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101 Mushfiqur Rahman Dipto
102 Shadman Rajji Farzan Khan

Most wonderful friendly person we have meet ever

He is a new guitarist in Chittagon from Australia n a killer in his own styles
As far I seen him he plays guitar from his heart, follows his own style n creates awesome tunes. this boy is a multi talented in films, music, arts n beside in business n studies
Lot of pray for Shadman Rajji.
Go on dude

He is too good in jazz blues n death metal riff... but :p weak in bangla speaking.. Ha ha ha
Best of luck Rajji vaia

103 Shoaib (Meghdol)
104 KazI Nur -A- Alam (Shanto)
105 Sheikh Md Adnan (Mid 90's)
106 Farhan (Cryptic Fate) V 2 Comments
107 Maruf Hasan Mintu (Border)
108 Sujan (Moruvumi Band)
109 Bappa Mazumder

One of the best guitar player of this era... Front man of the legendary bangladeshi band DALCHHUT...

V 1 Comment
110 Shaan Islam

This guy is one of the youngest and one of the most talented guitarists of Khulna.

111 Prantik (DRB)
112 Rio (Nishachar)
113 Rushrukh Rayan
114 Muhit (Unmad)
115 Shaon (Silent Time)

I am his student & I see him playing from very close... I know he is one of the best.

116 NIL (Orchestra)
117 Afzal Khan Shuvo

He doesn't know anything about guitar.! So vote him to win this... Thanks everyone

118 Sayeed Khan
119 Saon (H20)
120 Raihan Arifin
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