Don't you dare bow spam him, or he will go all in on you.

Tylarzz is a god. He might have moved to Fortnite, but he still has a lot of PvP skill. He is worthy of being higher on the list.

16 AciDic BliTzz

I believe he should rank higher than CaptainSparklez, AntVenom, and CreeperFarts - maybe even above Nestorio. This guy can combo, use the rod, defeat players in full diamond armor, and even beat teams. He's highly skilled at using both lava and flint. He's decent with a bow and can perform an MLG water bucket.

He excels in UHC, SkyWars, and SG. I could go on all day listing his capabilities.

People don't understand what real skill is. They vote for players simply because they're popular. AciDic BliTzz, on the other hand, has consistently performed well. His strafes are some of the best, and his rod combos are extraordinary. His bow skills are excellent, and in my opinion, he should be in the top 4.

17 HattoWolf

What is he doing in 15th place? Honestly, unlike the subpar YouTubers above him, either HattoGod or HattoWolf is actually good. Seriously, BajanCanadian? He could get easily defeated by an average player from Badlion.

He is modest and good. He probably ranks around 9 or 10, but was likely in the top 5 when he was really playing a lot.

The original god of pot PvP, and one of the most modest ones ever, too.

18 Grapeapplesauce

I like how people say that this is a popularity contest rather than a measure of skill. If it were a popularity contest, wouldn't TBNRFrags or Dantdm be first or second? Exactly. In any case, I think Grapeapplesauce should be number one or at least tied with Huahwi.

Guess who wins the most in YouTuber SkyWars? Grapeapplesauce. Just because I'm a fan doesn't mean I'm biased. I'm comparing him with Huahwi based on skill. Grapeapplesauce excels in PvP overall, be it with the rod, sword, or bow.

He may not be the best in Pot PvP, but he's still quite good. If I were to make a list of the best Minecraft PvP players, Grapeapplesauce would be at the top, with Huahwi close behind.

19 minemanner
20 Czeoch
21 Sapnap

Why is Sapnap so low? He should be number 3, in my opinion. His PvP skills are excellent. He has won the MCC championship seven times, which is ridiculous. The list should be Technoblade, then Dream, then Sapnap. Watch how he destroys Dream in his Minecraft manhunts.

Sapnap watches his health wisely. He shows great performance in Dream's manhunt. Alongside Dream, he learns from him and deserves to be respected. GeorgeNotFound deserves the same respect.

Sapnap should be in the top 10, somewhere beside Dream. He fights with great agility.

22 CraftBattleDuty

If he didn't have so much ping, he would destroy BajanCanadian.

23 SweatGod
24 BANJerboa
25 jdegoederen

My number 1 top PvPer is jdegoederen. In United UHC Season 5, Tylarzz asked for a 1v1 with jde. He destroyed him, even though jde had no gaps and Tylarzz had 6.

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