Top 10 Best Anthrax Songs

The Top Ten Best Anthrax Songs

1 Caught in a Mosh

love dis song... great music

Their best song, without a doubt, and awesome for live shows. I always wanna play this one with my band!

I'm gonna listen it! Sounds very good, but people recommended me this band, I wanna hear them!

This is an awesome song. This is probably the best Anthrax song. It's hardcore and you want bang your head to it. Truly a metal classic.

2 Madhouse

One of the best thrash metal songs of all time

This, Master of Puppets, Raining Blood, and Holy Wars (The Punishment Due) were the best thrash metal songs made

Brilliant song the best of anthrax specially the combination of voice and guitar solo. Long live the big 4

PROBABLY THE BEST THRASH METAL SONG EVER COMPOSED! Anthrax! The riff just sends chills down my spine..

3 Indians

Drumming brilliant, great guitar and good vocals, a very classic thrash song and Anthraxs best.

I fell in love with this song on The Big Four Live.. I love the lyrics, the solo..

Time for the IndianS

The main riff in this song is a masterpiece. This and Breathing Lightning are my favorites. If you haven't heard Breathing Lightning yet, listen to it NOW.

4 I Am the Law

This should be Number One!
Bring the Noise shouldn't be on this list
Antisocial's not that good..

He earned it with his blood.
Your sentence may be death because

The book of law is the bible to him
Any crime committed is a sin!
He keeps the peace whith his law-giver
Judge, jury, and executioner!

Got to be one of the best lyrics ever, definitely anthrax's best.

One of the most catchy songs by Anthrax. Great main riff, superb vocal melodies. No doubt this song should at least be among the top 3.

5 Got the Time

This song could be one of the best in the thrash metal world... I describe this song as... Awesome!

Got the time.. Tick, tick, ticking in my head!

This should be the best of time, the rhythm was very good for head banging. Great guitar melody. Awesome tunes for the spirit of metal thrashing mad.

Most of the other choices were pretty close, but this is so clearly the best. No way to describe it except that it gives you a huge rush.

Gets stuck in your head instead of giving you a headache like some of Anthrax's other less-melodic stuff.

6 In the End

Probably one of the most deep songs by them. Although recent, the song has all the more meaning as it was dedicated to Ronnie James Dio and Dimebag Darrel. Awesome song overall! Definitely the crown jewel of "Worship Music" and one of their best songs.

Great tune! It just builds and builds and has a really cool intro also. Along with The Devil you know, are the two best from Worship Music.

I honestly think that this song needs to be pushed in the top 5. It's one of the Anthrax songs I've ever heard, and certainly one of the best metal songs to come out in the last couple of years. Vote people!

Great Song. Must Hear.

7 Among the Living

Simply best song from their best album. Great opener, awesome intro and then Belladonna vocals with amazing riffs from Scott and his company. Dynamic and heavy. Why it is so underrated? It is as good as Caught in a Mosh, Indians or I'm the Law, for me even better. Come on vote for this masterpiece.

I was a little hesitant when I got the album to play it but once I herd the thrashing part on this song I knew I made no mistake.

Best song, awesome riff, drums and vocals from joey m/

Lol, it's by far the best song with caught in a mosh, why is it so underrated?

8 Belly of the Beast

Their most underrated song, should be in Top 5...

This song MUST be listened to straight after 'intro to reality'. just like Judas Priest's 'Electric Eye' HAS to be listened to with 'The Helion'

Should be higher! Love this one!

To tune. enough said

9 The Devil You Know

Really good guitar in this song!

10 Fight 'em'til You Can't

City authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living! Best intro to any song! One of the best solos of all time! Best anthrax song ever!

In my mind, one of the top 10 thrash songs of all time, I love it

Such a great song from start to finish. Great song to workout to

Best anthrax song ever! Hands down!

The Contenders

11 Armed and Dangerous

Best Anthrax intro ever, amazing vocals and riffs. A gem of a song.

The beginning maybe is a little slow but once the heavy part kicks in this song is badass in every possible meaning of the word. Awesome song altogether.

My favorite song from my favorite album there's no weakness in this song!

My joint favourite with Madhouse on the Spreading the Disease album.

12 Medusa

Belladonna's best vocal performance I think, great riffs, amazing lyrics. One of their more underrated songs, off of Spreading the Disease.

Wow, absolutely incredible, everything a metal song needs. Pounding, thrashing, incredible riff, perfection in the vocals, extremely catchy too. This is a masterpiece of heavy metal!

This song is so catchy that its easily a top ten material

No way this can be so low in the list

13 Only

MY GOD, 17th! This song is, by far, one of Anthrax's classics. Absolutely love the intro, the verses and chorus... in fact everything about it! And the riff is so magnificently different and unique that it really catches your attention. Give it a try, it's definitely a song worth investigating

Epic beginning with a drum solo great lyrics and maybe the best chorus they have ever written m/

Arguably grunge, and I know people aren't fond of Bush; you can't deny this is one of the best songs ever written.

When James Hetfield calls it "the perfect song", you know this should be higher than 12th. THIS BELONGS IN THE TOP 3! Behind Caught in a Mosh and NFL

14 A.I.R.

How is this song only number 14? its one of the classic all time thrash metal songs! Amazing guitar riffs and great vocals!

This is in my opinion one of the greatest thrash songs period

Best song on Spreading the disease! Way better than Madhouse!

Scotts riffs joeys vocals amazing lyrics the song speaks the rest

15 Antisocial

I play this to my brother and other people who I don't like. Great song

This is a cover song of antisocial by trust

This deserves a good place

This is just a cover!

