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21 Incomplete and All Alone
22 Your Sorry Life
23 The Comeback V 1 Comment
24 The Loving Dead

I love this song. We are, we are the loving dead we love we love even in death.

25 Candyland
26 Redeemer

I think I heard this song I am not so sure if I have or not guess I will listen to it. What album is this song off of?

This is one of my favourite Bad Blood songs. The chorus, music, and lyrics are perfect.

27 It's On Like Donkey Kong V 1 Comment
28 Innocent High

Amazing song I 💜 botdf. Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von are amazing people.


29 Call Me Master

Pretty kinky. But I personally love the tune and chorus.

I love this song so much.


amazing. their music has improved majorly with every album. by far my favorite.

30 You Are the Heart

This song is actually BOTDF standards.The melody is good,but the teen angst and Dahvie's voice ruin this somewhat decent song. - Elina

31 Hollywood Tragedy
32 Ringleader

I'm currently obsessed with this song! I have so many favourite botdf songs, but I really love this one. Dahvie & Jayy's vocals are amazing!

33 Clubbed to Death

I heart this song.

34 P.L.U.R.

Now this is a great club song.

35 Star Power!

Worst song ever, should never be called the best. Any song is better than this garbage. Worst vocals, worst dubstep drop, worst lyrics, booo! I had to listen to Tom DeLonge to recover my ears after listening to this, what a sucky song. Should this even be called a song? This is not music, and it would be a disgrace to call this "music". And that is an understatement. It tries to hard to be awesome and cool, but it ends up being lame rather than cool. - AnimeDrawer

Love this song. My starpower.

36 Happy Violentines Day

This is forever my favourite song by them

1,2,3,4, go grab your chainsaws 5,6,7,8 spray your brains on the wall. HAPPY VIOLENTINES day haha bitch

37 Bitchcraft

Dude... Come on! This is the BEST!

I 💜 this song and the album.

38 We're Takin Over

Probably I think I have listen to it not sure.

It's a great song with deuce

39 Don't Want to Be Like You

This group means a lot to me I might be older in age mage to me age does not matter when you listen to music it's what you get from it that makes the world. And I can tell you one thing I know I'm not like the others and I don't want to be like others. I know that I'm going to be me and then what anybody says what anybody does you me and that's all I'm asking for is for people to except me for who I am. Just let my husband and his family and we see what it said league for the mother son more than he will ever know and I wish that we were together to this day because when I married him and married him because I love him and I believed all my heart and still do believe he is my soulmate I love you Kenny Walter peele. And I always will you are my soulmate for life I'm going to leave that day I die and you to want to see you realize that we were meant to be together as one as a family you Me and I daughter Kennedy I love you booth. U2 I'm going to rain come through and I would not ask God ...more

I love this song. It has a lot of meaning to it if you think about it. I love blood on the dance floor. They are an amazing band.

40 Nirvana

It's an amazing song it will change you.

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