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The top records released by All Time Low (including EPs, Albums, Live Albums etc., not Singles)
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1 Don't Panic Don't Panic Product Image

The BEST album All Time Low has ever made. It’s one of those rare records where every single song is a fun bop and fits a theme. Besides, even if you don’t like the songs much (and if you don’t WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?) you have to admit that each and every one of them is a lyrical MASTERPIECE. Again, the best album, hands down. <3

This is their newest album (as of December 2012) and it is definitely one of their best! Each song is different and there is a perfect ratio between fun, rocking songs that you can get up and dance to and emotional songs whose lyrics touch you forever. Don't Panic is not their best, but it definitely deserves to be up there in the top 3 :) Come on Hustlers! ATL forever

This and "Don't Panic: It's Longer Now" are probably All Time Low's best work. To Live and Let Go, Backseat Serenade, and If These Sheets Were States are three of my most favorite songs by the band. I think these albums truly reflect All Time Low's pop-punk style.

This album has a great mix of the all time low from swir and dirty work ATL and it just makes for a great album. Also I really didn't even like dirty work.

2 Nothing Personal Nothing Personal Product Image

This is the ATL I fell in love with. 17 Amazing classic All Time Low songs - including 8 Of the top 12 songs they have played live the most.
It's the album with Therapy, Weightless, Dear Maria, Coffeeshop soundtrack,Stella and the only song of theirs to be on Billboards top 100 charts, hitting #67, Damned If I Do Ya. There is no bad ATL album. There is no better or best ATL album; they all speak to you differently is all. Since all their albums are "the best"... the best I could figure is that I needed to choose the album that best represents All Time Low. That stated - I admit... I think it's my favorite album 😜

My two favorite songs of theirs are on this album. Weightless is super relatable and Therapy makes me cry when ever I hear it. That song has saved lives. Just simply an amazing album. Also Damned If I Do Ya and Lost in Stereo are on this and they are some of my favorite songs too so just awesome album

Nothing personal is overrated. It's a good record and all, but I find the lyrics far more immature than so wrong, it's right. other than therapy, the record falls flat and lacks an emotional connection. alex is known for writing insightful and meaningful lyrics but this is really more of a party album... I don't know why everyone loves it so much to be brutally honest.

One of my favorite albums of all time. There's no words to describe it, just listen to it, you won't regret it. Pop punk perfection and ATL's best by far.

3 So Wrong, It's Right So Wrong, It's Right Product Image

WHY is this not ranked higher? Dear Maria is a classic. Vegas is AMAZING. Holly, Six feet Under the Stars, and Stay Awake are good. And who could forget the flawless, sentimental Remembering Sunday? Very good album.

7. The Party Scene - Bad quality better on put up or shut up
6. Dirty Work - UNDERRATED but I know why
5. Last young Renegade - ok
4. Future Hearts - Love it
3. Don't Panic - Amazing but its longer now is better
2. Nothing Personal - Classic
1. So Wrong its Right - No need to explain

I can never decide whether this or nothing personal are my favourite but I want to vote for this because it at least deserves second. Dear Maria, Shameless and Poppin' are all just such good songs.

Honestly this album is so under appreciated. poppin', vegas, six feet under the stars, remembering sunday, and stay awake are my personal favorites, however all of the songs are great

4 Future Hearts Future Hearts Product Image

Nothing Personal is my absolute favorite, but Future Hearts deserves to be higher.

Not my favorite atl release but come on, it deserves to be higher than dirty work

Dirty work over future hearts? I'm sorry, but... No

This should be higher

5 Dirty Work Dirty Work Product Image

So I am a DIE HARD All Time Low fan So Wrong Its Right, Nothing Personal, don't Panic and Future Hearts are 4 of my all time favorite albums ever but for some reason I never connected with Dirty Work I literally ether hate the song if its off Dirty work or I have no opinion on the song if its off Dirty Work to me Dirty Work is by far the lowest point in All Time Low career and I am gonna just come out and say it most of the lyrics on Dirty Work suck this is hard for me to say since Alex Gaskarth is in my top 5 favorite song writers of all time and All Time Low have been in my top 10 favorite bands of all time since 2007 but Dirty Work is not a good album I even hate the album cover.

By far the most underrated album, yet the best they've released. The lyrics are sometimes immature (but far less than the ones in Nothing Personal) but the instruments and Alex's voice are on point. I don't hear any bad song on this album. I love it so much.

Time bomb...this album Is the best

I don’t see why almost everyone on this list is hating on this album. I don’t think it’s their best but I still love it.

6 Last Young Renegade Last Young Renegade Product Image

Why so low? I get that it doesn’t fit into All Time Low’s genre, but it’s still a great album. LYR is a song you can jam out to, Dirty Laundry, Nice2KnoU, Drugs and Candy, and Nightmares are all pretty good. Afterglow and Life of the Party aren’t bad either. And lyric-wise, it’s pretty strong!

The songs are great, it shouldn't be this close to the bottom.

New, but awesome with great songs!

Loved this album. what is dirty work doing above this?

7 Put Up or Shut Up Put Up or Shut Up Product Image

So wrong, it's right will always be my favorite but put up or shut up is a close second for sure. Best song: Lullabies, Least favorite song: Break out, Break out

I'm surprised that this isn't in the top 3 I love all the songs on this album! This is my favorite ATL album by far

"Their best, and most honest effort"

It's a great EP its not an Album an EP

8 Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! Product Image

Don’t Panic, but with more songs. And dang, the new songs are good. How is this at the bottom of the list?

9 The Party Scene The Party Scene Product Image

By far my favorite album of theirs and one of my favorites overall. Much preferred this rougher sound and the passion behind it; a very polished album.

10 Straight to DVD Straight to DVD Product Image
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11 The Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End
12 MTV Unplugged MTV Unplugged Product Image
13 Wake Up, Sunshine Wake Up, Sunshine Product Image

This album is great! Who the heck voted it so low? Sleeping In, SKOD, Getaway Green, and Melancholy Kaleidoscope are all catchy songs! The album is super uniform. This doesn’t get enough love :(

Solid album and their best work since Don’t Panic in my opinion. Well done All Time Low!

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