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AKB48 is composed of Qiuyuankang as producer of Japanese large female music group, was founded in December 8, 2005. AKB48 consists of 59 official members, and were divided into 4 groups (Team A, Team K, TeamB and Team4), each group has 16 members (Team4 currently only 11 people, not by the graduate subs). In Akihabara has named AKB48 theater dedicated theatre, every member of the Team alternately performed almost daily. In 2010, has been certified by Guinness world records as the" world's most members of the pop group".

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1 Heavy Rotation

The song make you happy. I love it

This is a great song! I loved it from the bottom of my heart!

Even though I'm not a Japanese I really love it.

I love this song I will not forget this song my whole life, I will listion forever

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2 Beginner

Love this song. I like the lyrics. Its very cool and dance version as well/ I saw the live and it's cool

I would listen to this song everyday. Whatever I'm on my mood, either its bored or happy this song always accompany me. Best Asian Song ever.


You HAVE to watch the music video and not just the dance version! It's the COOLEST!

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3 Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

Dance dance dance! Simple dance song that make you believe in faith :))

I honestly just love it

I love every language versions of this song

A song with good rhythm

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4 River

I always loved this song. The song in general was strong and great, and the lyrics were inspiring. And I honestly love Takamina so, yeah, this song was epic.

This is the top of my playlist. I like this song and the dance too

The start was just so boring where you don't know where the song will go but when you keep listening to it there will be a bang that will make you smile realizing that it was a really cool song...

Performed best by Team 8!

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5 Aitakatta

This song is so cool and fun! :D you have to try to listen it! The beat is so good and fun :D :D :D Aitakatta AKB48!

Best Song In AKB

This song is so cool and fun! :D you have to try to listen it! The beat is so good and fun :D :D :D Aitakatta AKB48!

I like the lyrics. Its very cool and dance version as well/ I saw the live and it's cool

This song is awesome, fun, cool I really love it!

I have my own bamd when I listen to this songs n the lyrics so enjoy! so you need to listen when you stress!

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6 Sakura no Hanabiratachi

It's the type of song that you unconsciously sing in your shower. Beautiful!

My favourite. Best song from AKB48

This song is where all of it began... It's so beautiful.

This songs give me hope n always be my number one!

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7 Manatsu no Sounds Good

I love it I love the beat is awesome

I love it, makes me happy when I'm not in the mood

Awesome, can't stop listening.

A beautiful song...
I love it

8 Flying Get

It has a nice tune to it. I love Flying Get!

Flying get is the best

Flying get is very powerful song

Beri naisu hai hai

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9 Yuuhi Wo Miteiruka

This song has always been underrated, but it is one of the most beautiful. Definitely my favourite.

Love this song so much...
The meaning is so good...

The music and the lyric is awesome!

10 Shonichi

Underrated song. This one is one of the best

It's the very first song I ever heard

I agree! Very touching!

The lyrics show the Team B's past history and it is really moving

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11 Pioneer

It makes me think about the beginning and everything they had to go through

Get's you pumped up!

Love this song socute

1st gen team A forever!

12 Give Me Five!

The brass is so fun and cute

This song gave me motivation. One of the best songs among AKB48

I love the drama version too, amazing song!

I know what you feel AKB48.

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13 So Long

It's a beautiful song that sings of the hope of reunion even though it's a goodbye theirs a hope to see each other again thus this song is the most precious plus its wannabe mayu first time as a center

Cool! I love this song!

I love this song its so cute and it stole my heart

Did you watch the drama? They made me cry so much.. Also beautiful song.

14 First Rabbit

I just like it. It's a good song. You must hear it! I recommended you.

This song always make my spirit 'on fire'

It's a beautiful songs

Reminds me of Acchan's grad, I just love it.

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15 Uza

So cool, for people who say AKB would never work in America because its too cute, listen to this song, if it was translated it would been in the top 50 at least!

The dance and the song are very cool.. You must hear this song

You can feel the energy!


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16 Gingham Check

Love the song, love the line up of girls on this song, love the video, love it!

Peaceful song, would make your day keep in fun. Should at least top ten.

This song has it all.

