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Iranian-Swedish singer, dancer, entertainer and producer.

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1 Arash Arash

Feat Helena Josefsson, Swedish singer and songwriter - MatrixGuy

Arash every song save in my heart.

My best song forever

Nice song but I am intarested

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2 Temptation V 4 Comments
3 Tike Tike Kardi

Really nice song


good song

4 Pure Love

Both the audio and video of this song is tremendous. Whats pure love I don't even know but anyone can feel by hearing it. The ending of the video was beyond of imagination a dead lover saved his lovers life whats fantastic ending hats off Aarash keep it up

Awesome song! Make's you mad anytime you hear this & tears come outta my eyes...

An awesome song...
Really touch my heart

Best of the best

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5 Chori Chori

Nice song. Great music a good fusion of Persian and punjabi music

6 Boro Boro

What a Song by Arash!
It is there in Bollywood movie " Bluff master"...
Like it Very much... Has good music too.. Perfect voice... Perfect music... Perfect composition...

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7 Broken Angel

No words to describe it. Once you listen to this song you will be addicted to this song and video

It' so nice song, I wish no one face this life. No words to describe it

I love this one like hell... The video cinematography is awesome, really reaches out to my heart always

It makes you feel from inside

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8 Donya
9 Iran Iran
10 Suddenly

AWESOME! Need more songs like this! Such Gr88 tune!
Any suggestions?

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11 One Day

This is a very nice song. It makes me happy.

One day song & video nice & so romantic

It so nice it's is awesome. Every time I listen to it. It's makes me feel like so fresh. Its music is parfact for pure love. I like all best songs of arash.. need more song like thisā™„

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12 She Makes Me Go

It deserves no. 1... I think it's the best song of Arash.

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13 Dasa Bala

Its like awesome man. Every time I listen to it, it makes me feel so fresh. Its music is perfect. The rap is too good. And arash he rocks, simply fantastic.

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14 Bego Ey Yaar Bego V 1 Comment
15 Sex Love Rock N Roll

I want to download all song of arash

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16 Melody

My name is melody to can I have arash feat rebecca

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17 Always
18 Behnaz

number 1

19 Kandi

Awesome song! Kandi! Kandi!

20 Tekoon Bede
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