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1 Beer

Hm, I love beer, English Beer and Larger are the best although I like Australian beer, some American beers like Bud, Canadian beer is good too. I love all beer the Germans know there way round a pint as well. Beer beer beer

Despite the taste of it, the thing that inspires me to drink beer is the period it was invented. Beer was discovered in Mesepotamia 9500bc. This is the first alcoholic drink ever made. However, some beer comes from routes (which is basically named route beer). If you think about it, this specific type of beer was developed in a natural atmosphere. I love natural life. I think it is more fascinating than the common modernness we all have today. Also, some beer comes from hops (which is a female plant grown in Germany). In my opinion, I like beer the most, because it comes naturally. No one ever found out, themselves, how to make it. Beer evolves itself, which I think is fair. Although you still have to beware of alcohol, because you never know what could happen to your head. But despite all other alcoholic drinks, if all those never were discovered in life, beer would be the only type of alcoholic drink we have in the world. I think beer is the greatest one. A real alcoholic drink. It ...more

is good

.. Because I think beer is the common alcoholic drinks I've known, and I think base on the people who drink they say it is delicious .

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2 Rum & Coke

I live in the Caribbean, if you want rum then here's the list:
Smoothest, Vat 19 (Trinidad)
Sweetest, Bounty (St Lucia)
Nicest, Mount Gay (Barbados)
Worst, Captain Morgan (blended)
Aged, El Dorado 20 years (Guyana)
Best Spiced, Kweyol (St Lucia)
Best cane rum, La coco Rhum (Martinique)
Strongest, Puncheon (Trinidad)
Most dangerous, Sunset (St Vincent)
Most Elegent, Chairmans reserve ( St Lucia)

My choice, Fernandes Black Label, Trinidad.

I pick rum! It's good for Captain Jack!

Look nice must try

Rum for ye all me mates... Coke is good with vanilla ice cream..
-by Capt. Jack Sparrow

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3 Tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!

High on fire in other words - tequila

Relly nice to start the party with two to tree shots in the first hours

Great taste, but it has a lot of alcohol. God, it's like pure fire water. Strong drink, be careful. Nice though

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4 Wine

Carbernet makes the people say hey, merlot gets my panties on the flo'

Tonic wine (Buckfast) is the greatest of all time, factual info. This is not even up for debate!

Wine is the best it makes us wonder about what it is and where it was grown. It is the most versatile alcohol you can find a style you will enjoy because they are all so different.

For what reason do you drink? Just to make head?
Or to help you relax and have a great time with other people?
My choice as a Greek, is wine with its various tastes, aromas and makes, that can accompany you at every beautiful or difficult moment of your life and rise it to a better state (and always with food) - Vacchus

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5 Sex on the Beach

So nice and yummy and gets you drunk too, I drink this every time I head out, definitely worth any money spent on it, does the trick and usually quite cheap, yum yum, il have a few for everyone tomorrow night!

Definitely Sex on the beach is the best drinks ever I sipped, it drives me stunning and outterlly high. Have a go and see what you will feel I don't tell you.

When me and my friends go out this is what we start the evening with so refreshing love it!

The best drink ever made

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6 Whiskey with Ice

It has to be Irish, preferably Jamesom or Black Bushmills.

Great drink

Johnny Walker Black Label! MM! You have to have quality to really enjoy Scotch whiskey.

Gotta love that Bottled Courage. Burns your throat! - OffspringBeatsAll

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7 Margarita

its great, especially with jose or

"Two things Florida can teach the other 49 states: how to make a good margarita and how to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane." by Tom Feeney

I love it served in a special huge thick glass cup. Adds a party mood to the great taste! Blend it with ice

Frozen is the best form of margarita. It tastes better

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8 Vodka & Orange

Vodka saves my life and definitely is gonna ruin it one day, but until that happens... gimme another round!

Gotta love some screwdrivers!

And I agree, vodka is a girl's best friend!

Me and my friends love this drink best of em all to me some times we just drink vodka but this is definitely a good one to me. Vodka is the life of the party in my opinion

I haven't tried this yet but I hear it does wonders, in both delivering a helluva night and overall smooth taste. Revolution vodka with a splash of gatorade and red bull, any kind of gatorade you like really whatever is your preference, unfortunately volution is only sold in some states but if you live in one of those states, check it out.

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9 Cannabis Vodka

Just the title alone stands out to be a killer drink. Wanna know how its done?

How is done, it sounds interesting I heard my grlfriend talk about it I thought she was just jocking around.

