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81 Rye & Coke

Every time I experiment with other drinks, I always seem to end the night with at least a double Rye and Coke. It tastes great, is cheap, and gets you drunk fairly quickly. What more do you want?

Some Wiser's and coke, all you need, simple and effective and gets you drunk quite nicely.

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82 Vodka and Lime

Fresh lime and vodka is bittery goodness

83 Captain Morgans

It's one of the best spirits drink you can get, simply drink and enjoy... Goes well with soda

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84 Raksi

The best thing Indian invaders brought to Nepal other than Indian food! When I was working in Nepal, an old woman offered me some strong un-aged home distilled raksi liquor. I was scared it was like moonshine or whatever but it was the BOMB! This 120 proof clear spirit is made with millet, barley, and spices. In the Eastern part they call it 'aila' and replace the millet with rice. Great for shots, and I hope they commercialize it.

Made with rice or kodo (millet). great to mix with, and strong spiced taste. Try authentic raksi from Baglung, you will be in love

Best pure liquor. Part of newar festivals and events in Nepal.

I'm German but I've been to Nepal 6 times, and I tried many foods and drink. But nothing was stronger than raksi I tried in my Jumla-Dolpa trek. We went into a local bhati, where we ate some food and drink. Usually I would just take a beer but here there was no beer, only jhaand (millet beer) and raksi. I took a raksi, just to try it, it was a full 300mL glass of the strongest alcohol I ever drank. It burned my throat so bad and only one glass was enough to make me drunk. But it also felt very smooth, it was the weirdest sensation.

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85 Brandy and Coke

Brand and coke with lime is the way to go. Coke with lime and add a slice of lime with it. Awesome!

86 Kahlua and Milk

This drink is wonderful and taste great! You well forget it's mixed with milk.

I know it's not the most common drink ever, but it is incredible

87 Screwdriver

Want to try it

88 Vodka & Tonic

Refreshing, best tasting, and it's not SWEET. - OKHeresThePlan

89 Triple Black Smirnoff V 1 Comment
90 West Coast Cooler

The best non alcoholic tasting drink!

91 Dr. Mcgillicuddy's

Mcgillicuddy's and Cranberry juice... tastes just like a cheesecake. So good!

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92 Corona Extra

The best beer in the world Dawg try it

Best beer you can get, taste better than budweiser or other imports like peroni or san miguel masha'allah

Arturo's pub with the gang "bronx"

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93 Vodka Cruiser
94 Vodka and Pepsi

My favorite drink I don't actually like drinking to much but this is something I can really drink it is also known as a poor mans martini you can mix it pretty strong and it still just tastes like pepsi

I love vodka and pepsi! I can drinkmit all day everyday, well I'll be on the floor after bout 3 drinks, ha! I make my drinks strong

95 Hypnotic
96 Bulmers Irish Cider
97 Wyoming Leg Spreader
98 White Rum and Mango Juice
99 Piscola

Pisco from Chile with the best

100 Port Wine
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