Best Arfin Rumey Songs

This is the list of best Songs featured by Arfin Rumey - one of the most popular and successful music composer of Bangladesh.

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1 Ek Jibon

This Arfin Rumey ft shahid & shuvomita song is just awesome. Not only his best composed song but it's the number 1 bangla song of this era

Undoubtedly the best song featured by Rumi. No compare with this song...

Superb lyrics, mind blowing composition, great vocals, and the greatest melody make this song one of the greatest bangla romantic song for ever. Who can dare to dislike this song?

Amazing song. Love the first and second one. This is just an incredible song.

I like very much this song. I think is great song.

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2 Er Beshi Bhalobasa Jayna V 2 Comments
3 Neelima

Most probably, it is Rumi's least famous song in this list. But I give it 5 out of 5.
I've never heard such a romantic song before listened to this one

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4 Bolona kothay tumi

I love this song a lot because some moment and some memories are stuck on it with my life n life patnar.

Good morning rumi. I'm Indian, my name is Mithun, so I like it your songs

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5 Tomari Porosh

This Arfin Rumey ft Porshi song is the best Romantic Bangla song I've ever heard. One of his best work- JOY OKIMURO

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6 Priyotoma

Like this kind of romantic songs man I have no words to say its just mindblowing. Special Thanks Arfin Rumey

Actually I like this song very much. It is melodious. Many many thanks to Arfin Rumi. I want more More beautifull song from him to be sung like this one. I think every lover would like this song.

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7 Chithi


8 Ojhor Shrabon V 1 Comment
9 Tomar Amar Valobasha

It's a very emotional and attractive songs for all songs lover.
The meaning of romantic song.

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10 Moner ekla ghore V 3 Comments

The Contenders

11 Khuje Khuje

I is very Lovely sweet song. Best of luck

I love and like Arfin rumey songs. I want to make a good singer like Arfin rumey.

Porshi is going high! I'm from West Benagl, India & must say Porshi is very famous among who listen to bangladeshi song. Khuje Khuje is amazing and is so Afrin Rumey here. Loved them both. Best Regards.

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12 Prothom Premer Alo
13 Mon Pajore

Its very lovely to listen @ I usually share this with my friends.

14 Jole Utho Bangladesh
15 Tumi Haat Bariye
16 Lojja
17 Moner Gohine V 1 Comment
18 Ore Priya V 3 Comments
19 Dolna
20 Hridoy Jure V 1 Comment
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