What is this

Sounds good :

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10 Jager

Jager + Red Bull = JagerBomb! Best ever! Everyone should try it. Its better than vodka because you don't drink it as fast and you can enjoy the taste of it. In a group of good friends its the best drink!

Jager bombs are probably my absolute favorite drinks!

I have never drank it before but I would love to try, maybe I might share you my experience either good or bad. Lmao!

Jager plus Coke = The Bomb. Another good sub for the Jager is Captain Morgan.

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? Buckfast

Junkie juice but gets u steaming - Leojp05

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11 White Russian

Black ones are better though. Still awesome. I love how it is just so easy to gulp down, and the Big Lebowski too. Can't go wrong with this drink.

I Love White Russian.. Its So Delicious And Yet Its Not That Heavy!
Long Live White Russian!

The Quality In The Mixture Between Vodka And Lequire, Makes This Drink On Hell Of A Drink

Seriously, If You Have Not Tried It Yet, You Should Very Soon!

Most amazing drink ever
I love to drink this when I'm out with some girlfriends and wanna have a good time! I love white Russians and I highly recommend them if you wanna have a good time without having the horrible taste of gin or whiskey

Deliciously creamy if made correctly, sweet and great to sip on. Add crushed ice and you get a cool icy beverage. My personal favorite!

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12 Champagne (or Sparkling Wine)

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1? I like the raspberry flavored one!

My preferred daily drink after my evening cigar a champagne cocktail to be exact

My sister likes this
( And cigarettes as well..She doesn't smoke now though) - Ananya

I don't drink at all, only on special occasions, but I def. can't go without the Champagne on Holidays. - Punisher12

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13 Gin and Tonic


Simply the best. The drink of Kings. Winston Churchill drank it and he defeated the Nazis. No further comment needed.

Light and refreshing. Tastes like lemonade and who doesn't like lemonade

Great summer drink! And with diet tonic water, also low in calories.

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14 Vodka

Pure Vodka, or with water if you are not feeling so tough... The rest just ruins the taste.

For me its like beer

I was cold when I drank it and after I was chilling it's a very good drink


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15 Piña Colada

I love Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain! Ice, Malibu, Light Coconut Milk, Pineapple juice, with a wedge of pineapple on a hot Summers day - bliss!

i LOVE this drink!!! it's so nice, i had it once when i was on holiday in spain... yummmmm!!! - Jeheffiner

YUM YUM YUM That's a goooood drink! just don't drink too much or the cream will make you sick :P

Wow when I went to st.kitts I went to the beach bar and I loved it

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16 Rum

It good with coke I love coke

"Why is the Rum gone? "
��" Jack Sparrow

17 Vodka with Pink Lemon

Damn go to the another world and enjoy it and if you like party oops I can't talk about this you most try it

18 Absinth

Absinth, ah... How I love you!
Definitely one of the best shots to ever enter your mouth, delicious, a big burner, but gets your ass to the dance floor if your conscience isn't allowing you to

Green fearie... You should read Edgar Allen Poe's definition of Absinth.

Absinth has been my favourite drink since I was 13 years old in the gutter. She goes well with learning life skills and it sure did teach me a lot

Fanstastic, the most unique tasting liquor ever. Nothing else like it, yum yum! More variety available now, too. Bonus!

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19 Vodka and Mt. Dew


20 Gin

So nice... gets me smashed... it is piff to be fair though... should drink it 😂

21 Mad Dog 20/20

Does exactly what it you think it would.

It's the bomb yo

18th bday was the best because of this drink lol

22 Vodka and Redbull


This is the best, you get drunk faster, and you get less alcohol taste. Your buzz hits you a whole lot faster than it normally would. The more vodka the better it will be! :D

I have no idea why but I hate vodka and hate redbull but the two together are amazing - AmnRed

Ye Love this the redbull keeps you awake all night so you can drink as much vod as you want

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23 Fireball Whiskey and Rum and Coke

The best taste so good for me

24 Long Island Iced Tea

I love a long island. It's a quick buzz drink with a great taste.
Almost every time I order a drink it is usually a long Island iced tea. I only get one for the night because it's a strong drink. When a long island is made well with good alcohol you won't taste the alcohol but yet a sweet indulges of southern warmth.

everything you could want in one glass - RdrTech

Great drink - first night was introduced to it by a friend who never told me what was in it! End up liking it so much I had 3 pitchers and was in heaven by the second one - best drink ever club wouldn't be the same without it

Love long island ice tea not much of a drinker but it doesn't take much to get the job done :-)

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25 Jack Daniel's Whiskey

My personal favorite, when it comes to whiskey

Need I say more sour mash whiskey is by far the best.

