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1 Sabotage

This song has so much energy to it!

Easily there best, ^^ one of my all time favorite Rap/Rock Songs.

The Maestro is my all time favorite but not mainstream enough. This song is original in every way. Top three for me.

Best rap song ever. Beastie boys you are amazing and never get old.=)


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2 Fight for Your Right

I know same here it is just like me this song is hard and it wants teenagers to exactly do what this song has said the mix of rap and rock it is so awesome and energetic GO Beastie Boys! - michaelwalton

this song is so awesome! its exactly how I feel every morning!

Amazing song should be number 1 or 2 by far vote this song up

' slick. Enough said.

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3 So What'cha Want

Love this song. Actually, I love all of their songs. I love the beginning, the middle, the end. EVERYTHING about this song is great. If I were stuck in a cave, and I could only have two things, it'd be a CD Player and any Beastie Boys album because they are all great. R.I.P MCA - Cyzero

Dark, heavy and delicious. Everything I love in a song... It's "Sweeter than a cherry pie with ready whip topping ironically enough!

Most Classic song from beastie boys ever men! I started Hip Hop with this song my favorite by far yeah

Awesome just plain awesome

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4 No Sleep Till Brooklyn

This song is so good should be Number 4 or 5 not 6 it's so good it's not there best but should be a lot higher love the guitar and rap

This song should be number 4 or 5 it's so good please vote this song great singing guitar solo drum and bass

Love this song this one should be number 4 not 6 please vote this one up love the guitar solo its just amazing - mneilan

Kerry King from Slayer does the guitar solo for this song - christangrant

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5 Intergalactic

Should be 2nd behind Sabotage. No-one can argue with Sabotage but this isn't far behind.

I agree this should right behind Sabotage and Fight for your Right should be behind this. Their new music should up near the top as well.

If you want to battle your in denial
Coming from Uranus to check my style
Go ahead put my rhymes on trial
Cast you off into exile.

If you say this song sucks you'll get mocked/I'll stir fry you in my wok

As the Beastie Boys never said

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6 Paul Revere

tells how the b-boys met in a goofy little rap/rytme thing. - nikkicherry15

Paul Revere Was A Great Patriot Which Has Nothing To Do With Why I Like This Song

Seen few of these song list. Still haven't seen one I agree with yet

This song is sick

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7 Make Some Noise

Amazing love it should be number 2 or 3 vote this song please amazing new song great start backing into music - mneilan

To me, show they Beastie Boys never loose their style. Beautiful.

best video

8 Brass Monkey

This is certainly one of the top5 hottest is not their #1 song of all times.

This song is funny - Jackal2272

9 Sure Shot

Yeah right. This is pure Beastie Boys. We are not going to be having a top ten without this one.

This should be number one. Never tire of this tune!

The beats alone make this song a classic.

This song is just a sure shot.

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10 Ch-Check It Out

This song is what hip-hop should be. All three drop in and kill their rhyme. This is song bumps in any car. You all should ch-check it out.

Most explicit one, has a great beat and wonderful rhymes

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11 Hey Ladies
12 Shake Your Rump

I'm listening to this right now. This so so amazing it predicted the future sound of music and has amazing lyrics and flow.

"I got more rhymes than Jamaican's got mangos"
"Like Fred Flintstone driving around with bald feet"
"Make another record because people say they want more of this, suckas saying they can take out Adam Horovitz."

This is so underrated.

13 Car Thief

Masterpiece. Dope synth samples create an melanchonic view on the late 89s American lifestyle.

14 Gratitude

Great bass riff is just so catchy. This song is just everything that's good about the Beastie Boys.

Come on! The riff in it is just so sexy! Don't pretend you don't like it!

15 Rhymin' and Stealin'

This song helped found the modern rap-rock/metal tone. Great rhythm, catchy drums and a talented guitarist.

The best. I love it

The pistol is loaded. I shot Betty Crocker. Deliver Colonel Sanders down to Davy Jones locker. Rhymin and Stealin in a drunken state and I'll be rocking my rhymes all the way to Hell's Gate.

"Well I shot those suckers and I'll shoot the rest! "

16 Girls

All I really want is Girls
I'm a girl listening to this song yet I still love it. It's actually pretty funny. Just listen to the song. (Hope there's a sample for you guys to listen to because this song is still epic no matter who listens to it. )

Such a good song. I love this song and I'm a girl. Is this song sexist? Maybe. But, it's funny and it's a pretty good song. One of their best I think.

This song makes me laugh each time it's catchy, the xylophone is fun, the lyrics are fun, it's just a fun song not to be taken seriously

First song I heard by them. It's my personal favorite.

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17 Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Way too low on the list. This is easily a top 10 BB song.

" 24 is my age 22 is my gauge! "

One of the most rock out and pure bad ass b boys songs with tons of memorable lines.
“Expressing my aggressions through my schizophrenic verse words“

18 Right Right Now Now
19 Egg Man

I'm the Egg Man, Taxi Driver, I'm the Egg Man. - JCHOW

20 High Plains Drifter
21 The New Style

How is this not top 5!? Such a great song with clever lyrics

This should be in top ten, I love the end

22 The Sounds of Science
23 Get It Together

This is an amazing song, Q-Tip and The Beastie Boys make a fantastic trio!

This is the best hiphop song I've ever listened to

I'm like Ma Bell- I gots the Ill Communication - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

24 Lee Majors Come Again

Cool and stuff underrated song but very good

Should be higher, personal favorite of them

25 Root Down


26 Super Disco Breakin'
27 B-Boy Makin' With the Freak Freak
28 Pass the Mic

Good very good I like

I'm the A-D-R-O-C-K, definitely the best song. Has no swearing, a good tune, and the beastie boys are rocking a block party till y'all hair turns grey.

29 Song for the Man
30 Too Many Rappers

One of the coolest rap ever heard... Nas is there and Beastie boys are there too... what else can you ask for?

31 Triple Trouble
32 The Move
33 Time to Get Ill

Number 23?! Should be top ten definitely. Can't argue with Sabotage as number 1 though

34 Johnny Ryall
35 Slow and Low
36 Time for Livin'
37 Posse in Effect
38 Crawlspace
39 Hold It Now, Hit It

A touchstone of rap dynamics - relevatory

40 Body Movin'


41 Professor Booty

Sick ass song! No cutting inbetween each others raps or switching on and off like their normal badass stuff. Adrock kicks it, then Mike D dopes it up, and then MCA just goes hard!

42 An Open Letter to NYC


43 Flute Loop

This is the best

44 She's Crafty

The beat... the riff...

One of my favorite songs

45 Stand Together
46 Sabrosa
47 Alive
48 Here's a little Something for Ya'
49 Jimmy James
50 I Don't Know

BEAUTIFUL song by MCA. Not their usual genre so it makes it even more special. Love it. May he rest in peace R.I. P MCA, my fave beastie

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