Best Armored Saint Songs

Top songs by the American Heavy Metal band Armored Saint.

The Top Ten

1 Reign of Fire

Then you hear the tale of tales
Bound and gagged
You're in a reign of fire.

2 March of the Saint
3 Can U Deliver
4 For the Sake
5 Human Vulture
6 Up Yours
7 Raising Fear
8 Symbol of Salvation
9 Last Train Home
10 Another Day

The Newcomers

? Spineless
? Take a Turn

The Contenders

11 False Alarm
12 Isolation
13 Dropping Like Flies
14 Chemical Euphoria
15 Mad House
16 Long Before I Die
17 Tribal Dance
18 Warzone
19 In the Hole
20 Never Satisfied
21 Nervous Man
22 Mess
23 Lesson Well Learned
24 Creepy Feelings
25 You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Also from the decline of western civilization II soundtrack.

26 With a Full Head of Steam
27 Stricken By Fate
28 Burning Question

A very badass song by a very underrated band m/

29 Win Hands Down
30 Chilled
31 Shadows

Memorable song! On the Japanese version of Revelation. Pritchard/Bush composition.

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