Best Minecraft PVP Players

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1 Huahwi

Not only is he good with other weapons trains and not to mention actually comes up with a strat.

He is good at posting videos on schedule being in college in all.

Every one is saying oh this guy killed him before.

Well just because he killed 1 guy once doesn't mean he is better maybe he fought some one before (who had watched his tips and tricks video and knew what he would do) and got down to half a heart. Then all you did was carry that guys legacy.

He's really good at sword pvp, one of the best, but what makes him the best is his amazing skill in other parts like the bow, the rod, the FnS, gapple use, and his general intelligence. Speaking about intelligence, he ACTUALLY comes up with a plan, and not a cheap one, one that will actually increase his chance of winning by at least 80%. He is also calm throughout any Minecraft game, even when he is losing a pvp game. Well, maybe not then, but he is calm throughout 99% of all his games. He has helped me a lot in my MC pvp. I mostly got this help from his tips and tricks video and his example plans from his UHC's. I believe he is the best not only because of his sword skill, but also because of his intelligence. Stay calm... Peace

Huahwi is no doubt the best. When I didn't know about him I actually thought fishing rods were a stupid pvp tool. He proved how just a normal Minecraft tool can be a deadly weapon. He has multiple ways of how to beat anyone or even a team and he is pretty dedicated to entertain you guys with videos he spends his time making. I highly suggest for new beginners to listen to a couple of his videos and just observe a professional's way of pvp. A perfect 10/10 in pvp

Huahwi type of PVP only works good for PC version if you have a good working computer mouse, fast fingers, and a good working keyboard. Huahwi type of PVP is easy if you have all of these three things. The only thing you have to do is sprint, zig-zag around and hit the player as fast as you can and you have got it. That is why Huahwi was even a PVP master at the beginning of his legacy.

2 Vikkstar123HD

Ok people I am not going to lie here but he is bad sorry to offend the fanboys but he is bad don't say he is even decent until you have watched huahwi or stimpay and don't say he is the best out of the pack because everyone in the pack is bad. I do have to say I bring facts and have done research huahwi has lost to woofless because woofless had no hit delay and huahwi didn't know and huahwi still got a three hit combo. Do not base it off his hunger games either because I have played his server with 130 ping and still win a lot and his server is filled with his fanboys which are not that good. He plays hunger games and lets go over the few things to be good at mcsg first the ROD which he does not use. Second thing is he does not hot key. I could go on but I don't have much time so bye

Why is everyone hating on Vikk? Yes there are better PvPers than Vikk, but Vikk is not THAT bad at PvP. He's definitely the best in The Pack, way better than Mitch for sure.
And for those of you who think that only Cube members should be on this list, think again.
If you've seen the latest UHCs from The Pack or The Cube, you'd know that they started doing their UHCs together. And Vikk did very well in most of these group vs group UHCs.

He hasn't killed Huahwi or anything crazy like that, but he has taken out some Cube members in these UHC. So I wouldn't underestimate Vikk. He's definitely got skill.

And before disliking this post, please keep in mind that if you aren't giving any reason to why you're doing this, and why The Cube will be higher than Vikk, then say it in the comments! I'd love to hear a mature response to this comment. Because Vikk has defeated some Cube members in the latest Pack VS Cube UHCs.

Best in The Pack. He's better than anyone else in The Pack at PvP, and he beat SSundee at factions only a year and a half ago. He also has done several PvP events like Hunger Games, Battle Dome, Capture The Wool, Factions with Lachlan (who is worse than PvP than Mitch lol), etc.

He should definitely be #2 best PvPer, because let's face it, no one will ever beat Huahwi. But Vikkstar123 can probably beat anyone else. Better than Mitch for SURE.

@GetLockedPvP So true. Some don't even know to strafe. Another point, If you give xNestorio a bow shot killing someone from 100 blocks he's probably gonna say "shot em". If bajan or a person in the pack gets a shot from literally FIVE BLOCKS then they usually shout into their mic "BOOOM! " and it doesn't even need to be a kill shot.

3 xNestorio

In response to, "He could cream every one the guys above! " I would simply like to point out Huahwi, he wasn't able to beat him, Huahwi beat him before in a situation that was extremely in favor of xNestorio, high ground, over 9000 golden heads, well, like 15 or more, better gear... Yeah, he's really good, just he couldn't "cream" everyone on the list. Actually, the useless YT'ers above, Preston, Mitch, whoever else from the pack made it here, would fall easy prey to xNestorio, Huahwi, and other, less known pvpers.

