Best Big Country Songs


The Top Ten

1 In a Big Country
2 Fields of Fire (400 Miles)

This Song Is Amazing Great Tune Everything Is Good This Song Should Be Higher Up The List - mneilan

I'm a Big Country is good but this pops it!


3 Chance

Legendary song. Very inspiring and gripping. It tells a story, also has it's tranquil moments, and is a great song. - EvilAngel

4 Look Away

Love this song this one should be number 4or 5 not 6 it's so good and catchy vote this one great singing bass guitar and drums

5 Wonderland
6 Harvest Home
7 One Great Thing
8 The Storm

Genius..enough said

9 Sailor
10 Steeltown

Actually you could name any song from The Crossing and Steeltown.

2nd best big country song...this is so recognizeable from the first few bars the best in my humble opinion was just a shadow...which is just beautiful meaningful and brilliant - espyorkshireman

The Contenders

11 The Teacher
12 Peace In Our Time
13 East of Eden
14 Just a Shadow

Not just my favorite big country track, but my favorite song ever...just listen to the meaning of those lyrics...has to be the original metal extended version of the song though - espyorkshireman

15 Republican Party Reptile
16 Save Me
17 1000 Stars
18 Where the Rose is Sown

I always loved this song for its lyrics.

19 King of Emotion
20 Hurt
21 Another Country
22 Inwards
23 The Seer
24 The Journey
25 You Dreamer
26 Ships
27 Alone
28 Troubled Man

Sadly, it turned out to be a very prophetic song... Bloomin good track though...

29 In a Broken Promised Land
30 Winter Sky
31 Beautiful People
32 Heart of the World
33 Hold the Heart
34 I'm Not Ashamed
35 Need You Know
36 Angle Park
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1. Chance
2. In a Big Country
3. Fields of Fire (400 Miles)
1. In a Big Country
2. Fields of Fire (400 Miles)
3. Look Away
1. The Storm
2. Sailor
3. Steeltown


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