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Iranian-Swedish singer, dancer, entertainer and producer.

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1 Arash

Feat Helena Josefsson, Swedish singer and songwriter

Arash every song save in my heart.

My best song forever

Arash is a King of songs I love him, his songs, his Style etc

2 Temptation

Arash is the best

Arash is the best in world...

I like every song of arash

Ossom song... The female portion z just amazing... I advise you all 2 frst listen dis song...

3 Tike Tike Kardi

Really nice song


good song

4 Pure Love

Both the audio and video of this song is tremendous. Whats pure love I don't even know but anyone can feel by hearing it. The ending of the video was beyond of imagination a dead lover saved his lovers life whats fantastic ending hats off Aarash keep it up

Awesome song! Make's you mad anytime you hear this & tears come outta my eyes...

An awesome song...
Really touch my heart

I really love this song...

5 Chori Chori

Nice song. Great music a good fusion of Persian and punjabi music

6 Boro Boro

What a Song by Arash!
It is there in Bollywood movie " Bluff master"...
Like it Very much... Has good music too.. Perfect voice... Perfect music... Perfect composition...

Just awesome... Mindblowing... No wonderwhy Bollywood took it

When I think of bolly fusion songs, I can't miss this one. G8 Bollywood music by Arash... :]

7 Broken Angel

No words to describe it. Once you listen to this song you will be addicted to this song and video

It' so nice song, I wish no one face this life. No words to describe it

I love this one like hell... The video cinematography is awesome, really reaches out to my heart always

This one is the best. and this will become the greatest hit in future. god bless arashh you can do it

8 Donya
9 Iran Iran


10 Suddenly

AWESOME! Need more songs like this! Such Gr88 tune!
Any suggestions?

I am rehman shiekh korangi. Suddenly my fewrid song!

I am Rehman shiekh korangi. Suddenly my fewreid song ok!

The Contenders

11 One Day One Day Cover Art

This is a very nice song. It makes me happy.

One day song & video nice & so romantic

Amazing song! I listen to it almost every day. Really GOOD!

It so nice it's is awesome. Every time I listen to it. It's makes me feel like so fresh. Its music is parfact for pure love. I like all best songs of arash.. need more song like this♥

12 She Makes Me Go She Makes Me Go Cover Art

It deserves no. 1... I think it's the best song of Arash.


Mind blowing song... Must listen.. ♥♥

13 Dasa Bala

Its like awesome man. Every time I listen to it, it makes me feel so fresh. Its music is perfect. The rap is too good. And arash he rocks, simply fantastic.

Awesome music! I just love it...

14 Bego Ey Yaar Bego

I want to download

15 Melody

My name is melody to can I have arash feat rebecca

This song ALWAYS makes me smile!

I love all songs of arsh with helena

16 Sex Love Rock N Roll

I want to download all song of arash


17 Always
18 Behnaz

I like it. Actually this song is for his wife whose name is behnaz ansari

number 1

19 Kandi

Awesome song! Kandi! Kandi!

20 Tekoon Bede Tekoon Bede Cover Art
21 Omg (Oh My God)
22 Esmet ChiChie Esmet ChiChie Cover Art
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