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41 This Will Never End

Incredible song, great riffing throughout the song, vocals are pristine, all around just an incredible song.

Surprised no one mentioned this song. It's pretty awesome.

Great song, wish it was more popular.

42 Another Holy War V 1 Comment
43 Traveler In Time
44 Wait For an Answer
45 Control the Divine
46 Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)

This song is great. why isn't higher up? - JhonsV

Why isn't this song higher up? I love it!

47 Somewhere Far Beyond

This is a very call an melodic Speed metal song... I always start dreaming... For me One of the best songs of blind guardian

How in the hell is this down here? The chorus, the solo, the Dark Tower lore, the climactic ending... It's PERFECT!

For me the song which brought me to BG!

48 War of the Thrones

How does no one have this? It is about the ASoIF series, the lyrics are beautiful, the song is epic, and the melody is great!

V 2 Comments
49 Valkyries

Intro really adds a different element than most songs, and then the instruments come in... Have to play those air instruments every time!

The song is harmoniums and great, combine with their voices

Very underrated song, this for me is almost perfect with a brilliant chorus.

This can't be belong in this world. Maybe Valhalla...

50 The Script for My Requiem

This had always been the Quintessential Blind Guardian song for me. I am perplexed as to how it could not be on this list.

For some reason this song sounds better live, in my opinion - Metal_Treasure

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51 Harvest of Sorrows

This is easily one of the best ballads in metal. Should be way higher!

This ballad is so beautiful. And these are the most divine male vocals ever! God bless Hansi! - Metal_Treasure

One of the best balads!

52 Tanelorn (Into the Void)

I think this song is perfect, 5/5 on my list of BG songs. - Metal_Treasure

53 Follow the Blind
54 Lost in the Twilight Hall
55 Carry the Blessed Home

Great lyrics and melody, good arrangements: one of their best songs, one of the best in symphony / metal.

Maybe their best vocal harmonies. - Metal_Treasure

56 Road of No Release

This song is amazing!

57 Precious Jerusalem

One of the best blind Guardian song's by far. The vocals are amazing, the drumming even more so, though as with their later albums the guitar work isn't all it could be. The alternations between the dark and heavier portions and the fast-paced upbeat portions really reflect the story they're trying to tell, which makes the song just that much more amazing.

58 Battalions of Fear
59 When Sorrow Sang

This song is so underrated. The guitars, the melody - it's just a great song. One of the best.

It is not a known one but if you can found, this is awesome

60 Lionheart

An underrated song witch has many interesting elements and an amasing theme! Ulysses descends to the underworld. Hansi did mentioned in one of his interviews that he was inspired by Dore's engravings for Dante's Inferno. I believe it should be higher on the list for keeping a great analogy between lyrics and music!

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