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I love ttylxox its really good I hope you enjoy it because I know I do

Its amazing, but you can also listen to "my dance floor"

Whoever hates bella thorne is a dumb hater and I will not stand for it whos with me

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2 Bubblegum Boy
3 Watch Me

Very catchy. can't wait to here her new one in November - westofohio

4 Swag It Out
5 Fashion Is My Kryptonite
6 Something to Dance 4
7 Call It Whatever

Love it

8 The Same Heart
9 Made In Japan
10 Contagious Love

Bella Thorne has awesome songs, especially its energetic tunes. Contagious Love needs to domnate the list, however. It is one of the most underrated songs of all time. She is nonetheless superior to Nat Wolff, but both must bang each other, even if Bella Thorne is gay for Zendaya.

So fun awesome cool

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11 Jersey

This is her best one so far. - westofohio

12 Bad Case of You

This should be #1


13 This Is My Dance Floor

Second song from I <3 dance. I love that song, if you think its boring, its because you are boring! Thanks xo

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