He is the best youtuber ever and he always does crazy stuff like the netherite masion and all the other stuff he has done. Make sure to subscribe to xNestorio.

XNestorio is an experienced player that has good aim, and can strafe pretty decently. Has tons of patient and doesn't rage so his aim and concentration is on, as the kids these days say, fleek. And to be honest he could probably beat everyone on this list if he hasn't already. He's killed Huahwi in UHC and almost half of the players in this list at least once.

Wow 9th that's a bit of an understatement people who are voting are not going to twitch streamers because don't you think that oh I don't know... There should be Danteh, Tylarzz, Suchspeed, Mentally and a ton of other people who could destroyed literally everyone on this list except for xnestorio. But that's just my thoughts you don't have to agree.

4 TBNRFrags (Preston)

The haters probably won't agree with this, but Preston is great at PvP. He can easily kill a whole team of good players in bedwars without dying ONCE. It is amazing how many things he manages to do with just a wooden sword, leather armor and a fishing rod. His parkour skills allow him to do awesome things. Preston can aim, click, chase AND talk and the same time, and that's what really matters.

Have you seen his skywars and micro battles? He manages to beat numerous people without even getting hit once. His combos and strafes are amazing. He is often called a hacker for his skills. He has mastered his water bucketing strategy of placing water on the block he lands and can chase after people without taking fall damage. His parkour skills allow him to do ridiculous things that seem impossible as well. He is amazing mainly with a bow, sword, water bucket and lava bucket but can also use fishing rods and other materials when needed.

He destroys everyone in PvP! He should be at least top 5. He wrecks everyone in The Pack and in hunger games, 90% of the time he wins. Another example is micro battles, he is always getting hit by everyone because he's famous, and yet he can kill a whole team of 4 or 5 people all by himself. Not to mention that if he is losing in a battle, he is quick and has awesome parlour skills to escape and come back again behind the opponents. He has strategy and is funny too (I know being funny has nothing to do with PvP but still, you can't deny this)

Huahwi mights be a great fighter in the long run, but all Preston has to do is pick up a sword or even shovel and he is a match to anyone. Just because he isn't competitive (most of the time) doesn't mean he matches up with others. I think he might be just a bit more skilled than Huahwi, to some extent. He barely uses the fishing rod to get those nasty combos, and Huahwi parkour is almost nonexistent. Being able to chase, click, talk and aim, while STILL keeping an audience is far better.

5 Woofless

Okay, this guy plays on a power based server, relies on overpowered gear to win fights and even admitted that Preston is better at pvp then him? Sure he has some feats, he killed huahwi in a uhc. Oh wait it was glitched and ticks came faster then normally. Now if huahwi had known this he would have just stood in a plains biome and turn this into his bad lion combo wombo video. another feat was bowspamming 3 people in the water Isn't that insane? This guy needs to switch with Preston.

Preston's slightly better than Rob at PvP. And then Vikk beats Preston, and then there are quite a few people who beat Vikk. So I think Rob should be booted down a bit.

Mitch needs to be booted down too. Even Rob can beat Mitch.

He can't pvp deal with it. He only likes building and doesn't know pvp strats and isn't even that good with a bow. Besides, what is a bow going to do? If you bowspam, your basically a noob so woofless isn't good, just a noob.

Woofless channel has evolved into mainly factions (pvp based game) and kit pvp (must I explain this one)
In H4M he has beaten multiple people or came extremely close (but would have won if he could craft better gear) that are placed above him on this list and was considered a pvp god by some.Most of the time that he loses is because he is either being ganged up on or has bad gear compared to his opponent.

6 StimpyPvP

In my opinion Stimpay should be number one as he continuously is #1 on Map 16,13 and Global ladders, on Kohi which are the most played. He also continuously keeps a astonishing k/d on ranked matches. As an example. 300 Ranked Matches won, and 40 Ranked Matches Lost, sometimes even around 1-10 lost the whole season. He's also arguably one of the best at soup, and he derived from soup and rose to the top at potpvp.

Stimpy is a god at everything such as soup and pot. If you are catched up with all his streams u can see streams were he does mcsg but haven't mastered it yet, if you do see him with a bow he is just god at it. I will also say that he he better than Huahwi as he just gets his spot in number 1 because of his fans. And also everyone says he jitterclicks but he actually just spam clicks. In his streams I have seen him use the fishing rod and I must say if he records these he will get way more attention.

Still absolutely insane... Though, Jewdah, Gamefreak, odxray, Idiol and others are probably better at this point. Marcel's been playing a lot of BW and cod recently.