16 Be All, End All

I absolutely love this song. just listen to it its the perfect metal song.

The lyrics and guitar are amazing, and I don't think Joey belladonna has sounded this good in any other anthrax song

The song that made me a fan for life.

Top 10 min

17 Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)

This song is just so totally crazy!
When these guys get their s*** together it makes for some tight headbanging fun

How is this thrash anthem not at #1?

Amazing vocals and chorus on this one.

John Belushi, man. Jon Belushi.

18 Keep It in the Family

Excellent rhythm work on this track. The bass and drums compliment everything nicely. Finally the lyrics and vocals are great. What's not to like?

Very anti racist lyrics, great opening riff, amazing solo, and belladonna's vocals fit well.

Brilliant song! Love it!

Top 5 material

19 Gung-Ho

This is probably the fastest song they have ever made

Best Anthrax song!

20 Blood Eagle Wings

This... is... not only the greatest masterpiece of Anthrax, but one of the greatest metal songs of all time in my opinion. The proud of Metal genre.

It's so low right now because it's from the latest album. I hope it will go up soon. It's one of their best songs and should have take it's place among top ten.

This song is truly great. If Anthrax can keep producing music like this then they are going to exceed their own incredibly high standards.

I'm in to epics. This song is epic. The video is epic.

21 Breathing Lightning

This song was released this year, but believe me, it's one of the best. It's amazing.

Hands down a top 5 song by Anthrax, from the guitar solo to Joey's voice... simply amazing that they can still make great music

Anthrax fan all my life, favorite band as a kid... Give this song time to prove its worth, for a band in the twilight of their career, this track is bull good!

22 In My World

This song describes the words that spin round in my head. Perfect!

The Best son in Persistence of Time

That opening riff is just awesome m/


23 A Skeleton In the Closet

"Tell me a story - Will ya, Will ya

A real good story, I won't leave till ya

Spill your guts old man

Leave out any secrets, Hiding in the"

Tempo changes, punchy bass with a pick, great lead and backing vocals, perfect guitar tone, Anthrax at their very best.

This song is just plain awesome! Everything about this song is great and the gang vocals in the chorus are sick. Truly thrashy and I was very surprised to see that it wasn't on the list already.

How is this #52? Easily top 5 in my opinion

24 Death from Above

Great song from a great band

25 Aftershock

Best Anthrax song of all time

26 Imitation of Life

The whole band at a bloody fast pace throughout the song. May not be as spectacular as other songs on Anthrax's Among The Living album, but what it lacks in songwriting it makes up for in sheer pace (thanks to Charlie Benante's rocket thrash beats and Scott Ian's hyperfast riffing) and soul (Joey Belladonna wailing HAA-HAA-HA, anyone? )

27 Safe Home

The solo are so good, the riff is like a long Highway of power, the voice make you dream.

One of best make you sure you are in a big heavy metal family.

Good solo, catchy vocals = good song

Heard it once and couldn't get it out of my head

28 Finale

What why so low? It is an amazing song with amazing riff and lyrics!

29 1000 Points of Hate
30 Poison My Eyes

This is without a doubt, my favorite Anthrax song. The chorus is amazing.

One of the best and least know songs from the band. Even before "Sound" was released, Bush gave a driving vocal on this.

Great song that was on The Last Action Hero soundtrack.

31 All of Them Thieves

This song is absolutely incredible, needs to be way higher.

32 Zero Tolerance

Amazing song to finish For all Kings with a bang!

33 Parasite
34 Black Lodge

I don't know who's doing the voting on this but Black Lodge should most definitely be in the top 3.

It was a toss up between this and Safe Home but in the end I gotta go with Black Lodge.

The greatest anthrax song!

35 You Gotta Believe

This song kicks serious ass!


36 Inside Out

Like fire, like cancer, like I've never been gun shot...

John Bush's voice is just so raw in this song.

37 Alpha Male
38 A Toast to the Extras
39 Now It's Dark

The tempo is perfect- Not so fast as to insensible, but quick enough to never be dull. Great chorus. Go on, sing it now- you know you want to

The riff in the beginning is their best riff. All in all a kick-ass, thrashing metal song. So good.

40 Intro to Reality
41 Crush

This song really should be higher

Holy crap! This is my favorite by them & it's this low. what

So my favorite Anthrax song is FORTY TWO? what!

42 Time

This has got to be my favorite song by Anthrax next to Medley: A.D.I. /Horror of it All.

Time and Blood are two awesome songs that need to be at least in the Top 20. Persistence of Time is one of the most Underrated metal albums of all time, my second favorite of Anthrax...

How IN THE WORLD is Time down here at 52? Great, chugging riff, awesome guitars, and an awesome solo too. What's the deal?


43 The Enemy
44 Lone Justice

I liked this so much I think this music need to be first

Simply the greatest masterpiece on thrash metal!

Big gay

Favorite song off StD. Followed closely by Madhouse...

45 Panic

Has to have one of the best solos I've ever heard. Dan Spitz is a god!

An underrated Anthrax classic! Furious riffs and solos.

My friends you this is one of their best songs you must hear it immediately if you don't know this. It has a long but a very good solo and an absolute killer riff you can see it on yourself. Please accept this comment and have fun with this mastepiece

46 Who Cares Wins
47 Bare
48 Fueled
49 Catharsis

First time I heard of them. One of my all time classics.
Iam in, iam out, iam breaking thru the darkness...

50 Vice of the People
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