Best 311 Songs

You know if you love the band 311 there are too many songs for you to have a favorite but here are some I happened to think of.

The Top Ten Best 311 Songs

1 Amber

Definitely better than down.. But "flowing" and creatures for a while should be on here. I wish that "hey you" was on here too

Great song I wish they had "Stealing Happy Hours" on here though

Great song! Definitely one of their best!

Wish "I'll Be Here A While" was on this list as well, that is a classic song!

Definitely my favorite song by 311. First time I heard this song I was instantly in love with it. This is what I think of when I think of 311.

2 Down

Unique song unlike any other. It's amazing and I never get sick of it. I listen to it everyday and also enjoy singing along to SA's and Nick's part.

Trademark single of 311

I think this is their best song because it's so much catchier than any of their other awesome tunes dude! This tubular song is totes mcgotes the best song that you will hear by the great 311!

The guitar part is so easy and fun to play. Just overall an amazing song!

3 Beautiful Disaster

This is awesome and I can't stop listening this song...
Listening all day long and its composition is marvelous...

Very nice one and definitely better than down.. I can't stop banging my head when I listening this song.

This has the best lyrics out of every 311 song, and it's also incredibly catchy and Nick's vocals are really unique and soft in this song. Down and Come Original also rule. - lukestheman4

When I think of 311 this is the song that comes to mind. Every. Time.

4 All Mixed Up

"You keep me coming, That is a gal that'll kill dem stunning" this song is so cool.. my hands just moves on its own its hilarious, but damn that hands down to 311 for this chill song.

This song made me realize what type of music I wanted to listen to for the rest of my life. I was 10 years old and hadn't heard anything in my ten years that I liked until this

Its just an ALL MIXED UP song, highly recommended!

The best ever I think

5 Come Original

I love this song because one of my uncles and I like to listen to it

I wish this would be number one because this is a good song from 311 and my favorite song

This song is pretty bad but one of there best

Sick bass

6 Homebrew

The when the guitar kicks in during the verses it makes me feel like starting a riot

Best song of theirs by far

7 Don't Tread on Me

Great riff, one of their best... I'm not sure why it was overlooked, the chorus and breakdown are awesome rocking' music!

Love it - JazzyJulie

8 Sunset in July

Why is this number seven this entire album was mediocre at best

Awesome! Song speaks for itself. It's both sad and happy.

One of their best songs. Such a feel good song

Whaat this should be number five at least

9 Large in the Margin

This song has great lyrics, mood that fits with the great riffs. The rap also has some good lyrics. Overall, It's just a great song to listen. Oh, I forgot. The refrain has amazing harmonies too. Listening to this song will benefit you greatly.

Self help and motivating lyrics

SA's bars on this song is phenomenal

10 816 A.M.

Played it our wedding - they need to go back to sounds like this and not the new garbage

This is so amazing it gives great vibes - JazzyJulie

I love the vibes!

The Contenders

11 I'll Be Here Awhile

Such a beautiful good mood song, never get sick of it

This songs gives so much happiness! Nick and SA sing there parts as if they were meant to be in the band.

12 Love Song

best cover song I've ever heard.. it sound 10000 times better then the original - shuvro

Very good and very calming indeed.

Amazing cover and so wonderfully mellow and relaxing

13 Creatures (For a While)

Way too low for a crowd favorite at concerts!

Should be in the top 10! This song is so catchy!

How is this not top ten. These lists suck.

14 Lose
15 Sometimes Jacks Rule the Realm

This was where 311 should have gone. A more 'mature' and progressive approach with the trademarks of their earlier sound shining through in the end. A magnificent hybrid. It's almost psychedelic in the that it flows to it's eventual outcome. Because of this, I think it's the best thing they did.

16 Purpose

Has a reggae-ish style to it and never gets old to listen to.

So good - JazzyJulie

17 Use of Time

So spacey and deep. Love it.