Think about it Stimpy has never ever had any person beat him more than twice in a 1v1.
Huahwi has never even gotten one kill on Stimpy in a stream where Huahwi fought him 10 times. I have been watching Stimpy or StimpyPvP for 2 years and I noticed he is highly skilled in PotPvP, Soup and MCSG he is known as best and a legend which no one tops him in Soup and Potpvp

7 BajanCanadian

Let me get this through to all of you fanboys who say Mitch killed 18/24 in a hunger games and did a 4v1 in battle dome, hunger games is filled with nine year olds who just copy what other people say and that 4v1 thing is actually not that big of a deal, Leap_ takes 15v1s on no sweat on an actual pvp sever. Just because he is famous does not mean he is good. There are so many people who are better than Mitch at pvp on this list like Cayden, apacheblitz, Leap_ etc. every one of them could 2v1 Mitch and jerome and win with a lot of health. I am just a guy trying to tell people the truth, if you say I am a noob or trying to seek attention or a hater ( I actually like Mitch I think he is quite funny) I don't care you can spread your false message all you want but at least some people will learn.

Mitch one time got 18/24 kills in one Hunger Games. Can anyone else accomplish that? He defeated CaptainSparklez easily. He has played over 300 Hunger Games, He get's pissed off every time he dies, which rarely happens. But his goal is to be able to craft BETTY. He has really good techniques and he gets Diamond Swords VERY EASILY. Even if AntVenom can win 3 in a row, I bet Mitch has won at least a hundred out of 350 Hunger Games. He is a BEAST! When he gets killed, he always manages to kill his target and gets back in the game, and... WIN. He and Jerome, or at least him alone, usually makes it to the Deathmatch. He became famous just for doing his Hunger Games series, just ONE series, and he has a load more. That is how sick ass he is.

A message to all the haters, he's the best pvper I've seen so far, Mitch does not suck, people just got better. And all Mitch can do is just get better and wreck people as he usually does. When Mitch dies in hunger games, most of his deaths were to people with better gear and people with teams, that's about it. Also, when you say he would get wrecked in MCSG, that's false. The only advantage people have in MCSG is that a majority of players can use a bow a lot better and use a fishing rod that's basically it. If Mitch were to play people that are apparently "better" than him, that will only make him better if you really think about it. Mitch is the king of pvp and all you haters can give the biggest excuses on how he sucks, but we non haters, or how you refer to us as, "fanboys/girls" don't care what you say, neither does Mitch. So your arguments are all invalid, Mitch is the King of pvp, and I can go on for hours about how good he is. No one can take his thrown of the pvp master. No ...more

I personally don't think Mitch is that good. Ever thought about the fact he only plays on his own server? He gives unfair advantages to either himself or Jerome. I have seen a great amount of people beating him and I know a decent amount of pvpers better then him. He is overrated. He teams a bit too much with other people relying on others to support him in pvp. I think he's a pretty cool guy and all but I know he sometimes cheats just for fun but how about the other players with a disadvantage? Sorry to all you fans but I would give him a 6/10 in a real pvp match.

8 PeteZahHutt

He doesn't PvP often, especially against the Pack members who he usually records with, but when he does battle dome etc. with them, he usually ends up on top unless he's helping someone or they're way more stacked, in skills he's above. His anxiety makes him really in-tune to his fights, unlike other Minecrafters.

Pete plays with the pack and pvps with them, although he's really underestimated.
He might even stand a chance against Huahwi, but pretty low. He's beaten Woofless which is very overestimated, and he's good with the bow and sword.
He doesn't use fns or lava bucket much, but he's better without that anyways.

I don't understand why pete is so low on this list. Unlike most of the other people in this list, petezahhutt uses strategy In his pvp instead of running blindly into fights like prestonplayz. #PeteForThePack

Pete is fairly good with a Bow and Sword, but he's not into Flint & Steel and Lava Bucket. If he used those two much more often he would be like #5 or something.

9 ApacheBlitz

He has been a great player since the early PvP stages of Minecraft, beating all the actually good players that are known on the ACTUAL PvP community, not the famous YouTube circle jerk.

This website is so horrible apache is way better than bajancanadian, he should be number one and cayden should be number two, there are so many people here who should not be on the list.

One of the actual PvP community, was a great player that was very well-known amongst the PvP community. He quit like 3 weeks ago, unfortunately.

