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21 You Sent Me Flying You Sent Me Flying

The lyrical capability and ease.
"And all of my pride is not easily disturbed
You sent me flying me flying when you kicked me to the curb."
Damn, this song sends me flying.

22 Cupid Cupid

Have heard this song done by lots of different people, but no one does it as good as Amy Winehouse does it.

23 I Heard Love is Blind I Heard Love is Blind

This song makes me laugh whenever I hear it. She is awesome

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24 Moody's Mood for Love Moody's Mood for Love V 1 Comment
25 Best for Me
26 Addicted
27 Some Unholy War Some Unholy War

The saddest one in my opinion. I just don't understand how it still didn't find it's place on this list. It is absolutely amazing.

Great groovy beat, with a nice lyrics and vocals

I love this song. It's so deep and sad

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28 Mr. Magic Mr. Magic

Your guys is stupid.this song best songs of all time

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29 Help Yourself
30 What Is It About Men What Is It About Men V 1 Comment
31 Like Smoke Like Smoke

There is something about this song that gets me every time. I am not sure exactly what it is, but very few other songs have this effect on me. The lyrics are so beautiful, and even though Amy's sections of the songs are very brief, they are worth sitting through. Every voice crack, every wavering note pulls at my heart strings and gives me goosebumps. Truly an amazing song.

32 Long Day
33 When My Eyes
34 Between the Cheats Between the Cheats V 1 Comment
35 Best Friends Best Friends

This song(+ the acoustic) is awesome. Such beautiful lyrics and soothing sound

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36 Hey Little Rich Girl Hey Little Rich Girl
37 Half Time Half Time
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