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21 Corey Martinez

Corey Martinez is good at everything and should be bumped up. He is an amazing rider with an awesome style. His bike always look awesome

Most people are only good at one at one thing like flips or grinds. This dude is sick at everything.

Amazing! Knows how to work the bike and the streets. Definitely should be at the top. Go United

Style mortel

22 Kyle Baldock V 2 Comments
23 Nathan Williams

Should get extra point for making everything he does look effortless.
Style for miles.

Swet rider and is definitely better than aaron ross and garret reynolds! Should be at the top! No doubt!

V 1 Comment
24 Ryan Taylor

He is absolutely amazing, look up Ryan Taylor right now and prepare to be amazed!

Met him a few times great rider!

Should be higher

Love is YouTube

V 2 Comments
25 Chase Dehart

Like Lionel Richie sang "easy Easy as Sunday morning "

"Just has a style like no other"

26 Adam Lz

You can buy a lock of his hair on lambs.

I've seen this guy on youtube and he's one of the best that I've seen.

He is fun to watch and he doesn't give up


V 12 Comments
27 Edwin Delarosa

His style is loose, and natural. He shreds without breaks and has huge bunny hops.

28 Kevin Kiraly
29 Ryan Williams


He's a boss

He rocks!

Come on ryan

30 Daniel Dhers V 2 Comments
31 Dan Lacey

Has the coolest style and unique tricks

32 Mark Webb

The best half pipe spine rider. Also the best box jump rider!

He is my inspiration to mbx riding and make me crazy forever!
Total bmx (Thailand fans)

V 2 Comments
33 Tim Knoll

I have seen his original video a million times and he is my inspiration for bmxing. He is amazing and even made his own style of bmx. In my opinion, he should be in to top tens.

Tim Knoll Is the best bmx rider I Have ever seen. He also was in a video named Bike Parkour Streets of san fransisco, He totally deserves a higher rank!

Unconventional and original, Tim Knoll is a awesome rider... Definitely, I think he deserves a higher rank.

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34 Brandon Begin

Agreed, Begin and Churchill are equally insane!

Should be tied with stevie churchill

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35 Jimmy Levan
36 Danny MacAskill

Awesome rider just the greatest I agree the Nike is like an extra limb to him he cam just duck dive and roll it's unreal watching this dude, downfall is he doesn't make enough edits!

Never seen anyone like him, everything he does is a jaw dropper.

The bike is like an extra limb

How is he not first

V 1 Comment
37 Nigel Sylvester

This guy is sick dude! He can do whatever e wants! Really man you r my inspiration!

He's my insperation I just love him no homo

He Is the one I look up to..such an inspiration

38 Ryan Nyquist

You are the best bmx bike rider in the world

My favorite rider!

39 Devon Smillie

Should be in second

Makes it look easy

Why is this being questioned?

Got me into bmx

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40 Trey Jones

He makes everything he does look stylish and does whatever he wants and not what others would ever think of ( skid 180 ) GAM

Old school tech blended with new school riding. Rides lines that will blow your mind.

Should be way higher

One of my fave riders! definitely in my top 5

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