Best Bill Withers Songs

The best of a great artist of the latter end of the twentieth century :)

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1 Ain't No Sunshine Ain't No Sunshine

Genuine, emotional, and passionate. A+! - samantha-fantha

Simplistic, serene, and genuine: A+! - samantha-fantha

Great song a true classic

2 Lean On Me Lean On Me

Will go down in history as one of the greatest, most honest, emotional, and heartfelt songs of all time. Most people don't even know who this song was by!... We need to change that - samantha-fantha

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3 Lovely Day Lovely Day

Uplifting melody that empowers you to seize the day. Truly the best of Bill Withers. - samantha-fantha

4 Just the Two of Us Just the Two of Us

Sweet and simply. Demonstrates the theme that love truly does conquer all: "Just the two of us/ We can make it if we try". Love in it's purest form. Love in spite of the odds. A song portraying the feelings that every human hopes to feel for another at some point in their lives - samantha-fantha

Beautiful song! Absolutely love it!

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5 Can We Pretend Can We Pretend
6 My Imagination My Imagination
7 Kissing My Love Kissing My Love
8 Tender Things Tender Things
9 Friend of Mine Friend of Mine

Bill get it n good job bill love you brother

10 Grandma's Hands Grandma's Hands

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11 Make a Smile for Me Make a Smile for Me

A very unknown and underrated song by Bill. Can be found on his adjustments album. Very sad

12 Use Me Use Me
13 Rosie
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