The flow of this the lyrics are really on point. It feels like a relationship that is in a repetitive cycle of arguing and it's a confusing use of time. Brilliant!

18 Champagne

I can't BELIEVE THIS IS 12TH! This should be in the top 5.

Easily Top 5! -Brandon

Great vibe - JazzyJulie

19 Flowing

The song that got me into 311 when I was younger.

20 Uncalm

One of their most unique, but still catchy songs.

AWESOME - JazzyJulie

21 Beyond the Gray Sky

This song is so moving, especially when played live. It is just amazing. It's like another realm when they play this live.

22 Hydroponic

how is this so low?
best song I ever heard

Everthing I eat is from the earth, right?
I am what I ear straight up earth, right?
Nothing but a walking sack of earth nice to meet ya guess what yeah your one too!

23 Hey You

Not only is this the best song on their Uplifter album, this is the best song on one of their best albums. Because of this, it would be considerably one of their greatest songs of all time. Harmony is a factor that 311 is very good at, which is displayed in "Hey You" very well. Overall it is a solid song.

Great opening track to uplifter

24 Hive

It's their hardest and heaviest song... that I've heard at least. This song gets you hype. - ThatoneMetalhead

You're all up in my mix like fckin betty crocker.

25 Let the Cards Fall
26 Made In the Shade
27 Sever
28 You Wouldn't Believe
29 I Told Myself
30 First Dimension

On new album, Stereolithic, it's just another solid track from such a great band

31 Inner Light Spectrum
32 Strong All Along

I'd say Lucky is the best 311 song, but that wasn't on this list. Strong All Along is the best out of these songs. It has such a good beat and some crafty lyrics. All yall that voted Amber are out of your minds. No offense to 311, but Amber might be their worst song ever. It's kinda boring. Chill yes, but boring as well. 311 has so much more to offer.

I'll break it down for you like this, completely unique and original feel.

33 From Chaos

Easily their best song! Have never heard a song by them that’s better. That chorus is so good!

34 It's Alright
35 Do You Right

I love when SA says do you riiighht - JazzyJulie

36 Sick Tight
37 Boom Shanka
38 Long for the Flowers
39 Five of Everything

This song is going to be Huge

40 No Control
41 Offbeat Bare Ass
42 Revelation of the Year
43 Welcome

This song is perfect. This kicks off your entire 311 listening experience and captures it perfectly. Love Music and Grassroots most, Blue Album has a lot of cool grooves and everything after is full of great stuff! I just love 311 and I picked this song as it is the beginning of it all!

44 Rub a Dub

How could this not be in the top 10 list... Seriously, after all the funk they have put in it.. Just listen to the lyrics man, it would remind you of someone you had crush on and you never gave up hitting on her... Kinda reminds me of some one.. :-)
Ooh, what else can I do...
Ooh, face in a screw
Ooh, racing to prove
You never remember
The blossom sender
Still in a rub a dub style

I love this song - JazzyJulie

45 Eons

Wow, this is one of the catchiest best made songs by any band anywhere

This song should be favorite from Sound System. The etheric rhythm songs that 311 does are usually the deeper meaning songs. Read the Lyrica and be amazed.

46 Jackpot

Not their best song, but should definitely be considered as one of their better songs. I am a huge 311 fan and I understand if most other fans believe their earlier albums are way better, but Uplifter is pretty damn good, and this is one of the better songs on that album. However, it isn't the best compared to songs like "It's Alright" and "Hey You"

47 Omaha Stylee

This song is WAY better than Amber in my opinion, Amber is a good song, but I think it's a bit overrated.

Never get sick of this

Wow! This is way low... People... Pay attention to the genius in the lyrics and the beautiful vibrations these guys put out into the universe for is... And the knowledge. Fkn 311! 💃

48 Existential Hero

The drums in this song are phenomenal. Great work, Sexton

On new album, Stereolithic

49 Freak Out

This as 41, that's how I know this list is BS. By far on of their best tunes.

50 Galaxy
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