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1 Tearjerker

The James Bonds movies were the perfect theme for American Dad and who better to play Tearjerker than Roger

Roger is so great, I named my tortoise after him.

Great James Bond parody

2 The One That Got Away

This is the best episode ever! It's the only one I can watch over and over again.

Best episode!

3 Star Trek
4 Hurricane!

Just seen this episode tonight. Hilarious nonstop. Roger had me on the floor laughing when he let that girl die saying, "No, my sweatshirt" and Haley listening to Stan's advice opening the window letting the shark come inside to eat her.

You need to zip it lock it and put it in your pocket

Stan is the most dimwitted moron ever, even more than Roger is mean at all.
GO OUTSIDE AND GET HELP. How hard is that to follow!

This is probably the stupidest and funniest episode of anyhing. I especially like it when Stan brings the bearin the house to kill the shark but then they both team up. Alsow when Stan harpoones Francine. Funny stuff.

5 Camp Refoogee

I feel sorry for Steve!

6 For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls
7 Pilot

I personally liked the animation in this episode.

Hey, hey, hey, did somebody order a brand new dog?

This is the first episode of American Dad ever invented and my honest opinion it was one of the best episodes ever inved

Lisa Silver is a BITCH. I feel sorry for Steve.

8 Poltergasm
9 A.T - The Abusive Terrestrial
10 1600 Candles

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? Son of Stan

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11 Rapture's Delight

This episode was one of the most perfect because of the way that they placed the apocalypse to almost look awesome and how Stan really loves Francine even though she loved Jesus more. And it's kind of a mind that every moment after this episode could've just been a dream in his own private room.

Francine is a huge idiot and a bigger hypocrite in this episode.

I enjoyed this one for its unusual storytelling.

12 Phantom of the Telethon
13 Stan's Food Restaurant

I hate Francine, but I like how she was with Stan when he opened up his Restaurant.

14 Joint Custody

kick ass

15 Great Space Roaster

Roger deserves to get roasted for being a jerk.

16 Which Way But Loose
17 The Longest Distance Relationship
18 Merlot Down Dirty Shame
19 Cops and Roger
20 Brains, Brains and Automobiles
21 Weiner Of Our Discontent
22 Irregarding Steve

Arnold and Gilbert made this a classic for American dad I actually cried a little when Arnold came to the realization of death when his mother died

So funny Rodger is so dumb

23 Spring Breakup
24 Stan of Arabia

Laugh out loud they get stoned... Almost

25 Roy Rogers McFreely
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