ApacheBlitz who is this kid oh wait he's the kid that pvps with potions only and a sword he has never touched a bow no wonder he is all the way down here he's number 8 at lest every In the top four can use a bow and a sword like, I said the sword takes no skill and you can't go for sword to sword combat if your enemy's are using the bow you will just be pushed back so no bow skills shows no real skills he should be in last place with everyone who doesn't use a bow.

10 Technoblade

Techno having a lot of bedwars wins and skywars win should definitely be 1st or 2nd place. His skills are unbelievable. he has won beaten a bedwars world record and he even got into the elite team on blitz. Beating Dream in a 1v1 who was regarded as the best Minecraft player and even win skywars and bedwars games without much effort. He should definitely be in the top 3

Technoblade is a true PvP person who has won countless Bedwars and even beat Dream, the legendary minecraft youtuber who has over 5 million subs. Technoblade deserves 1st.

Honestly, I could go on forever on why Technoblade (or Techno) should be at least in the top 3 mc players. Technoblade could easily 1v1 almost anyone in mc and win. He can click at an outstanding rate which really contributes to his victories. When people saw him in the "Minecraft Monday" hunger games, even famous mc youtubers would run away in fear. Even though they run, he catches up to them and kills them. This is part of the reason why people say "Blood for the blood god" when he asks his fans if he should attack his fellow mc players. Technoblade still holds the title for the highest bedwars win streak in the Hypixel minecraft server (over 1,800 consecutive wins). In addition to that, he has killed countless players in 1v1s, 1v2s, and so on, has won many skywars games (hundreds or even thousands), and has easily places #1 and #2 individual in Minecraft Mondays. Furthermore, Techno is not just good with a sword, he has insane aim with a bow, crossbow, etc. He hits his target more ...more

He always carries his team in Minecraft Mondays. He easily wins 2v1 fights against people better equipped than him. He has insane parkour skills which allow him to out maneuver his opponents and he often outsmarts them. There is even the saying "Technoblade never dies." He is good at every aspect in the game and every gamemode that is why without a doubt one of the most well-rounded players of all time.

The Contenders
11 CaptainSparklez

This guy, where do I begin first things first, he isn't so good at pvp as you fans thought. Yes he won more then 70% of the games he posted. Yeah that's credible right? Oh wait he only uploads when he wins. Some people could respond "How do you know!? " Ever wonder why he rarely posts so sg videos because he never wins any. As a player who played with him, and spectate him. Any good rod pvper could gg10 this guy. He doesn't strafe he mainly has good aim. As do most of the high you tubers in this list. In my opinion this list is extremely bias to fan's favorite YouTubers.

Are you guys high.. ? Playing survival games doesn't make you win. Survival games is a bs way to judge skill at pvp. Try actually learning what being "good" at pvp is before you start saying random crap like this. CaptainSparklez is nowhere near as good as most people on OCN like Leap_, kingoros, ZHDeath, etc. CaptainSparklez definitely doesn't deserved a spot.. In fact none of these people do. Please try compiling a list that is actually good. Famous =/= good

He is a skilled pvper and can kill almost anyone when he has the same or better gear. And occasionally he will win even with less armour than the opponent. The only reason people will kill him if they have way to much good stuff or if someone sneaks up on him

He sucks. Survival games doesn't mean anything. Here's a scenario for stupid fanboys.
Huahwi, Grape and CaptainSparklez are in the final bit of SG and Huahwi kills grape with half a heart. Enter sparklez, clean up, win. I still love him as a YouTuber though.

12 Grapeapplesauce

I like how people say that it is a popularity contest instead of skill. If it is a popularity contest, shouldn't TBNRFrags or Dantdm be 1st or 2nd? Yeah. That is what I thought. Anyway, I think that Grapeapplesauce should be number 1, or at least tied with Huahwi. Guess who wins the most in youtuber skywars? Grapeapplesauce. Not just because I am a Grapeapplesauce fan doesn't mean that I think that he is the best. I am being honest and comparing him with Huahwi with skill. Grapeapplesauce is the god in PvP overall with the rod, sword, and bow. He may not be the best in Pot PvP, but he is still pretty good. If I were to make a list of the best Minecraft PvP players, Grapeapplesauce would be number one with Huahwi following right behind him.

There are a million reasons on why I think that Grapeapplesauce is the best and better than Huahwi. Having the most kills in Cube and being the best in skywars out of all of his friends, including Huahwi, I would think that he should be number 1. Don't know how you guys think that he isn't better than Huahwi. Sometimes, I think you need to wash your eyes to see who is winning the 1v1 against Grapeapplesauce and Huahwi.

