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21 Absinth

Absinth, ah... How I love you!
Definitely one of the best shots to ever enter your mouth, delicious, a big burner, but gets your ass to the dance floor if your conscience isn't allowing you to

Green fearie... You should read Edgar Allen Poe's definition of Absinth.

Absinth has been my favourite drink since I was 13 years old in the gutter. She goes well with learning life skills and it sure did teach me a lot

Finished my first bottle and another one...can't get enough

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22 Vodka and Berry Juicy Juice
23 Brandy

Try mixing it with coke.Great drink.

24 Vodka with Pink Lemon

Damn go to the another world and enjoy it and if you like party oops I can't talk about this you most try it

25 Vodka and Mt. Dew


26 Vodka & Grapefruit Juice

The drink is actually called a Greyhound. If salt is added to the rim, it is called a Salty Dog.

27 Rum V 2 Comments
28 Graveyard Cocktail

It will surely get the tombstone onto your head. A mixture every single element of alcohol you can get, graveyard surely will have thinking twice of having hangover. Mixture contents are normally rum, vodka, gin, tequila, scotch, whiskey, and even beer or stout

This actually turned out well for me. I found some citrus vodka, gin, patron, and what I presume to be Bacardi. It tasted very nice and wasn't harsh at all.

29 Whiskey Seven
30 Chi-Chi

A sweet drink for dates who don't like the taste of alcohol.

31 Mad Dog 20/20

It's the bomb yo

18th bday was the best because of this drink lol

32 JD & Coke

JD silver select 50% with 4 large ice cubes I know don't use coke but I love this drink to death better then water first sip tastes strong but it just keeps getting better and better... Expensive and hard to find duty free the place to get make the drink strong it's smooth as whatever you think is smooth as

This is the best drink out there!

Jack is my favorite drink out there. Everyone seems to be surprised by that since I'm a girl I guess! Girls can love a some good ole whiskey!

You can drink your self sober with Jack and coke! Ps(it does not work every time)ds

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33 Caribou Lou

Good drink by far don't understand why its number 20 Bacardi 151 Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice haha this is the real panty dropper

Made 4 gallons of this and took it to a party with my buddies... Best party I've ever been to the song came on and we started downing that... Totally worth a try

34 Chivas

I liked drinks chivas.

Wow chivas wow

35 Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Need I say more sour mash whiskey is by far the best.

Jack Daniel's is really addicting to me. More than coca-cola. I love drinking the very sour alcohol drink and that is Whiskey. - Mumbizz01

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36 Gin
37 Fireball Whiskey and Rum and Coke

The best taste so good for me

38 Cider

Tastes like sparkling apple juice with alcohol added.

Ciders taste good and if your late you can even bye it from a fruit shop in India..

So good man yeah

39 Single Malt Scotch Neat

Now THAT'S a drink, Laddie! - jimspeer

Costs more but well worth the price, you can't go wrong with a good single malt scotch.

40 Malibu And Coke

I love Malibu me and the girls drink that as our first drink on a night out

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