Jack Daniel's is really addicting to me. More than coca-cola. I love drinking the very sour alcohol drink and that is Whiskey. - Mumbizz01

Best ever

26 WKD
27 Brandy

Try mixing it with coke.Great drink.

28 Vodka & Grapefruit Juice

The drink is actually called a Greyhound. If salt is added to the rim, it is called a Salty Dog.

29 Kinky

It's kind of new but I tried it and really love it. I have always been a vodka and orange juice and JD and coke kinda girl but this is a must try. Let me know what you think after you try it.

30 Cider

Tastes like sparkling apple juice with alcohol added.

Ciders taste good and if your late you can even bye it from a fruit shop in India..

So good man yeah

31 Vodka & Sprite

Very nice and hard

Yaas tastes like heaven.


32 Moonshine

Can't beat this one, mine comes from the hills of Kentucky, might be known for bluegrass but the green grass and shine is what this great state was built on

Just lobe it don't need to much to get the job done.

goes sooo well with cordial!

I make my own.. cheap and good!

33 Chi-Chi

A sweet drink for dates who don't like the taste of alcohol.

34 Bailey's

Nice taste great kick at the back of you throat, recommend you get a couple down before you get used to it

I love baileys combination of love and cream

Lovely sweet tasting drink.

Taste so dayum good

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35 Screwdriver

Want to try it

36 The Wet P****

Definitely gets the females going! OO It will have them wetter than eve

Wetter than the ocean

What is all included in the drink

37 Jager Bomb

Great for the club!

Jager bomb is the best I had it and I got drunk all it is well what I do is mix jager with red bull or monster whatever you prefer and you get drunk

This is definitely. The best drink. Like hands down. Good taste, and it gets you drunk

Jager Bomb. Jager Bomb. Jager Bomb.

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38 Sake
39 JD & Coke

JD silver select 50% with 4 large ice cubes I know don't use coke but I love this drink to death better then water first sip tastes strong but it just keeps getting better and better... Expensive and hard to find duty free the place to get make the drink strong it's smooth as whatever you think is smooth as

This is the best drink out there!

Jack is my favorite drink out there. Everyone seems to be surprised by that since I'm a girl I guess! Girls can love a some good ole whiskey!

Jack with just a dash of coke! :) especially with honey JD!

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40 Gin and Lemonade
41 Single Malt Scotch Neat

Now THAT'S a drink, Laddie! - jimspeer

Costs more but well worth the price, you can't go wrong with a good single malt scotch.

42 Miami Vice

This drink is absolutely delicious I tried it while on a cruise with my hubby.

43 Mojito

Cool, refreshing and WOW what a kick. Sneaks up on you and women love them. Rum, mint leaves, limes, sugar and club soda. Simple but killer!

Really refreshing.. Feel amazing during summer evenings, casual parties.. Or may be a private party with your "DATE"

Whenever I have a first date I almost always order a Mojito. It's so refreshing and doesn't let you stray away by making your head light.

Can't believe this is at the bottom of this list. A lot of good variants.

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44 Lava Flow

"soo smooth, sooo goood!!!"

Like a sweet dessert!

Want to try it

45 Hennessy

Hennessy & Minute Maid Lemonade

Henney and RedBull!!! Holla!

Lord this gives me my strength whenever I feel the need to reenergize my soul

Ya'll don't know how to drink hard! This is the BEST

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46 Crown Royal

Crown Royal is the absolute best alcoholic beverage. For every King is the Crown. BOOM goes down so smooth

Expensive but worth it, there's just something about how smooth it is an the respect it commands

Goes down smooth, with no hot after taste. I chase it with water. You don't need anything sweet.

This should be in the top ten its good straight as a shot or as a mixed drink my favorite

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47 Caribou Lou

Good drink by far don't understand why its number 20 Bacardi 151 Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice haha this is the real panty dropper

Made 4 gallons of this and took it to a party with my buddies... Best party I've ever been to the song came on and we started downing that... Totally worth a try

48 Redneck Tea

Pure grain alcohol, just one and you are SMASHED!

49 Four Loko

Cheap, taste good, and get you pretty drunk.

50 Malibu And Coke

I love Malibu me and the girls drink that as our first drink on a night out

Malibu is as smooth as surfing in Hawaii

This should be number one

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