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41 My Beautiful Woman My Beautiful Woman

The 3rd best behind larger than life and show me the meaning.. Listen to it and you'll understand

42 No Goodbyes

I want it that way other awesome song!

43 What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)

Come on hw could it get no votes..? This is such a beautiful song... Its lyrics, beats everything is perfect... It should be in top ten... Best song by Backstreet Boys...

This Is Such a Damn Beautiful Song It should be in Top 10.. Come on vote this cause this song deserves to be Their...
Just Listen to it ones you will fall in love with this song...

Touch lyric! Makes me melt every time I hear this song...

.. So come as you are
You've got nothing to prove
You won me with all that you do
And I wanna take this chance to say to you

What makes you different
Makes you beautiful
What's there inside you
Shines through to me...

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44 Get Another Boyfriend Get Another Boyfriend

It is a great pop song. It have some similarity to "the call". So guys, try listening to this song.

Great song and greatly underrated!

Just Listen! Its definitely Backstreet Boys's best ever!
I've seen enough... Now this must come to an end... GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND!

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45 Love Is

its a true love song which makes your eyes full of tears. this is unepreoibly romantic

just listen 2 it guys

all the songs you had ever heard are gonna be the worst compare 2 this song -

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46 How Did I Fall in Love with You How Did I Fall in Love with You

Such a beautiful song. I help to falling in love with this song

This song is the most amazing love song I have ever heard. And I love it.

Best love song from Backstreet Boys, it should be Top 10 at least!

Because Howie sings it beautifully

47 Shattered Shattered

This IS the BEST song! How on earth is this not in the first place?!
Brian has sung this with all his heart! Nick and A. J are fantastic as usual.
The lyrics are something worth memorizing and the tune simply doesn't get out of my head.
This is SO not fair! Shattered is the #1 song.

This is a beautiful song! And it should secure a place at least in the top tens by heaven! :) #YOLO Backstreet Boys!

And now I'm shattered... that this song is at #49. And oh, how it hurts, that this song is not #1.

One of the most emotional songs of Backstreet Boys ever composed

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48 I'll Never Break Your Heart

Best Backstreet Boys song ever with awesome lyrics

So great with amazing polyphonic part at the end!

So good this should be number one for sure!

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49 That's the Way I Like It

It hits you from the start. Great song. - Castiel

I like this song is my hit make me to dance and shack it I love it party all night

Hot song, it's my favorite one ^^it's music and lyrics shakes your body nervously and feels like you wanna party insanely

50 We Will Rock You
51 It's Gotta Be You It's Gotta Be You

Amazing song! I love everything about it. It definitely should be at the top of this list. There is nothing about this that you can dislike.

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52 I Promise You (With Everything I Am) I Promise You (With Everything I Am)

Seriously? No votes for this song? This song has a soothing melody and I have always loved it.

Deserves to be no. 1. How can you explain you love her any better. How can you assert that you love better than this

Great song, a must for those who prefer songs with good lyrics.

This song make me cry sometimes

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53 In Pieces In Pieces

I love the different sustained vowels in this song, seems like the entire song is crafted to be sung with held notes, on several parts of both upper and lower register. Another song I like, "Just Want You Too Know" is just basically belting/edge on a small subset of high notes above baritone range. "In Pieces" can be sung beautifully, though. As a bonus, the text isn't ridiculous, it's actually OK (though too vague to be meaningful). Auditioned with this, it is brilliant.

54 Love Will Keep You Up All Night Love Will Keep You Up All Night

I love this song very emotional

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55 10,000 Promises

I love this songs evrytime I heard I remimber my past in evrything happen in mylife, and I'm the one your funs forever and ever I wish to see your group in personal and also hope you make consert her in kuwait city because I'm her working I really want to see all of you, thanks and god bless yuo all.. - [email protected]

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56 Fallen Angel

No way! This song must be in the top 20

57 Helpless Helpless

Great lyrics Great performance Great song should be on top 10 just listen to it and pit bull made it more than that

58 Everything But Mine Everything But Mine

Man this is their best song from unbreakable. Specially nick's part is awesome.
This one is too underrated.
It deserve to be in top 10.

Has anyone heard this... I don't think so... If you have heard it willnot be here...

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59 Any Other Way Any Other Way

This song's guitar parts rock! One of the best songs in 'unbreakable' and maybe also one of Backstreet Boys's greatest ones!

This is the most underrated song of Backstreet Boys. Love this song. I remember I listened to this song 20 times in a row when I discovered this song.

Guitar Leads... Just Awesome! Rock That... Pure Rock
Another Underrated Song!

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60 Show 'Em (What You're Made Of) Show 'Em (What You're Made Of)

I love this song so much its my favourite Backstreet Boys along with never gone

One of the best of Backstreet Boys

This has to be in top 3! SUCH AN UNDERATTED SONG! Kevin has sung so beautifully in this one!

Those who voted I doubt most of them have listened to all the Backstreet Boys songs! A true fan knows which songs are great! and this one, is one of the greats! The ranking does not matter nor others opinions! I love Backstreet Boys and not because others listen to them or not! I love them because I love their songs! ~period!

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