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121 Shovon Mahabub
122 Yngwie Russel Ahmed (Meditation)

He is nice play guitar in chittagong

123 Mofiz Talukder
124 Abed Hossain
125 Rumon Hayat (Bloodoria)

One of the best guitarist of bd who loves to teach metalheads how to live... Long live rumon bhai m/

126 Madhab (Integrated Music (I.M.))

New guitarist having good creativity with playing and creation

127 Amir (Roots)

He is legend & most technical guitarist in chittagong.

128 Tanvir Ahmed (Darksteaf)
129 Raju (Riot)
130 Sohel Khan (Ovation)
131 Khairul Emon

He is really a talented guitarist...Just Rock on bro...

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132 Tawshik Tanvir (Seek the Priest)
133 Afnan Nahian Shisto

He is a pure talent young guitarist in our country...

134 Ih Siam (Nuthfa)
135 Sohel (Aurbachin)
136 Tanshi Hossain (My 31st Demerit)

Technically the best guitarist from Chittagong. I was lucky enough to see him live. This guy is an angel on the stage. The way that his fingers strum the strings is a treat to watch. Undoubtedly one of the fastest guitarist from Bangladesh. It seems like his fingers are breaking the soun barrier!
This guy is fierce!

137 Ahmed Fazal (Nova)
138 Mesbah Uddin Dipu
139 Sabbir Ahmed Prottoy (Brittanto)

He is very new young talent. He plays from heart. Whenever I listen his playing I feel that he is sharing something with the audience... best of luck for his future... we love you bro...

140 Arman Rafee (Aguntook)
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