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1 All Eyez on Me

This is my 2nd favorite Tupac album

This is the most classic westcoast-album. People will still hear it in many years.

I love all pacs songs and albums. He is the greatest rapper of all time and I really like life goes on from this ablum

This because of Heartz of Men and Thug Passion.
1. All Eye On Me
2. Strictly 4 My
3. Don Killuminati
4. Me Against the World
5. 2pacalypse Now

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2 Me Against the World

One of Pac's best albums. I always love all songs from this album.

All eyez on me is my favorite by him but I voted for this because it is his realest

This is #1 in my honest opinion

All Eyez On Me wishes it was this good. - Bobzthebozz

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3 Makaveli: The Don Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory

The best 2pac album. Top tracks are: ALL 12 TRACKS!

4 2pacalypse Now


5 Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

This album is the best. Singles like I Get Around and Keep ya head up are top ten songs

Better than 2pacalypse now.. - EMBIGNASPAC

6 Until the End of Time

Extremely underrated, the production sounds like the previous pac we all knew, unlike Loyal to the Game and Pac's Life

This album and Better Dayz are better than 2Pacalypse and Strictly 4 My N. I. G. G. A. Z.

7 Better Dayz
8 Thug Life: Vol. 1
9 The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (1996
10 Greatest Hits

Why isn't this higher on the list? It got millions of sales and it has all his best songs

Greatest hits, California love, changes, hit em up.. seriously must be at least 3rd

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11 R U Still Down? (Remember Me)

Underrated album

12 Still I Rise
13 Best Of 2Pac-Part 1:Thug
14 Picture My Pain
15 Live My Life
16 2pac: The Lost Tape

It has: Panther Power, Let Knowledge Drop, A Day In The Life and Minnie The Moocher

Very RUN DMC vibed

17 Best of 2Pac-Part 2:Life
18 Resurrection
19 Pac's Life

Worst album ever, don't get it whatever you do!

Definitely the sickest PAC album. I had it on CD but I lost it. - landontimmerman

20 Loyal to the Game

Yo MARSHALL PRODUCED THIS this is great! Second only to All Eyez On Me

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1. Me Against the World
2. 2pacalypse Now
3. All Eyez on Me
1. Me Against the World
2. All Eyez on Me
3. Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
1. Makaveli: The Don Killuminati - The 7 Day Theory
2. All Eyez on Me
3. Me Against the World

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