I'm sorry for all those BajanCanadian fans out there, but Grapeapplesauce is SO much better than he is! Grapeapplesauce won this season's UHC and wins and keeps winning countless numbers of survival games. And I can't recall BajanCanadian doing something like that. So hands down, Grapeapplesauce is the best and should be at least second, it's a disgrace to see him in third!

Grapeapplesauce is one of the best PvP players that I have seen. He is, in my opinion, the same level as Huahwi. I mean, come on. In some of his videos he wrecks Huahwi sometimes. I definitely agree that Huahwi and Grapeapplesauce should be in the top 2. If there could be two best PvP Players, it should be Grapeapplesauce and Huahwi.

13 Danteh

These PvPers are obviously ranked on popularity rather than skill... Danteh in my opinion is the best pvper as of 2016 as he is honestly flawless in basically everything he does when it comes to PvP. In fact, in my opinion Danteh is better than Huahwi at this point as Huahwi has seemed to decreased his PvP skills. If this list was about the best pvpers in their prime then Huahwi would be a well deserved #1 but it isn't and as of now Danteh is definitely #1 and Chanse coming in as #2

This whole list is made of 9 year old popularity fans from the Nexus and Mineplex. Look at the big servers with people who know how to play, like Badlion, of players like Danteh who actually know how to play the game. You guys are honestly blind if you think Bacca and BajanCanadian are even worthy of being in the top 100 of this list.

This man is a God, he can kill anyone in kohi, uhc, and any other kit you can imagine. He has gotten 1st build uhc on Badlion numerous times. He has also gotten 1st global multiple times. Around 100,000 people play on this server. And getting 1st means a lot in your skill level. This man definitely deserves 1. I suggest you subscribe to him as he uploads amazing content, and shows crazy skill.

Oh come on. If anything Danteh should be 1 or 2. He got #1 in Global and can still take on other really great players even if he took a break. He's even more than capable of beating the likes of Huahwi. This list should be more on skills and gameplay rather than just popularity.

14 Cayden

No he couldn't cause Mitch will win with a BETTY! Betty causes more materials than Too Strong the Diamond Sword, so he scares people (hunger games noobs anyway) away and they'd be like"is this guy high? "And, Betty has less damage, and for those of you who don't know who Betty is... WHERE the WHERE YOU?!?!? He is the OP Diamond Axe, no one calls her that anymore, pure BETTY.

Cayden is way better than those crap YouTubers above, he could 3vs1 bajan canadian, antvenom and captainsparklez any day of the week. the only reason people think they are good is because they have millions of subscribers, I swear if you watch Cayden pvp you will realize how horrible those YouTubers are.

I feel that out of everyone on this list, Cayden should at least be in 3d or 4th because he's a legit pvper and he can beat most good pvpers which includes Stimpay, and even though I know plenty of people (including myself in the old days) that could beat him, he still deserves more than crappy YouTubers.

For people who haven't seen Cayden before, go watch his videos on YouTube. Even the people he fights are better than Vikkstar, BajanCanadian, CaptainSparklez, and AntVenom and he still destroys them. He deserves #1 no doubt.

15 AciDic BliTzz

I think he should be above CaptainSparklez, AntVenom and CreeperFarts. Maybe even above Nestorio. I mean this guy can combo, he can use the rod, he can beat full diamonds, he can beat teams. I mean this guy is even really good at using lava and flint. He is decent with bow. He can mlg water bucket. He is good in UHC, he is good in SkyWars, he is good in SG. I could stand here all day and ramble on what he can do. He is also good at all of those things I just said.

Personally, I really like AciDic BliTzz he combos really well whoever he does also over use the fishing rod but that's how he gets combos I guess. At times he can really accurate with his bow. And also finds ways to Strafe, while hitting his opponent with a sword

Good at pvp. But then again he plays on hypixel mostly. And if I can win 1/10 games on there, then it's not hard to win if you know what you're doing. Meaning that you can't really judge him on that much.

Personally, I think AciDic BliTzz is a GREAT pvper he can use a fishing rod to his advantage and always uses his lava to take out a really tanked out player. I think AciDic BliTzz should be number 3

16 CraftBattleDuty

He'd be better without the 38282838 ping.

He's not that good

If he didn't have that much ping he would destroy bajancanadian

17 HattoWolf

What the crap is he doing in 15th place. Honestly, unlike those crap-YouTubers above HattoGod or HattoWolf is actually good. Seriously, BajanCanadian? He can get 10 hearted by an avg. Player from Badlion. Like seriously

He is modest and good. Probably around 9 or 10 but like 5 at least when he was really playing a lot.

