Shape of My Heart


I've started listening to the Backstreet Boys when I was TWO YEARS OLD, promise. I have home videos singing different songs, and when I was about three, I memorized Shape of My Heart. This is just so memorable for me. This will always bring back good memories of my childhood - vote up!

Amazing song. When you listen to it, It gives you the goosebumps. Nick really is awesome in this one. I really wonder why its at 10th cause honestly, It is easily their best song. The chorus is so epic and meaningful.
Lovely song, really is.

This is by far the best Backstreet Boys song EVER! I love the melody, lyrics and the video as well! It easily beats out the rest of their tunes, HANDS DOWN!

Haha, I feel sad that now, in 2013. All boybands and music never feel like this. I'm not into boyband though, I am metal fan but Backstreet Boys absolute top boyband I've ever heard. 1D is never ever be as 1% of Backstreet Boys goodness in this life or another...

Its my favorite song really heart touching good emotional song its always my favorite song and I m big fan of Nike carter

I am from Uzbekistan which is situated in Central Asia. I liked this song very much. I can't live without listening it.

It's a wonderful Song! I really love the chorus. Great Group in the World! You are rocks Backstreet Boys!

Best Song, Best Lyrics Best Band! I Love It... Black And Blue Rocks.. And Even Backstreet Boys Rocks!

Waiting for a big comeback,... Come and make a hit in the box-office... I would wait for many years...

Really awesome. Shows the real face of a lover. Inspiring one

The Song Shapes Everything... into an art, a masterpiece of LOVE! Thank You for the song.

I love this song. It's a part of my life. Backstreet Boys are in my heart. Love you guys

This band is amazing... Every day I listen to this song and its still not boring..

It's 2014, and people are still listening to this song. It's really incredible

Underrated compared to other Backstreet Boys songs, this song is so peaceful and powerful all at once- and who can resist that iconic boyband key change near the end?

I love all their songs. This was a hard choice but I had to go with Shape of My Heart. The melody, words and ability to sing this at the top of my lungs makes it my first choice. What a nice problem to have~too many good songs.

The best song in the world! I absolutely adore backstreet boys

I just love this song. Remembers gomes in to my mind whit this.

Awesome song! So gentle, so full of love and emotions! Number 1 )))))

Best melody and lyrics. Love the chorus at the end.

Backstreet Boys shaped my heart with this song

Such a beautiful song, gets me every time

Wow, the song is great and so is the video

Simply amazing and heart touching

"Now let me show you the shape of my heart". Greatest romantic lyrics. Such great lyrics are hard to comeby genius work. No one now could even come closer to this beauty