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41 Hermod's Ride to Hel

There is something in this song that excites me, like the beginning of a great journey. This song is my remedy for discouragement!

This song should be at least in Top 20

42 At Dawn's First Light

One of the best off their new album!

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43 Vs. the World

Are you guys kidding? How is this song so low?
i'm a really big amon amarth fan and this is BY FAR they're best work. This songs intro is, in my opinion, the best thing I have ever listend to in my whole life.

44 Prediction of Warfare

Can't believe this is stuck on 29? It is by far the best song by AA and some in the top 10 shouldn't even be there in my opinion. But as always, it's all down to personal preference I guess...

The riff sounds kind of like Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath, but more melancholic

I'm in so in love with that viking metal group : no doubt 4 me simple the best

45 Where is Your God?

I like the songs beat/rhythm is so happy to me I can't get enough of it each time I hear it I smile and I'm energized so much

Can't get enough of this one. Probably one of my favourite songs of all time.

Cannot believe that this is so far back! One of their best by a long shot

46 Wrath of the Norsemen
47 Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

Amazing riff! Totally deserves to be up there!

What!?!? 51? This should be in top 20 and maybe even top 10. Their best song in my opinion.

48 Tock's Taunt - Loke's Treachery Part II

This is number 2. Just epic!

49 Under Siege

What an epic song!

Amazing outro!


I find it surprising that I had to add this item, an amazing song from the last album "Deceiver of the Gods", song of bravery and courage. One of the best Outros I've ever heard, deservs at least top 20

50 Across the Rainbow Bridge

Amon is one of the best when it comes to intros. That's probably a factor with Twilight of the Thunder God being ranked first, it's epic in under a planck time. But Across the Rainbow Bridge is definitely Amon's best, highly recommend checking it out if you haven't heard it.

Across the rainbow bridge is one of their most impressive and melodic songs and unfortunately totally underrated, as it doesn´┐Ż't follow their conventional kind of music making

Love this song. Viking with a death wish. Totally killer

51 Ride for Vengeance
52 The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves

Very touching song showing both sides of a man (in this case a viking of course) going to war leaving his familiy behind not knowing if he will ever return. A timeless and tragic story that was true from the first wars in history and still is today. Combines a sad goodbye theme upon his leave with the harder pushing-for- attack-music when the battle begins. The outcome is not revealed. Does the warrior return? Does he fall? An early epic masterpiece of Amon Amarth!

Indeed very emotional. Shows two sides of a story. The one is the commonly known part about raiding vikings attacking on foreign shores. The other side is that of every man that went to a battle since the rise of mankind when he has to leave his family behind without knowing if he will ever return. Great song!

Amazing riffs, cool solo...I love this song so much. Oh, and the live version is one of the best things I've seen in my life

Defiantely Amon amarths most emotional song, yet so underrated. While pursuit of Vikings is unbelievable overrated.

53 Avenger

This is one of the best things Amon amarth has ever done. It is a seven minute epic that has some of the most memorable riffs in any melodic death song. This defintally deserves to be higher up.

54 Slaves of Fear

Where the hell is this pure epicness!? It's just awesome guys this should at least be in first 10!

55 The Last with Pagan Blood

Lesser known but should be more popular

Growing from dark and ominous to bombastic and volcanic like some Wagnerian opera, The Last With Pagan Blood tells the epic legend of the Einherjar, who will ride out with Odin at Ragnarok and take revenge on the religion that left them in shame. As Johan Hegg says, "I always find I need a beer in hand for this one. "

Epic song!

56 No Fear for the Setting Sun
57 North Sea Storm
58 A Beast Am I

How is this 68!?!?
you guys need to listen to all of Amon Amarth before you vote on stuff like this

59 Wanderer
60 ... and Soon the World Will Cease to Be
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