What the freacking hell is hatto doing here, he is way better then those crappy YouTubers above, he should be number one but he did quit.

The original god of pot PvP, and one of the most modest ones ever too.

18 SyndicateProject

Killed Captainsparklez several times... Should be equal or higher to Captainsparklez

He's ok kinda? But no way he's near then top 1000, let alone 20.

Better than CaptainSparklez, but should probably be #200 considering many pvpers ar ebetter than Bajan, Jerome, etc.

Pretty good, but no where near the top 10.

19 UnPhair

UnPhair actually knows who to fight. He could beat AntVenom blindfolded. Redo your votes dummies. UnPhair is a boss.

Unphair can beat everyone on this list with his eyes closed while eating fruit loops with expired milk.

He is so much better than those famous YouTubers above, rethink the votes fanboys.

Because it would be UnPhair not do vote!

20 ProHulk

ProHulk is actually good. He isn't good enough to be top 10 yet, but maybe 12. This is coming from a guy who 2v2'd him on badlion

Yo he's good though

21 Gayzmcgee

The original soup pvp God. Very skilled at pot although he quit too. His reaction speed can be seen by his outstanding performance in osu! As well. No one remembers early stages of mcpvp soup and how it turned into pot, but nobody should forget about this God.

He is really good at pvp unlike those trash its that just get votes goes they're famous

22 AntVenom

Ok, lets get this 3 hunger games in a row thing sorted out straight.

AntVenom did, in fact, win 3 hunger games in a row. Machinima hosted 3 hunger games, all of which were uploaded by everyone playing and all of which AntVenom won. So all of the drunk 4 year olds saying that he only records his wins, you can climb back up your mother's wombs.

That being said, those were back in 2012. 3 years ago. AntVenom's skill level in 2012 has literally no effect on his skill today. Is AntVenom still a above average pvp player? Yes, he is, he can land shots with high success rate and can out hit most common players. However he isn't the best player anymore. AntVenom deserves respect from xNestorio and Huahwi and ApacheBlitz and everyone else on here for being the first ever true Minecraft pvp god in 2012, however it's not like he can frequently beat any of those players now that he is well past his prime.

I've heard is is possibly the best at pep on YouTube, haters stop hating, hi is pretty good! I thought he would be higher up in the list, there are some pretty bad people higher up just because of popularity.

Ant won the first 3 Hunger Games. You can make excuses all you want, but AntVenom won every single won. In Hunger Games 4, he didn't play so that someone else could win. CaptainSparklez: "AntVenom always wins."

He sucks... Not to be a jerk or anything... The average regular on Overcast could destroy AntVenom.

23 Tylarzz

Top 2 with Danteh, this is absolutely nutty at Build uhc, and other pvp game modes. Don't you dare bow spam him or he will go all in on you.

God. Best by far, excluding maybe Verzide in pot pvp and Danteh.

Tylarzz aced Flux in an RR, deserves to be at least top 5. Only person that can beat larzz is danteh (or some 1300 that lava trapped him)

He's really good but definitely not top 3 material.

24 xRpMx13

He is so damn bad. Are you guys high this guy is not even good at pvp I could rek him sometimes I feel like you guys are voting of population.

Ryan is good on the funniest-stats, not the the pvp-stats, should be lower then Ali-A and syndicate to be honest.

HOW this guy is not good

Ryan sucks, every time he does pvp challenges with other YouTubers, he always dies the most

25 JeromeASF

Honestly, I feel Bajan and Jerome shouldn't be that high on the list. Well, they are both very good, but people like Grape should be able to beat them in full iron while having just leather. Most of the times, Bajan or Jerome wins because they team. They are both better than the average PVPer. In fact, when one of them match up with a person in the same gear 1v1, they usually end up with around 3-4 hearts. But I have to hand it to him, Jerome is HILARIOUS, so I'm voting for him :D

Jerome has a million PVP videos, he does not win 'em all but he definitely tries. He plays hunger games, cops and robbers, kitPVP,modVSmod and much much more. Jerome is hilarious and can get him self out of any situation (He is a baca after all). Betty and him are like sister and baca. Betty is Jerome's Axe that likes to chop others skulls. He's a great guy. I strongly suggest you vote for him

Jerome is capable of winning a fight with no armour in hunger games and is one of the few people who can actually beat Mitch in any PvP!

I vote Jerome cause its just that he is so epic at pvp! With him and his fluffy self nothing can stop him!

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