That was Great!

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17 Kaze wa Fuiteiru

Such a sweet melody. & it was for Tsunami victims.. They're live was really cool, I recommend it!

It's a song for tsunami victims and when I listen to it I think 'I feel sorry for those people'

I really love this song :)
You must hear it!

This song is so touching.. Gives me strength.

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18 Everyday Kachusha

I feel happy and sad a well when I am listening to it... I can recommend this song.. Watch MV as well

One of well known forever song of AKB48

19 Sayonara Crawl

Oh boy! If your a girl, this beach/pool party (sort of) would be a dream world

Best song ever heard in my life

Hey why is this not found in the top 20, along with Zero Sum Taiyou..Those 2 songs are the best for me..

20 Kondo Koso Ecstasy
21 Kimi No Koto Ga Suki Dakara

This is what I feel right now to ma crush :')

One of the cutest in any pop songs I've ever heard...

Eien no saki

22 Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou

Subtly intense, the best AKB48 song ever.

Much keibetsu. Much aijou. Such wow.

This song sounds great, this song so diffrent with akb songs others, there meaning is a girl hwo bullying dan dying...
The most thriller songs ever!

23 Iiwake Maybe


This song is probably one of the songs where you have to listen to it again. It's one of my favorites besides Heavy Rotation and Everyday、カチューシャ

24 Sakura No Kini Narou

This song will touch you, even you don't know the meaning of it

This is AKB's best song. No doubt about it.

This is the best AKB48 slow song!

25 Ponytail to Shushu

Its awesome and totally cute

The song was great, I love it!

I can't stop to hear that song

This song makes me happy.

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26 Oogoe Diamond

Makes me feel energized every time I listen to it!

It was the first AKB song that I listened to, and this made me a fan of Akb48

Why is this only 24th?

I just love this song! Its full of energy and spirit^^

27 Uegaramariko

Describe my oshimen's ~ it touched me >, < hope mariko-sama will never graduate

28 Yume No Kawa

Cchan graduation song YUME NO KAWA

This song always reminds me of Acchan... (T^T)

29 Seifuku Ga Jama Wo Suru

Come on! This song should be at least in the top 30.

30 Heart Electric

This songs its really rock n roll, the best rock songs of AKB48!

31 Show Fight
32 Sugar Rush

Wreck it Ralph!
Love this song

They're so kawaii :3

33 Namida Surprise

Perfect song for any celebration! go AKB48!


Bore to classic birthday song?Play or sing THis song to your friend ,i doubt she will be happy

34 Eien Pressure

Very catchy. Although I don't understand Japanese, it still sounds so good, the chorus is especially great

The dance during the chorus part is catchy

35 Sakura No Shiori

It's a different, sweet song, also the song that got my interest into AKB48. by the way, what can beat all the members plus Jurina and Rena from SKE48 singing together?

36 Gomen ne Summer

Kawaii ne! The beat its powerful, I think its like happy song to someone we loved before =), but when see the lyric, I suprised! Realized its unrequited love song

I love listening to it :3

This one is not even AKB48's song. It is SKE48's._.

37 AKB Festival

Nice song, love it.

I was thinking about Dance for Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

38 Bingo!

I like the song, the music video concept and everything else. This was Team B's first single with AKB48 I guess~

39 Ue kara Mariko

Mariko is the best

A inspirative song with good rhythm! ^0^

40 Separuh Aku

Juancok ono wae Sparuh Aku

41 Bokutachi Wa Tatakawanai

Absolutely brilliant and powerful song! A true masterpiece and massively different from most of AKB's music!

I think this song is the best AKB48 song ever!

42 Shoujotachi Yo

Honestly, Shoujotachi yo (少女たちよ) is a really good AKB48 song. I got introduced to it on a video game, and now I’m like... Zenryoku de"" hashirunDAAA!

43 Kibouteki Refrain

The Reff is So Amazing!

Just love the song :D

44 Majisuka Rock N Roll
45 Suki Suki Suki
46 Futari Nori No Jitensha
47 Halloween Night


48 Boku No Sakura
49 Dare Ka No Tame Ni
50 AKB Sanjou
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